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  2. Hi looking for a Carbon grey ,White or possibly black Exige 350 sport will probably be looking at a 2016/2017 Thanks
  3. Surprised at the lack of reaction to this on here? (yes OK it took me long enough!) What a legend the guy was. Love or loathe his style you cannot deny how amazing his achievements were, especially after the August '76 accident. Watched 'Rush' again last night and in spite of some obvious historical inaccuracies it still amazes me what all racing drivers of the period had to deal with. No wonder James Hunt had a live fast die young approach.
  4. I am not looking for the manual. But a single sheet schematic.
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  6. Sums up the actions (or should that be inactions?) and rhetoric of the main political parties for me -
  7. One more, a bit more moody shot of the #311
  8. Just listening to the politicians I don't think they have learnt anything from this. All parties were thrashed by a party that is a matter of 6 weeks old lead by someone who many don't really like or trust. The Lib Dems got nearly 1/2 of the seats the Brexit Party but are claiming a total victory (just waiting for them to start claiming PR is not fair), the Labour party are going to demand another referendum with the option to Remain, the Conservatives are still ripping themselves apart (Rory Stewart demanding No Deal is still off the table and has been nicknamed 'The suicide bomber'). The Green party are saying there is no mandate to Leave the EU after last nights results (don't know what they have been smoking). What is the bet we are still in the EU at the end of the year? What a bunch of self-serving self-delusional whatnames. One quote was that the parties do not need to worry about the Brexit party as they will suffer the same outcome as UKIP did with no real impact on UK parliament after the last election.
  9. I believe that Europe will have to change.Also in Italy the vote has rewarded the parties that want to change the European rules. I don't think it is a step backwards for the European peoples however Europe will certainly be weaker without the England. Perhaps Germany should think about it.....
  10. You can’t post a photo like this with no back story. Who, how, why, where?
  11. Looking through the results, the win by number of seats by the Brexit party is stunning. Then if you look deeper into the actual number of votes cast its quite incredible. Some of the margins they won by are massive. This quite clearly gives the lie to the verdicts from some, that many leavers have changed their minds.
  12. If I had the current reg numbers or chassis numbers of all the white dry sump cars it should be possible to HPI check them, which should show up all previous plates they've been on. @The Pits car must be on a different plate now as SAV176X isn't registered with the DVLA at all. One potential issue is this was the pre online 80s and it's possible that number plate was never 'officially' on that car. Wouldn't be the first time more than one car was running round on the same number... My hope is that one of the white dry sump owners here has enough history of their car to know if this is their car or not. I'd just love to know where it is now.
  13. Lost a little something in changing it to a GIF but 10MB JPEG can't be uploaded!
  14. Well the plate is still about on a seat leon according to the dvla. Pity there isnt an easy way to contact the owner.
  15. Does the rear wheel look a little too shiny to be a BBS wheel? Looks like a compomotive. Same shot, the front looks like it might be a compomotive. That would put it 1981/2 'ish too
  16. I see the self proclaimed first President of Europe also had a good kicking in France. Maybe time for him to concentrate on his own country’s problems rather than using Brexit as a diversion to forward his political desires.
  17. Saw this on youtube...god, I still love the look of these, they’re timeless:
  18. How does the sourbry get on the bbc this morning? The electorate has shown she is an irrelevance. sky news is a lot more amusing this morning
  19. I purchased most of my interns fro JAE in America and had them shipped to,the Uk
  20. Great advice here, thanks. I have cleaned all throttle plates and bores thoroughly. Nothing extraordinary was in there just soft oily blackish residue. After adjusting the main throttle stop I now have an IACV count around 40. And I feel the surging has lightened. Prior to a final evaluation I would like to reset the ECM again. Will I have the same effect as like the standard procedure of disconnecting the battery etc. when I just reset the BLM and IACV via Freescan ? Isn't there further variables stored the ECM has to relearn anew ? BTW meanwhile I have also changed the spark leads and wonder about the differences of coil terminal order if comparing them to my service notes EMH section from 1988. Did they change the layout of the coils package within the SE ? The appear changed over: from bulkhead to rear I have first 1-4 and then 2-3 coil. Normal SE ? Or is this already S4 layout ?
  21. Should be relatively easy but why convert to carbs? Would it not be better to upgrade from CIS to a more modern fuel injection system?
  22. Stripped all ancillaries, turbos and exhaust manifolds - nice that all nuts/studs came away without any breakages or damage. Makes a very nice change. Turbos off for rebuilding
  23. Google is you friend.. I could find a copy of the appropriate S3/Turbo manual in around 20 seconds. The resolution is just as good as my hardcopy
  24. Wow - seems like some of our cousins over the pond are feeling a tad unloved! Have you thought about: 1. The USA is NOT the centre of the world for everything and anything (we debunked the earlier comment about the value of the USA market for sports cars earlier in this thread) 2. The USA is a "fragmented" market with not just Federal rules to comply with but also local rules too making life difficult 3. To infer that to just bolt on a couple of airbags and away you go is a bit reckless really - really? In these days when a car has more computing power, sensors and an integrated data platform within it do we really think manufacturers can just "bolt on" essential safety items? 4. Boo hoo - the USA is not the focus of the marketing or product campaign right now - well, maybe, just maybe, that is because Lotus (and Geeley) are looking East and not West? Maybe they see better opportunities there? maybe it is easier to do business there (more commonality on legislation etc?). Maybe it is for a huge number of reasons that the USA is not THE focus right now. After all, you guys seem to buy more home grown sports cars than anything else, and then it's all German for you - based on real sales figures not my bias. 5. In real terms (Corporate world) not a lot of time has passed since the acquisition certainly as far as designing, building mules, testing, certifying, launching brand new car models is concerned. Maybe the web site and the US Market are not, right now, the priorities. 6. They are recruiting like crazy so obviously have a lot of work to do, a lot of plans for the future, a clear idea of where they want to get to etc. maybe they are getting their shit together before they launch products that they will never sell (Have we forgotten the Bahar approach already?) 7. New Hyper car to be launched soon. New model to be launched in less than 12 months. Let's give them a chance eh and see what they do. Jeez - i thought the Brits owned the world record for whinging and whining. It seems we've relinquished leadership position to the US too! :) Have a cold beer. Put your feet up. Worry about the batting stats in Baseball. Have some faith. Lotus will be back in the USA soon, with the best ever product it has ever made. Me, I'm going to have another cup of tea, keep calm and put the popcorn on...
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