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  2. I noticed on one of the exige threads there is an ac delete, its a replacement pulley on a bracket. Found it
  3. As I understand it the compressor has an idler pulley. It is connected to an electromagnetic clutch. That clutch is activated by turning the aircon on, thus engaging the compressor. If the power is removed from the electromagnetic clutch I assume it wil no longer ever engage the idler pulley with the compressor?
  4. Meanwhile here in Denmark, many of the same talks were similar. But when schools reopened, there was no rise in affected people. Then most of the working people returned to their jobs, there have been no rise in affected people. It is also found that children are pretty good in handwashing, in fact better and more often than grown ups who now are getting sloppy because "they know better". I have been on work during the whole time, and I have found children to be very worried about getting ill and I've had to have talks with them to ease their worries, and to be honest, they are really good at social distancing. Now down to 1 meter. We also begin to let classes at the same grade mix a little bit while being outside. While I know very well, that all the children will return to their former behaviour when we say go for it, I must give them the thumbs up for their meticulous correctness and involvement. For example noone is screaming "get back" or whatever. Instead they come with a friendly remark. I will have to agree with some of you though, that grown ups and teenagers are letting it loose and not giving a toss about social distancing for the last 3 weeks. The breathe you right in the face when they pass you in the supermarket or elsewhere. Pretty strange. It's a little bit like the incredibly stupid retarded scientists whom we seemingly adore so much this day and age, who says: "look mum, I invented a bomb with a super dangerous virus with a 100% kill rate. Why would you do that? Just because I can". Or the everyday weaponized electronics, invented by the same incredibly stupid retarded scientists whom we seemingly idolize so much this daya nd age, who says: "Look mum, I invested a 5G cellphone system of gazillions of masts so we can make every one on the planet ill. Why on Earth would you do that? Just because I can". Not even a teenager would do something that stupid and retarded. So it seems that even teenagers are smarter than scientists. Who would have guessed that? Thanks to everyone out there who have done an honest job in helping other people during these last few months. Kind regards, Jacques
  5. I went from a S2 Exige 240 to a cup 250 and have to be honest the cup was a little disappointing in comparison with the S2. Cup a great car but never put a smile on my face like S2 could especially when you it the 8500 rev limiter getting there use to make the hairs stand up on the back of my neck and the supercharge wine was unbelievable, the supercharger is nearly impossible to hear on the Cup and lacks the frantic nature of the 2ZZ engine from the S2. Cups are much better built and and quality of materials much better. It’s a hard choice between the two but have to say if it was my money I would look for a nice well looked after S2.
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  7. Whilst I’d agree that they may not provide the bulk of the funds for some teams, I don’t think the third party sponsors can be dismissed, as they do contribute millions to the running of the programmes. Even Haas had ten sponsors in 2019, albeit on the least amount of sponsorship income, but it was still there. As I said, the FIA agreed cap may ease the financial pressures on teams, but it remains to be seen whether that has any effect on the grid line-up. Theoretically, if they all spend the same money, they’ll all be equal in terms of performance, but we all know that ain’t gonna happen! As for billionaires, I can’t help but wonder how much Abromovich wrote off in taxes with his Chelsea ownership? I think it’s a business, not a plaything! I’m sure you’re right, billionaires do want their toys, but if they’re smart, they will do everything possible to reduce the losses they know they’re going to make. The rest of us just keep on paying for our toys and get poorer! EDIT - I read this morning that despite God knows how many job losses in the main company, Renault have committed to remaining in F1.
  8. Congrats on your 410. amazing cars. I tuned mine by trial and error in the end - as you can see no one responded to my question here. I will gladly share my settings later when back at my PC. It made a world of difference. do also get a geo... from the factory mine was out of spec when brand new. To @Jcx. Please do not quote the previous post. Please use the ‘Reply’ box. Bibs explains his reasoning here:
  9. There do seem to be a few Evoras out there running around with non-functioning aircon. After what happened to me, I'd be worried that compressor could overheat and seize due to lack of lubrication, taking out the serpentine auxiliary drive belt and putting the car off the road. Is there an easy aircon delete solution? I'd have thought that Evora track cars don't run with aircon compressors. Removing the compressor and using a shorter belt would probably work, but what length of belt do you need to order? I've seen other cars have their aircon deleted by replacing the compressor with an idler pulley. Does anyone make such a kit for the Evora?
  10. £17,490.00 End Date: Tuesday Jun-30-2020 6:33:40 BST Add to watch list Click to view item
  11. In my opinion and I will base this off my rebuild. I dont have full trust in it yet. I have 1500 miles since rebuild and I have gone thru several oil changes. Now i'm mobil One 15-w50, when I pull my dip stick I can see something troubling on the tip, but everytime I have changed my oil it has been transparant. Although my 100 micron oil filter does continue to trap particles. I'm hoping it will end soon . They only place I may have screwed up during rebuild was the intermediate shaft in-board roller bearing, I saw someone here put on a lot of grease before install which I would never have thought of. I put it in dry. Also I didnt replace anything on the oil pump, the annulus was pitted but I took a big chance. I did check the relief spring because of what happened to your engine. also I had to hand polish every camshaft journals with a shoelace, 1000grit and wd40. The only thing that lets me sleep at night is my VDO mechanical oil pressure gauge. 75psi cold idle & hot cruise, then 25psi hot idle. THe factory switch comes on at what 7psi? How is that helpful? Btw mechanical gauge requires tubing, 3/16" copper nickel with 1/8" reducer at both ends. This line runs under body, made a hole and runs up the dash with as little bends as possible. . Most people would run electric gauge and that's fine with a good clean ground connection so the resistance in the wire doesn't change. But then when does a Lotus have good clean ground?
  12. $79,900.00 End Date: Sunday Jun-28-2020 21:00:54 PDT Add to watch list Click to view item
  13. The black S2 has been around for about a year...up for private sale twice and at two auctions. I went to see it at kings lynn and it made 18.6k if I recall - but it wasn’t particularly impressive (see the eBay/for sale section on here) looks far better now in the photos but you never can tell, still tho a good looking esprit none the less
  14. We must have seen the same ad because I used Autofom and it was without doubt the best polish I’d ever used and I’ve been driving for over thirty years. They would even set the bonnet alight to demonstrate how protective the coating was. Lol Nutters! Fantastic stuff. A shame it’s no longer available.
  15. check the filter/gauze inside the fuel tank. Mine got all gummed up, and I had poor flow. Showed up when I was on motorway, doing 60 for a few secs and fuel starvation happened. I just got rid of the gauze. you should have no more than 3-4psi for an N/A engine
  16. Yesterday
  17. Im in the same boat.......i just got my new 410 and the 3 way nitrons are awesome on flat roads and the car is flat on fast street corners with awesome turn in......however, its a bit like a pogo-stick on average bumpy roads and suspension feels like it cops a bit of clobbering.......i want to tackle some hills/country roads to enjoy the handling....any recommended setups?
  18. Having a daily with 847nM (625ish fout pound of torque) I can honestly say I've never felt disappointed with the Cup 250. It feels lively over the whole rev-band so I can assure you, lack of torque won't be an issue! I actually love driving mine, even in city traffic. My modified C63 is only fun at high speeds, hard acceleration or when making ridiculous noise while I enjoy the Elise even at slow speeds due to the steering response. I've driven a lot of high-end sportscars and supercars and for me personally Lotus really was an eye-opener. Less really is more! Have you considered test driving one?
  19. Each to their own, I do like the latter EVORA front it fits with current lotus family look. The 400 front was what attracted it to me, as I don’t like the original style, as I said each to his own.
  20. I put my name down here in Geelong as well and nothing ever came through. The restrictions and lockdowns have worked. My son and daughter, working as nurses, have also said that they are not seeing many cases, but they know as soon as restrictions ease, that will change. The relaxations began here and Victoria has now had to close two schools. 80 new cases in one of them. This up and down of infections will continue to occur until a working vaccine is available. If anyone tells you any different, I fear that they speak with forked tongue.
  21. Welcome to TLF Alexis. They are enticing, aren't they. I was sold on the Esprit over 30 years ago after a test drive. Any questions or issues with using the forums, feel free to ask one of us mods. We're here to help.
  22. I'm retiring from my NHS Volunteer position, not a single task came through.
  23. Welcome to TLF Darren. So are you thinking of getting another Lotus? Any questions or issues with using the forums, feel free to ask one of us mods. We're here to help.
  24. It’s time NHS start treating other illnesses .. those have been stopped for too long 90% of ventilated ICU beds now unused!
  25. My 78 Elite starts well and drives well for half a mile then it starts slighly backfiring. Then the engine slowly dies and stalls. I can start it again after a few seconds but it dies again and so on. I have checked the spark plugs, points, condenser, ignition coil, etc and I now suspect a fuel issue. The electric pump at the rear of the car seems to work well too but I find that the fuel flow that comes out form the fuel pipe - engine / carburettors side - is a bit jerky I also have an Esprit S3 turbo HCI with two pumps in a row that provide a much stronger regular flow. I am told that the fuel flow that feed carburettors does not need to be as strong as it is for injection. What do you think ?
  26. This 100%, I looked at quite a few JPS esprits before buying mine (I took a lotus expert along with me). Some looked great but a quick look underneath showed some serious issues. The buyers of these will need to part with serious dough at somepoint.
  27. According to someone whose daughter is a nurse there, there were only 4 people in Swansea Hospital ICU Dept LAST weekend. The staff were twiddling their thumbs.
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