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  2. If the council removed and repaired the obstruction, they'd bill the land owner for time+materials. Despite the fact that the land owner could easily afford that, it would be gratifying. Also, if they subsequently remove the repairs the council had made, I'm assuming they'd be in a better position to be charged. But by god, I'm tempted to go up there with chainsaw and angle grinder...
  3. Just use your public rights to remove the obstruction. Job done. No issue.
  4. I live next to a lovely country house estate (Cubberley House in Hom Green, Ross-on-Wye). There's a public footpath that runs through that 92 acre estate, that's on the definitive map. It's a lovely route that goes from Wilton Bridge in Ross-on-Wye south west to the hamlet of Hom Green. Enjoyed by walkers and runners alike. Where the footpath runs through that estate it is well signed and fenced, where it crosses the drive of the estate there are a couple of metal spiked gates. There are also stiles at the entrance and exit of the ~0.25 mile stretch of the footpath through that private land. A couple of years ago a couple purchased the estate. Last year they zip tied shut the metal gates passing the drive. After receiving a notice from the council they removed those ties. 2 weeks ago they did the following: Removed all stiles from the foot path and replaced them with 6 foot high fence segments Barbed wire shut the 2 gates Completely removed a well made footpath bridge over a stream Last week they: Welded shut the metal gates Replaced the stile replaced fences with boards Put up 'keep out due to Coronavirus' signs Suffice to say Ross-on-Wye social media groups are up in arms. Following due process the council has been made aware and a contravention of the highways act notice has been served on the land owner. Public rights of way in the UK have been hard fought over and are well defended by law. However with the county council so underfunded, and the contractor (Balfour Beatty) overstretched as it is, covering also pot hole and other highway maintenance obligations, likely this issue will not be resolved for some time. Both within legal rights, and also compelling to consider, one could remove the obstructions to ensure public right of access. However if the council removed and replaced these obstructions, the land owner would be billed for time+materials. The thing that pisses me off the most is the blatant disregard of the law being exhibited. The Coronavirus reason is just an excuse, the house is a long way from the footpath and if anything, following DEFRA's advise, all gates on the footpath should be tied open to ensure no one has to touch them. Spending £4M on a country pad does not grant anyone the right to ride roughshod over the laws of this country. It will be resolved in time, I'm sure. But in cases like these the authorities don't seem to have the teeth to ensure it's resolved quickly and that it won't happen again.
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  6. No unfortunately all I have is a Speedo, Rev counter, water and fuel the 3 gauges I have are oil pressure, oil temperature and boost Will try and get better photos
  7. Gambling is the work of the devil (payment up front and I will think about it). I would hurry with the payment as the Apocalypse is spreading - Cyclists are now considered unworthy and shall be dealt with appropriately.
  8. How much for the Euromillions lottery numbers - 30% sound OK?
  9. Received a very generous Birthday gift from Mrs mik and the sprogs - a DJI Mavic Mini. Never had a drone before and this thing is tiny - about the size of a glasses case. First time I have been able to get out since lockdown to try and get a shot of the car. Wind-speed was high and it was gusty, but the wee drone coped well. Not sure how happy the farmer would have been, but it had clearly just all been cut and I moved very carefully I am still very much learning - not claiming to be any drone expert, but was happy enough with these (the first spiral one is a preset so all I did was assess the shot and press a button). I didn’t add any music so hum along in your heads....
  10. $75,645.75 (0 Bids) End Date: Sunday Jun-7-2020 13:19:16 PDT Bid now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  11. Oil Pressure Test I rebuilt the pump to as new standard and checked the pressure relief valve. I connected my Makita drill to the aux pulley on low speed setting. I packed the pump with graphogen and didn’t do anything else except - put the turbo feed pipe into a measuring jug, block off the Oil pressure gauge hole, fill the oil filter with oil and screw it directly to the housing. I filled the engine with oil to its normal level. Then I started the stopwatch at the same time as running the drill. After 14 secs oil was pouring out of the Turbo feed pipe. In another 16 seconds it pumped 600 ml of oil into the measuring jug! If I did this again and the pump didn’t perform like this I would rebuild the pump and run the test again. If it still didn't work I would expect an air leak at the pick up pipe. Happy days! I wish I had this info before and maybe I could have avoided a rebuild! Still, on the bright side I now have a far superior engine!
  12. The other pitfall if the bolts are too long they push the bonnet apart, pulling the hinge half away from the top half!
  13. I asked Dave ( and he said that will add to the eshop spark plugs for v6s during weekend.
  14. @Bibs I have managed to tune the S260 to where it will drift the rear and not snap spin any more. The S260 is now easy to push it to the limits. The car is basically neutral so it will accept throttle at the apex and keep rotating without any understeer. The S260 has spherical bearings, rear toe link in double shear and adjusted to eliminate bump steer and a bigger front sway bar. The Ohlins have been revalved and use a piston to eliminate crosstalk between the compression and rebound settings. I run 525# springs in the front and 750# springs in the rear. Camber is around -2.7 all the way around. About 1/16" toe out in the front and 3/16" toe out in the rear. Those are total toe values. There are also drop ball joints in the front so the car can be lowered to 110/120mm ride heights. The Cup-R has had all the bushings replaced with spherical bearings. I have installed EliseParts 40mm drop spindles. With these spindles, I have lowered the car to 105/115. I cannot go much lower at this time because the front tires will start rubbing the outside fender lip while turning. I've got the capability to adjust bump steer, front and rear, but have not done that yet. I have EliseParts upgraded front and rear sway bars. The camber and toe setting are the same as the S260. Since it was the first time out in the car, I was not pushing it to the limit. The data showed me spiking lateral Gs to 1.5 and maintaining around 1 G through the corners. Braking was spiking to 1.2 Gs. I was also driving a track that I hadn't been on for 5 years and then only once. So, I was not to eager to find the limits at this track. Later, Eldon
  15. @SpeedMatters yes you get the keys to remove the radio, comes with the manual. The radio sounds ok, but it’s probably the benchmark for one of the worst user interfaces I’ve ever seen. If you’re buying new, then the HU has changed for MY2020 to have DAB as standard like the S2 did about 15 years ago
  16. So anyway, quote politics aside... @Joseph Antabi Tape is 3m 9088, I use 12mm wide but it’s in various sizes it just works for that particular trim. For refixing the 380/430 lip, the 19mm works well. I buy from RS components in the UK, as there are so many fakes of 3M products out there and RS only sell genuine stuff even if you can save a few pence elsewhere. VHB is also suitable, but it’s 2mm thick so I prefer not to use it. But many have and it works well
  17. Boot floor and engine cover now all back in. center console pulled out and modified for a double din unit
  18. Sunday 31/5, early afternoon. Heading out of Kinross towards the M90. Large white number roundel on the bonnet, wife thinks it was a 16. Sounded very rumbly and if it had seen better days.
  19. Looks like a bit of @Barrykearley mini trunking though will lend him a square at some point and explain the complexities
  20. Learned something But then I saw the price ... I’d say that is something between daring and audacious... Are there any tried and tested aftermarket options? I saw some people installed the Lotus Motorsport ones PN ALS9Y0017 which is single not double. The Reverie ones look to crude to me, I guess I would be stopped by the police every time I will drive the car. Eltech also recently took some single canards on their catalogue. And then there is the Winace / Eliseparts option that seems attractive price wise but I am uncertain about the functionality. Any feedback from those who installed any of the listed options or maybe alternatives thereto?
  21. I have a sub in the footwell, covered in acoustically transparent material. Can remove for track day’s but it’s properly in place (to the point on my old 350 I left it in for track days). Power for the sub can be picked up from under the front access panel.
  22. Told you all! I am the Prophet bow before me. (for a small gratuity I can send to all a talisman that will save you from the cows of the apocalypse created by the ancient and secret order of the Knights who say Moo!). Do It - you know it makes sense.
  23. I like the irony of quoting the post telling you not to quote the post...
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