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  2. i Look at it that lotus has just been to financially strapped to spend big marketing/advertising over here. Not that they don’t want to, simply can’t afford it. Same thing with fitting air bags to the Elise/exige, just costs to much for a old platform that doesn’t sell to well over here.... I own my own business and have been in that situation for the last 10 years, I need to advertise to stay alive (I own a funeral home) however being a small family owned business I do not have deep pockets like the big guys. Thus for me I had to bite my time until the right situation arose.... I feel Lotus is in a similar situation, very difficult for the little guy to advertise, market themself or spent big money making a old platform legal in the states. Even though the release of the evora GT seems to be a flop with how it was handled..... I think and hope these as well as other issues are all in the past with the new owner and deeper pockets.
  3. I suspect the conversion would give more crisp throttle response, you'd possibly be the 1st to give it a go. Just be certain never to run too lean on boost.
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  8. Has anybody here done it? I’m thinking about it. Looking at the parts manual almost all the engine internals are the same. Fuel tanks are the same. It should be a matter of finding a used set of carbs with manifold, a new fuel pump and regulator. Wiring could be an issue but the CIS is stand alone and doesn’t really interface with the any other systems. Anyone have any thoughts?
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  10. I need the help of you G car experts out there to tell me as much as possible about the car in the photos below please. When I was a kid, my dad ran a small garage and recovery business in Bolton and one of the things he recovered after an accident was this car, a white Turbo Esprit, registration 'AN12'. It had spun on the A580 'East Lancs Road' I seem to recall. I'm a bit sketchy on the date this photo was taken but I believe it was most likely around 1984, no later. This car was a major factor in fuelling my love for the Esprit and I can recall to this day sitting in it where these photos were taken and just thinking 'wow'. I knew right then that one day I had to have one. Now up until recently this car has existed only as a memory in my head but recently my cousin (who now runs my Dad's old garage business) turned up these old photos, exactly as I remembered it. A pretty special moment seeing it again! Now I know a bit more about Esprits than I did back then, looking at these photos has raised lots of questions, not least why it is sporting what look like Essex style side decals... I'd like to know as much as possible about this car, things such as: What exact model year is it? Why does it have those decals? Was someone just trying to make it look a bit like an Essex car or some other reason? Could it be an Essex spec dry sump car? Does anyone know if the car still exists now? Does anyone on here own it?? These photos have got me very curious so any info will be gratefully received! Thanks.
  11. Hose runs from the crack case PCV valve to the intake manifold to reduce crack case pressure buildup, PCV valve and baffles before it show stop oil vapor blow by, however on the DC cars this does occur under full throttle track usage, on the S2 (4xx) cars, Lotus moved the PCV valve from this Toyota position to the aft cam cover, this dis reduce blow by.
  12. Is he fook...... Not for me anyway!
  13. Just going to quickly chuck this one on here from today's event at Castle Combe. A previous Esprit of mine, the first car I'd ever bought new and my second V8 Esprit. Good to see it still looking striking in the sunshine and a real surprise as it was the first time I've seen it since I sold it almost twenty years ago. Centre exit exhaust is new, but the rest of it is pretty much as how I remember and from my understanding it's still the only Chrome Orange V8 GT in the UK (unless someone knows different?).
  14. Great to see you and your lovely Elite too, Paul. As far as I could see you kept up pretty well. It's a good job you weren't in the lead or we'd all have followed you home! Cheers, Richard
  15. This was one of the reasons I didn’t return to TVR when looking for a sports car again.
  16. Although I obviously agree with you in principle, isn’t that primarily down to the numbers available of each?
  17. Bravo73

    Newb dilemma

    Win. Welcome aboard. Can we have lots of photos when you get a chance, please? Also, how about saying ‘hello’ properly over here: ?
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  19. And bumped into a watch topic... offcourse there is one on a car forum haha. Almost all petrol heads love nice watches aswel. Added a new watch to my collection in januari after waiting 4 months for delivery. I know not everyone loves bracelets but I love the combination of the love bracelet with the day-date. Also have a Audemars Royal Oak ultra thin (not the poser ones), Bell & Ross BR01 and a Baume & Mercier Classima Special edition. Currently only wearing the day-date and the Audemars.
  20. Totally loved the red interior combined with Essex Blue on my Evora, really brightened up the interior So much so that we chose red for the other car as well
  21. Having dinner with MJK isn't too shabby either....
  22. Finally the drivers door is finished. All electrics tested and working with new weather seals. Just the passenger door card to install. The new electrics all working and tested on that side as well. Now the rear carpet and seat rails to fit. Then the seats to install. Trim is almost finished. I'm very pleased with the electrics on this car. Five years of electrical wiring practice has had a very positive effect! Everything is so much quicker to do. It's no so much the skill of doing it, but knowing which connectors, terminals and tools to use.
  23. You can get a boxtser for 2000, good luck finding an Elise for 10k. The boxster was a more expensive car when new. The market has spoken.
  24. Been at club lotus day at castle Combe,made me feel young
  25. MAG

    Newb dilemma

    It's a done deal, I'm keeping them but having them powder coated dark gunmetal grey
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