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  2. McLaren is only faster and easier which is the direction Lotus are keen to go in. Lets hope lotus don’t want to go in the direction of McLaren when it comes to reliability
  3. I know, removed the plastic and they look like new, will test them so everything works before I decide what to do .
  4. Hi Andy, No real update I'm afraid Engine rebuild has started though and shouldn't be too far away from being complete (I'm not doing it myself). I'll update as soon as I have some meaningful information! Dunc.
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  6. That’s the trouble with you angry Scots
  7. TAR

    Almost there!

    Nice car, cool garage!
  8. Gotta to love Andy Graham. Always helpful. He can also sort NO2 info on Elise to ensure your car can (perhaps) go to cities with low emission zones. S1 Elise is below emission level but TFL website lists it as not. Cert from Andy will get this sorted. 340R also. Justin
  9. GT430 sets the bar for driving engagement for me. Elise and Exige even more intensely so but in a narrower operating window. McLaren is only faster and easier which is the direction Lotus are keen to go in. It has worked wonders for Ferrari, Porsche and Lambo sales.
  10. Don't throw those dials away they're worth a lot of money!
  11. Talking about bond cars.
  12. Cost cutting. It started towards the end of the V6 S before the 350 was introduced.
  13. Yes, Andy @AndyPG is correct. Its the seat belt /delay unit and buzzer . See diagram top right hand side.
  14. After a quick Google search it seems to be a seat belt module! Andy.
  15. A manufacturer cannot enter into an agreement with an independent to carry out warranty work - the rest of the franchised network would be, quite rightly, up in arms. If Craig and/or Lotus wanted to approach each other and put a formal agreement in place that would be another matter. There are garages out there who are authorised repairers for manufacturers without being full dealers (ie no sales) so it is possible. Having said that, warranty work is a poison chalice for garages - it doesn’t pay as well as private work, there is a danger of not being paid out if the factory finds fault in the repair, and then there are warranty audits that can cost thousands in claw backs for any errors found. How many independent garages would want to take that on? It’s also worth noting that Craig’s departure from Murray’s was far from amicable. Apparently an announcement from Lotus regarding appointing a new Scottish Lotus dealer is imminent. For the sake of Lotus and Scottish Lotus owners I hope this is true. As you say the current situation is far from ideal.
  16. I think that is a Plektron diode which is actually 3 diodes and a resistor. I've no idea where its used in the car though.
  17. C8RKH

    DNA test kits.

    Yes. You keep it simple. Very simple. It's when people try too hard to be smart they come undone. My idea was a pin hole in the gas supply hose to the cooker before I flew off for a week away with work Thankfully me and the Misses are a perfect couple so it will always stay an idle fantasy "what if" ... Now the disclaimer. Please don't try this at home folks without proper adult supervision otherwise you might burn off your eyebrows.... Etc etc...
  18. Bad day for me. Job is looking shaky, company in trouble, have a meeting tomorrow with the company owners. Our main family car, a Volvo XC90, has decided to call it a day (diff gone, £3000 fix). And my Mother has been given a couple of weeks to live due to heart failure. Need to get some cash so may need to sell the Mustang too. So a bad day.
  19. I agree. But it feels/sounds like that's the next price point for the new Elise! Looking at likely competitors, £150k for an equivalent new Esprit should be the entry point Spot on!
  20. He'd be buried in the garden within a week!
  21. Gm77

    Almost there!

    Thought I’d attach some photos of my current project. IVA is booked for 13 March so fingers crossed. Any tips on things that the Norwich test centre are focused on would be highly appreciated. I’ve absolutely loved the build and don’t know what to do with myself now that it’s approaching the end. An Ultima perhaps...?!
  22. I’m half with you there - Who doesn’t love a McLaren. The Esprit has been out of production for 16 years now. 2004 New Esprit price was a shade over $90000 USD (can’t remember price in £‘s) so add in inflation and it should be well over 100K if/when it is eventually re-launched imo.
  23. That was a quick turnaround on the resistors. It’s just strange that the 350 is different from all other models. Glad it’s sorted
  24. @hopo this doesn't exempt you from funding my spanner.
  25. Ummm your obviously not married
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