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  2. Thanks again Richard for coordinating the display, and it was fun chasing you around the circuit with my rear-view mirror full of Paul's brown car. Who knew you could get up to 80mph on a few parade laps? Why wait for the 40th Excel anniversary in 2022 when it will be the 40th anniversary of the S2.2 next year!!!!!! My new camera-phone did a half decent job of a portrait of my car. Leigh
  3. SJS (has almost everything original) or PNM (has a lot of alternative parts / improved parts too)
  4. Hi Dan I fitted them new a few years ago and they were/are the correct strength. Most G car boot lids don't pop. If you fit really strong struts be careful that they're not too strong and end up cracking the gel coat around the hinges (come out on the roof) as a result of the boot lid flying up. Just need to make sure that the struts are 'man enough' to hold the tailgate up.
  5. Couldn’t be Jonny’s (Dr Pittenstein - @The Pits) car by some small chance? Here’s a blog on the car and it had Essex decals before his ownership....... Was it a full leather or half leather interior car?
  6. Does anyone have a wiring diagram suitable for a 1984 Turbo Esprit? Looking for a more complete schematic on a single sheet.
  7. It's a real shame you don't have any pictures of the side or rear of the car. The easiest external indications of its age would be the 4 stud compomotives and a single support for the tailgate louvers. Unless anyone knows the car personally, it'll be a challenge to correctly identify it. I can say for sure that its prior to 1985 as it has the triangular finisher for the capping rail.
  8. Window on passenger side has dropped this time now has a gap of about 3mm at the top! Not much luck with this window 🥴 Is it easy to adjust back?
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  10. Lotus never fitted 5 stud Compomotives. The reason they stopped supplying them was because they leaked air resulting in returns under warranty. Lotus binned (in a skip) hundreds of brand new Compomotive wheels as a result. According to Gerald at GST Performance he tried to rescue some of them but Lotus were having none of it.
  11. $71,992.00 End Date: Tuesday Jun-25-2019 7:49:05 PDT Add to watch list Click to view item
  12. For Me Being tall - I added a Momo and a spacer with an offset to move the wheel up a 1/2". Having the wheel closer and higher helps to get the wheel off your knees.
  13. Problem is when the window fails to come down! Thought about remote locking, but since I wire locked the S1 no more issues.
  14. That Dragon is an easy extra 30bhp.
  15. Centre exhaust on these look great, also an added Welsh Dragon
  16. Just put the windows down if you get locked in and do a Dukes of hazard, although a tad more awkward in an Esprit lol.
  17. Andy, I am not 100 percent, but i am pretty sure some 5 stud comps got fitted at Hethal during the transition period from the four to five stud period, the only reason comps got binned by lotus was that customer feedback found them hard to clean, maintain etc, and possibly the risk of leaking sometimes. Obviously today we find them extremely desirable, not only looks wise, but for those folks on here that have picked up a bare wheel, they are super lightweight also The BBS mesh was one piece, easy to clean and possibly cheaper imo ? I can only think that the lotus five studs got milled out maybe due to comp cxn 500 been for five studs in the first place before lotus chose to fit them, comp would of milled out the centre and drilled four holes for the wheel bolts, so when lotus went to five studs, most of the comp stock wheel faces at the comp factory would of been milled out ready for drilling four stud holes, i would think they then just took that stock and drilled 5 holes instead imo.
  18. Lotus has redesigned its website, which should be a good thing. But in significant ways, it is actually worse which is really quite a feat. For starters, the website mentions the hypercar and the concept car. HOWEVER, there is NO mention of the Evora GT. The US website only refers to the Evora 400 which is no longer being offered!!!!! And it gets worse. The price of the car is not listed nor are any options (or prices for options) other than the colors the car can be ordered in. I didn’t even see any interior pics of the car!!! The “new” website is so bad, that one really has to question how serious Lotus is about selling the Evora GT in the USA. To say this is half assed would be too kind and don’t try to tell me this would cost too much money because it simply wouldn’t. The website was being redone anyway, so spend a few extra dollars and make it decent. Good customer service should be a given as should a decent website. Right now, Lotus appears to be lacking in both areas, at least in the USA
  19. Why not fit remote locking while you are in there? Use the remote if you get locked in!
  20. It looks a little different from the back these days...
  21. A quick reminder folks.... Just 5 weeks to go until the big event The Friday BBQ and the Sunday morning runs are by advance bookings only and the list will be closing at midnight on Sunday 16th June - just 4 weeks left to book!
  22. Lotus never fitted 5 stud CX500s did they?
  23. Awesome F1 collection and some great displays Nice to see the bare Elise chasis on display also for folks to see the bare bones
  24. Oh there was @Jeanvm, and plenty of it. But when you hold it in the hand for too long it gets warm . We strictly try to avoid that .
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