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  2. Mutley


    How do you know if someone is a Vegan? Because they will always tell you!
  3. 1 & 2 Ian Corse + 1 - Breakfast and Car Collection 3 & 4 Andrew Laing + 1- Breakfast and Car Collection 5 & 6 Allan Matheson + 1- Breakfast and Car Collection 7 Brian King - Breakfast & Car Collection 8 & 9 Archie Buchanan +1 - Breakfast and Car Collection 10 Jim Selkirk - Breakfast & Car Collection 11 David Boyd - Breakfast & Car Collection 12 Andy (C8RKH) - Breakfast and car Collection 13 Tony Samuel - Breakfast and Car Collection 14 Clive Swantton - Breakfast and Car Collection 15 John Diamond - Breakfast and Car Collection 16 Mike Clarke - Breakfast and Car Collection
  4. The argument there is that a Cow has to reproduce in order to generate milk. Ergo, the offspring, if male will go to meat production (on the whole - very few will become breeding Bulls). Heifer calves may well go into breeding but quite often will become meat as well. Their entire argument sucks - they imagine that if no-one ate any animal related products then all these animals would freely roam the natural environment. Apart from the fact that most modern farm animals wouldn't exist if it weren't for the food chain, if left to their own devices they would suffer far worse than they do as farm animals. However unsavoury it is for them to accept, if we all ate nothing but green stuff, we'd still be swinging from trees as our brains wouldn't have evolved sufficiently to live as we do today. My cat and dogs might struggle to voluntarily eat a human on their own. Even a small one............
  5. But that’s because of the force insemination and separation of mummy cow from baby cow..... thats why the vegans don’t drink milk
  6. Today
  7. Those washers look wrong too to me (I don't know much!). Thought the washers should be the size of the bushes. Worth checking.
  8. Is there an alternative part? As they appear to be simple bushes I assume they must be common with something else or a universal size? They look v similar to Bedford cf front suspension bushes
  9. We’ve got a ‘Pratts’ pagoda at Brooklands. Used to provide fuel for the racers.
  10. Spinney


    Yes but cows aren’t harmed when they are milked either, yet a vegan wouldn’t touch it.
  11. Funny, I've always found the TPMS to be pretty accurate on both my Evoras. It's the cruise control that I never use on them. I use CC on my other cars, it's just that the Evora's isn't great and just doesn't feel "right" to use it in a car like that.
  12. $57,995.00 End Date: Wednesday May-1-2019 8:00:43 PDT Buy It Now for only: $57,995.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  13. I have no issues with Lotus, been waiting on specs of the GT to be released before I decide to go that direction or a 2018, I like all the carbon bits..... i have no clue On that dealership in Florida, at autotrader there were a handful under $40k. Yes a few at $70k
  14. Goodness. Typical Lotus customer service, and they wonder why they can't sell more than 1600 cars worldwide per year. Personally I really like my Evora 400, it is much better than my previous 2013 Evora NA. I don't think I could pay 130k for the Evora GT. I don't believe will have much more hp than my current car and for me the CF is not a must. Actually, I was thinking about a new 2020 Porsche Carrera S (443 hp, MSRP $113,300 plus options) and it comes now like the Turbo, with a wide body.
  15. For me, it's just unnecessary expense with no gain. I regularly check my tyre pressures and inspect before any journey in all my cars (due to being caught out before!) - sudden or faster pressure loss you'll feel anyway in a car like the Evora. I wouldn't mind if it was accurate, but it isn't. Add on the fact they're expensive, and a tyre on/off job each time to need to fix/replace/check one, means it just feels unnecessary to me.
  16. Regarding the car I'll wait and see what the final spec and pricing looks like and then consider it. Love the look of the 430, 400 not so much. I agree that Lotus Cars USA and/or Lotus Cars has not handled this well. I've ordered many, many cars and this experience is not optimal. In my experience with other brands, primarily Porsche, you put down a deposit on a "hot" car well before it is released. When it's released and the dealer gets an allocation you build and submit your order. In this case I put a deposit down on the Evora 430 based on rumor. I then got a call and an order sheet that had to be back to Lotus in 24-48 hours. At that point I had no pics and no specs or pricing. A week or so later I got specs and pricing (I think from another dealer). In typical Lotus fashion I got the call yesterday regarding the front and spoiler and was told I needed to re-submit or confirm my order in 24 hours. Again, I had to ask for pics to see what the car would look like and I got a rendering which looks like Photoshop or something. I know of several US deposits that have asked for their money back. I think Lotus would have better luck with an organized approach including full specs, pricing and pics.
  17. Damn, Sorry about that man....that sounds like a bait and switch to me. I understand 100% your decision to ask for your deposit back.
  18. ...….The 2011 that you showed is very likely a rebuilt titles or wrecked. I know I live in South Florida and that place sell cars like that. The Evora 400 at $69,995 practically $70k is a good deal. Maybe there are 2-3 at most like that in the whole US. So, what is your issue with Lotus cars? If you think those are low prices then go for one of those. I'm Ok being a Plastic Surgeon. ................Accountants can't afford a new 911Carrera S. Unless they are CFO...Dentist? hahaha...they drive the typical BMW, Lexus, Audi or MB.
  19. Time and a nasty knocking noise! Looks an easy job with the body off. maybe not so easy reassembled.
  20. Just blame immigrants/doleys/welsh/Irish/Scots/eniglish/brexit/bbc/youff of today/Putin/China/trump** **delete as applicable
  21. That's why I'm using mine again! They look OK, but time will tell! Pete
  22. Hmm diff rubbers 120 quid plus vat maybe i'll have a closer look first.
  23. That was all stripped, cleaned, painted, lubed, refreshed, replacedlotsofthings just a short while ago - what's happened? //Checks photo album// Actually, it was about eleven or twelve years ago - so hasn't it all lasted well?!
  24. Always wondered what recruitment company we used for senior hires.....
  25. It never used to be that way Luc! For years my Dad used to buy his rhd cars from Belgium and Holland as he would get them 15%-20% cheaper than in the UK. Indeed many dealers had "dedicated" sales staff to deal with Uk buyers and they were quite happy to supply any make of car in RHD format. Maybe those good times will come back with Brexit.... hahahahahaha....... Yeah, but then everyone would just assume you were a dentist, an accountant, or a plastic surgeon.....
  26. Apart from my OCD insisting that the tyre pressure numbers on each axel must match, Ive never had issues with the TPMS. Gav
  27. For starters, it’s not very accurate and it generates lots of random, spurious warnings. Therefore, if you got an actual warming, you are just as likely to ignore it. The old school method of a tyre gauge and checking the pressures manually occasionally would have also found your slow leak.
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