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  2. ok got the bumper off, although the parking sensor don't appear to have any connectors so can't get it fully off. I have the camera out. Could someone recommend a good replacement that they have had success with. I know I could just try to match on ebay but was hoping for a recommendation rather than just point and shoot for one. Thanks
  3. Lovely breakfast this morning good turn out it's nice to follow the Lotus Esprits up the road this morning they looked and sounded really good
  4. Why's that then? I guess you'll be trading to a Nissan GTR or Audi RS6 Avant by the same logic?
  5. Thanks. I will try again but my file could be too big.
  6. I think you will find that was B&C’s development ‘track friendly’ exhaust they were working on at the time that didn’t make it into production, fairly sure they have the original stock exhaust for it to go back on, if it’s not already!
  7. Personally I would go for the Toyota engined one such as this
  8. I think that you need to re-upload your video. It’s only showing as 4kB.
  9. Today
  10. It looks like the tips have either been taken off, or have fallen off, an aftermarket silencer. There’s no mention of it in the description so maybe someone has just removed the ‘pig snout’. Slightly strange either way.
  11. Elise is the perfect car for you as I’m sure you already know
  12. I agree that the sun is setting on petrol cars, and at the moment my only upgrade choice for my 410 Sport is a GT430. The GT410 would be at best a sideways step as my 410 has more carbon. My upgrade path for my Type 116 is really either a 220 Cup or 250 Cup Elise. So unless they do bring out one last Petrol hoorah then I agree, my future Lotus ownership route will be limited and I'll likely be in too something else, but I've stated that on here several times before. I fully agree with you that the current state, or lack of, communication re future models is not good. However, You do have to acknowledge that Lotus marketing is active, more so than it has been for years, and they are regularly featuring customers cars too in their social media posts. Ferrari have committed to continue with its V12 cars, indeed, they are its fastest growth market, but they are for millionaires with high disposable incomes. At a point where Chevy have launched their new mid engined Corvette. Toyata has produced its first serious sports car for years, and BMW has pushed through the 600bhp barrier with its M cars whilst still producing stonking cars like the 140/M2 etc I do wonder if your're being a tad premature in predicting the death of petrol sports cars. EVs are growing, but they will hit an infrastructure brick wall. Newspaper story last week on Tesla owners complaining of 45 minute plus wait times to get a charge. Indeed, last week I pulled into the services on M6 at Lancaster. Tesla was on its charger. I went in. Had a coffee. Something to eat. A pee. None of which done at speed and same Tesla was still being charged with two other owners chatting to charging car owner whilst they waited. These increasing stories will put people off. I do hope we see a last petrol hurrah from Lotus. I agree though I might be smoking dope. Wishing for the impossible. Flogging a dead horse. Or doing all three at once.
  13. You didn't miss much, it was okay early on, then the wind picked up and the rain was pretty heavy! Some nice cars turned up and then there was the usual idiot in a BMW doing donuts in the car park I hope that your girl brings home a trophy!
  14. I’d double booked myself, my little girls in a gymnastics competition this morning! Definitely up for a skid pan evening!!
  15. Black Swan Surrey. New and the old!
  16. Renn-Reifen : Both 215/45 ZR17 & 285/30 ZR18 available They ship to whole Europe. They also have the Federal FZ-201. They are on Renn-Reifen price list : But not listed to buy... You should perhaps send them a mail to have more info, could be interesting. To Dunlop directly also.
  17. As I was driving my daughter to school, yesterday morning (Saturday) I saw an Elan M100 dark blue with the roof open in this chilly weather, as I was driving back home I crossed a black Elise (s2?) in the same place nearby Gospel Oak station. A bit of a treasure day hunt as I also saw a red Quattro (identical to the one in Life on mars) on top of the usual Ferrari and Porsche you see on any trip to hampstead.
  18. GBP pricing is £1225 + vat. UK stock apparently available from late next week........
  19. Autonomous is being pushed on Lotus by Geely who have an ambition to get the jump on their competitors. Mr Feng mentioned it in his speech at the 70th event at Hethel last year. It was a proper coffee spitting moment then. We were hoping it was a future ambition that was further away and were looking forward to a range of petrol powered interim cars. I think the thing people here are missing is that the future is bleak for anyone who loves driving fast internal combustion powered road cars. Necessarily so, the world needs to change. We all accept that Lotus will have to become part of the autonomous electrified future to survive long term so the issue for many here is what happens in between. It’s a small window of opportunity and unfortunately not the primary focus of the new management who have been hired to increase volume at all costs. It might be the smarter business decision to scrap the interim cars altogether and put all their chips on full electric sooner. The longer they delay the next car the more likely this becomes in challenging trading conditions. Anyone that knows me here knows that I have stuck by Lotus through thick and thin (mainly thin!) and am usually on the receiving end of criticism for being blinkered, rose tinted, delusional fan boy so it’s complete nonsense to dismiss my points as doom mongering. A total cop out from engaging in the debate too. You only have to look at what F1 has lost as a live spectacle, despite the cars being faster to realise that there is no going back to wailing V10s. The very thing that made F1 so special has gone for good. 2020 next year. I’d very surprised if you can buy a road legal petrol sports car from anyone in 2030. Lotus do not have time to muck about. A 70 year line of exceptional drivers cars is coming to an end the CEO is not talking about honouring that lineage with a petrol car to show the world what Lotus can do with proper funding. No mention of what he’s doing to improve quality (essential for any plan), no interest to date in communicating with existing customers or finding new ones, besides billionaires. Fine for those looking forward to electric Lotus cars but those hoping to drive off into the sunset in a last hurrah petrol Lotus might find that they already own it. I think they were banking everything on Evija to get them out of jail. We will never know how many orders they really have but they’ll need to sell a lot in order to be able to ignore the current range. Literally not a single thing to date from the new management that wasn’t already in a JMG’s plan. Unless you count the new logo.
  20. If anyone’s stuck for a Xmas gift for the OH, or fancies trying their hand at watercolour painting, my wife Karen has just launched a tutorials website with a structured learning program and fortnightly lesson releases (many already in the can). monthly or annual subs are available... For a special TLF offer use MAIL25 for a 25% discount for a limited time Tony @kimbers, iirc you’re doing the Surrey show? See you there
  21. I used the MPSC2 the DUNLOP DZ03G and the TROFEO R on the 380 cup I really liked the Dunlop DZ03G they are really good and even if they feel different I think almost as good as the trofeo r (maybe less good on wet) The problem is that they are not available anymore in 285 and I can only find them in 295 and as they are quiet a wide tyre I think they might be a little too wide Does someone know where to find them in 285? I saw a 380 cup fitted with A052 in 215 and 295 and the rear tyre look just a little too wide but I would think really acceptable and they should be good on track
  22. Ok but let s say you get somehow access to position C Where would you fit the rubber pucks for the front in position B ? In that case the problem is that for the common size scissor lift the B raising points are too inwards and not reachable.... or you would have to make some custom center bar Or would you suggest to use C and A even if they are close? Is it possible to use those alloy cylinder pucks sold in usa to fit them on the car to extend the C raising points? I know they are made for the exige s2 and don t know if they would work on the s3 Thanks
  23. I fitted on my 380 cup some trofeo R in 225 front and 265 rear The 225 front is fine even during track use but is a bit taller and will slightly rub at low speed if you are at full lock BTW I have -2.2 front camber The trofeo R at rear in 265 is wider than others 265 so it s ok and I think the trofeo R in 295 would be a little too wide on standard rims and it s better to have a look at the specific tyre spec I saw another 380 cup fitted with the yokohama a052 at the rear in 295 and they are just a little wide on the rim but I think acceptable 215 front and 285 rear is still I think the best sizing but not many tyres available If you dont want to use 265 rear tyres or tyres available in standard size than I would go for a052 in 215 and 295
  24. Happy days Fabian, the offer is there mate. She looks gorgeous now, you must get some shots of them together once the ski racks are done. You can’t beat a turbo with comps and Goodyear highlighting IMHO.
  25. Steve, your correct would have been easy with the carbs off. I may need to take it apart to test. Think the turbo may be different to the S1 at the fuel pressure on the Turbo is 4 psi. I would think the S1 is less. Thanks for the offer Dave, I will see how I get on. From my research I believe the idle Jet and pump jets get the engine to about 3200 rpm and then the main jets take over. The pump jet nut controls the total quantity and therefore duration of the extra fuel burst. This is metered at the correct rate by the pump jets. It should be possible to get in the ball park by driving and adjusting the setting. If it stumbles before reaching main jet operation I know I need more total fuel, bigger pump jet stroke - tighten nut. If it bogs down as the pedal if floored there too much fuel so loosen the nut. Its already so much better after a bit of tweeking. I renewed the diaphrams and they may not be identical to the originals and so requiring a different nut position. By the way Dave the S1 carbs you did are behaving perfectly. I spent about six months tweeking the tuning and it runs lovely. If I can get the Turbo the same I will be very happy. Once the Turbo is done I will overhaul the S1.. I will take the carbs off the Turbo and set them on a bench if necessary. Im trying to finish all the other bits before I get bogged down in the tuning and second fix tweeks! Its still got to go back to the paint shop for final finishing. Its looking fab now the under louvre area is matt black. The Turbo is a real bling car. Ive only been out a couple of times and each time people have commented on how awesome it looks. Funny, as where I live no one ever says anything!
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