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  2. How old is the fuel in the tanks?? Anymore than a few months old and I’d change that
  3. Can someone tell me the torque setting for the sump plug? I can't find it in the manual. Oddly, I can find the torque figure for the gearbox drain plug.
  4. Thanks for your feedback guys. Responding in no particular order. 1) I haven't not taken the car on the road for quite a while as it has been out of MOT. I have however started it regularly and run it up to operating temperature. I was about to take for it's MOT when this problem cropped up. It'll drive OK around the garage complex where it is kept. 2) All of the components, etc. that I have renewed have been a response to the problem and none of the bits and pieces that I have replaced/ work done have eased it. I do not therefore think that I have replaced anything with a component that is faulty out of the box. 3) The fuel pump seems to be working OK as I can see it pulsing fuel through the fuel filter. Then again, there's no harm on checking it. 4) Between "2" & "3" it runs fine. It only when you turn the engine off when it is hot, leave it for a while and then try to turn it on again that it runs badly. Perhaps I'll go back to basics, check the float heights again and set the mixtures with a Colourtune. Mind you I don't understand how that will fix the problem when on first start up it runs OK right through the temperature range. Bob
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  6. @top-plumber - you'd better get one of these then - clicky
  7. Just fitted a replacement engine and gearbox to a late Excel. The engine came from a car which was 1 year older. Now with the engine on its mountings I find the gearbox support crossmember does not sit in line with the mounting. The unit is full in place but the mounting is about 2" forward of the crossmember. Checked donor car against the one the unit went into and can see no difference in the crossmember or mounting. Has there been a change. !!!
  8. What happens between stages 2 and 3 Bob? Does it run well at operating temp if you just keep driving, with the symptoms only appearing after shutdown/restart? Another vote for checking the fuel SU pump had crap in its filter which covered a 50p piece.. Did you make all the changes listed because of the problem, or could one of those changes have been the cause? I which case Id be looking at carb settings first. ATB
  9. Welcome This thread might also help. (‘We’ call the trunk a boot!):
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  11. Do the Elises have a crankshaft sensor on the crank to tell the plugs when to fire?
  12. Have you tried a heat gun? Test on a small piece and see if that allows it to bend without damaging the silver on the trim?
  13. Amazing coincidence ... BBC Countryfile was at Redbournbury Watermill this evening and I thought of 'The Prae' as we used to call it ... I plan to be there if I haven't gone to the south of France ... which is all a bit uncertain with this Brexit mess..
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  15. Blue S2 Elise on Skye on Saturday and a lovely type 49(?) at Kishorn seafood place today. Was quite jealous since I was in the skoda (apparently it's not fun for the girlfriend being stuck in a VX220 with 2 dogs!)
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  17. I wonder whether it could be one of the ignition components going off with the heat. I don't see anything fuel related in the list of observations, although there is the possibility that partial blockage in the line from tank to pump would pertain. A Sunbeam Alpine gave me grief when fuel formulation evolution and/or age finally caused the paint on tank insides (!) to flake off and largely plug the flow. Symptom of this was that the car, after sitting for some time, would start and motor along fine as there had been time for fuel to seep past the flakes and into the line. Would soon cut the motor when underway and this is therefore a case of running time rather than heat. On ignition it pays to remember that new components can be bad out of the box. So, Bob, can you recall the point in time where this problem arose and so correlate to one of the instances of part replacement?
  18. Welcome to TLF Lupoletto. You should duck over to the Introductions area and say hi in there as well. I reckon you need to find the switch that operates when the trunk lid is opened or closed. That is pretty much all that is left to check.
  19. Getting them to go round corners is the thing I have not quite figured out. I brought a couple of roles of the stuff and they have been off more than once and I'm still not happy. If you have more luck I would be interested to know how you get on.
  20. Hello Lotus-fans! I sm proud owner of an 2011 Evora S since 2 days and I have already the first technical question where I hope someone can help: My lights in the trunk do not work. After checking the fuse (which was OK) I measured the voltage at the bulps and there are constant 2V - no matter if the trunk is opened or closed. Can anyone give me a hint what the problem could be and how to solve it? Thank you, Lupoletto
  21. Hi looking to get a new battery at the moment - does this battery fit in the standard OEM bracket? Any problems with starting ? Many thanks
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