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  2. The two 'spare' wires are: BLK - used on non A/C vehicles so that the ECU knows there isn't an A/C system fitted. ORA/BLK - used on vehicles with an electronic speedometer to feed a VSS signal to the dashboard.
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  4. Hi Guys, While looking for a wiring diagram on Google, I stumbled across this thread. Seems these two wires aren't used. They were probably originally in a 2 pin connector which is now gone so just need to make them safe again. Andy.
  5. Finding some of the earlier parts of this recent episode difficult to follow. However I cannot see the reason for painting the inside of the engine casing if that is what is being suggested. I'm not even sure what you could use that would withstand that environment?! Are we entering a new era in car restorations? I better dig out my old school recorder pipe cleaner for my tail pipes ....
  6. Hi Barry, The pins on each ECU plug are numbered 1 to 22. The EMH manual does prefix these numbers with a letter (A,B,C,D) but I haven't worked it's use out yet. It certainly doesn't seem to correlate with the rows of pins in any logical way. Hi Travis, Great pictures thanks. The two wires I am trying to trace are just right of centre in your second picture. (orange/black stripe and a near by black one) They don't look like they go to any of the ECU plugs, but where do they go and what are they for? Andy.
  7. I find that one of the best general rules for a happy life is: "Don't drink a beer if you can piss stronger than it" I have never tried Palm beer but I hope that the horse is living up to this rule.
  8. It's been said that the extra taxation on electric cars could backfire on them - most people that have electric cars have the facility to charge them at home, making it more beneficial for them to adopt solar power and battery storage to power their cars. Also, tax electricity too high and electric car take up will stall.
  9. $35,000.00 (0 Bids) End Date: Monday Jan-27-2020 15:34:10 PST Bid now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  10. All of the above seems very logical. What other plausible cause could there have been for the sticking PRV other than particles in the oil? The spring was intact, nothing failed.
  11. Thanks, I'll be in touch next month before the next Re:Fuel meeting.
  12. Normally meet at Exeter services for between 9:30/10:00am. If you contact us before hand we can let you know in advance. It’s easy to get us on here or our Facebook page
  13. Thanks for the response James, what time do you usually arrive?
  14. Arrived! Thank you Bibs! Looks and fits great!
  15. It's likely that your ECU is fried... It's good that they are cheap to replace. Do Not sell or give away or throw away your MEMCAL cartridge!!! That is worth it's weight in gold, and you need it for your new ECU. That MEMCAL is Lotus Esprit specific! The ECU wires should look more like this. SO maybe it's worth it to tray and get your wires figured out before plugging in a new ECU.
  16. Good to know the operational details, Fabian. Oil pressure figures look entirely fine. No less a figure than A.C. Rudd, guest speaking for the benefit of our local Club in '86, offered the design criteria at 10psi per 1000RPM to a happy minimum of 45psi hot. No issues with somewhat higher pressures up to 65 psi, but no more than that to be beneficial. 4 months of operation with notable presence of particles or beads in the oil would account for the scoring, can't imagine what else could be the cause of that. Visible scoring is localized and association with anything further is speculative, whereas absolute wear must be confirmed by measurement Perhaps the fracture in that tappet was coincident with a score line, this is a known mode of failure in a brittle component. That the tappet broke is certain and indicative of brittleness. Well aged cast iron in question by various accounts. For there to have been sufficient wear in the tappet - bore area beggars belief and would have raised quite an audible ruckus, one would think. Get those measurements in hand and then consider the likelihood. There is always the option of presenting the tappet remnants to a materials analysis professional for expert evaluation, likely at quite reasonable cost. In summary - scoring is due to oil contaminant(s); PRV stuck due to same; tappet failure yet TBD pending measurements / expert evaluation but brittleness seems unavoidably linked. I do not expect proper steel would have failed in this situation, scored or not. Ultimately the stuck PRV and tappet may or may not be linked by way of the contaminant(s), scoring conclusively points to contaminant(s) and late arriving oil pressure is absolved of blame. The tappet failure has yet to be shown as other than coincidental.
  17. Check the chassis above the rear suspension where it runs across under the body. My chassis elsewhere looked fine, but at this the most common rot spot it was actually coming apart! (See early on in my :5 minutes a day fixing a lotus" project post) Fibreglass and paint can be repaired. Of course if the car was recently imported, someone should have checked these common weaknesses already.
  18. We are all early adopters here for this product. Hope that AIM will solve quickly these small problems.
  19. KG

    Evora GT430

    Ready for the rest of the week!
  20. This is Lotuses 72nd year so I suspect the awaiting masses will need to brace themselves for some 72nd anniversary special models dressed in the F1 Lotus 72 colours of red and gold? You would also hope there would be something at Goodwood ‘for the drivers’ , or at least maybe ‘for the dealers’ to help move the current stock and maintain sales through to the ‘new’ product, because without an energised and robust dealer network you’re fubarred, Or maybe we just settle for a new font ?
  21. Have you read the number on the actual engine? That's the one that can't be a mistake
  22. Can you confirm J1/14 - I thought the numbers went ABCD depending on the row ??
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