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  2. Thanks, that's what I thought and good to know you can modify without worry about updating the tune with each modification, and that you can do that later after you have finalised your flow mods. I suppose on the Sport 410 my worry is the colour mismatches of the roof, hatch carbon, side glass covers, etc. on the black model but I will need to see it in person. I'm trying to arrange a visit and test drive at B&C to check out one of their regular 400s, Sport 410, and for fun an Exige Sport 350 although I have passenger-ed in a Cup 360 and it is just too damn small inside and hard to get into (6'3"). I quite like this car as well as the Orange 400 at B&C, but I have been told the red alcantara is not a very nice shade in person and to steer clear of an early car such as this 2015:
  3. Finally the electrics on the drivers door are installed and tested. Lucas connectors and those locking terminals did the trick. The next problem is I can't put the door handles on because the screws are Philips 10 UNF x 3/4 inch long. The way around all of these screws anomalies is to retap the threads to metric with the next size up. Much cheaper and easier to get hold of. Why then have I ordered 10 of these screws? The wiring on these cars is thankfully very simple. Of course the Turbo is much more complicated than the S1, so the S1 is simplicity itself. It just looks complicated when it's a ball of wires! The best addition in the Turbo is the cigarette lighters. Not because I want to smoke but because alll modern kit needs a 12 volt power source. I should have put a power supply in the S1. If you are rewiring I would add a power socket before it's complete.
  4. I noticed the 430s come with this level of adjustment on the runners. I’ve added padding where you commented on in my 410 for similar reason, but might try the runners as it was effective on the evora 410 seats.
  5. Yup. Enjoy! Happy Birthday!
  6. NANO

    Newb dilemma

    what color is the car ?
  7. B. Keep them, but get dealer to do a colour change - so it is all done when you collect.
  8. Flour Mill, Flour Mill Machinery, Grain Silo, Grain Storage Silo, Wheat Flour Mill, Maize Flour Milling Machine, Steel Silo, Storage Silo, Corn Flour Mill.

  9. Was going to give you this, but can't get down there today...
  10. MAG

    Newb dilemma

    Yes, this is what's messing with my head as I know it's a premium option and also better for performance and handling but cosmetics matter to me too
  11. Today
  12. Hi to all !! I recently changed head gaskets on my V8 (used OEM to be safe) and also replaced water pump, thermostat, Idle Control Valve, Oxygen Sensors, Spark Plug Cables, and all gaskets relevant to intake... My car starts easily when cold... but will hesitate (crank but not start) when warm... I am thinking it has to do maybe with corrosion around the battery terminals... It is the easiest thing to change... IF that doesn't work, what do you think i should do next? MAP sensor, fuel injectors, secondary fuel injectors, etc ??? Thanks !!
  13. Hey Everyone, decided to go ahead and get that Momo Steering Wheel I had been eye balling for some time. (going in my 1989 Lotus Esprit Turbo.) I have read about some Esprit owners getting some kind of plate that more or less gives you the Bolt pattern you need for any standard Momo, That and some guys have had something made on a lath.. Anyone have any experience with the Conversion Kit from SJ SPortscars.. I have ordered a lot of stuff from Steve that has worked out well.. Steve did say however that the boss is thick and thus a flat wheel is best.. I ordered a Wheel that seem to have a minimal Dish,, Still some of this stuff is hard to really figure out unless you have everything in front of you.. Any Thoughts?
  14. Had the same problem. Only solution I found was to bring the throttle on the same height as the brake pedal.
  15. £27,995.00 End Date: Friday Jun-21-2019 8:21:32 BST Add to watch list Click to view item
  16. Happy Birthday mate. Have a very good one.
  17. The forged wheels are way more expensive and about 8 kg lighter.. Keep them in any case.
  18. After reading GFWilliam's latest modification plans, I'd like to bringing this topic up again, and see if any news from fellow members here. This would be something really nice for V6s model exige (definitely not for the lap time, but for the good bits of driving experiences). Frank
  19. duncx

    Newb dilemma

    I used to prefer the look of the 5 spokes (and they are easier to clean) but I think it would be crazy to swap forged for cast without some cash back -the forged wheels are worth quite a bit more. Nowadays I much prefer the look of forged and given the choice it's silver all the way for me! I've read that it's not advisable to powder coat forged wheels, the heat treatment (during manufacture) of them is crucial to their strength and heating/cooling them for the powder coating process could cause problems. Whatever you decide, enjoy your new car
  20. £12,995.00 End Date: Monday Jun-3-2019 7:34:26 BST Add to watch list Click to view item
  21. MAG

    Newb dilemma

    Hi guy's, this is my first post... I'm in the process of purchasing a 350s. The car is currently fitted with silver forged wheels. Firstly I don't like silver and secondly I'm not sure if I like the style as much as the 5 spoke design. However I know the forged wheel is a premium option. The dealer has offered to swap them over to black 5 spokes at no additional cost. Do I; A. Get em swapped. B. Keep em on, I know a great powder coating guy who will do the set for £250... Many Thanks
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