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  2. I agree that we were irked around from the first promise of a GT version that new could build from 410 to 430 per options, that we would see and drive in flesh before ordering the launch edition, that turned into the 48 hr fiasco of ok here the options, place order and put 20 % down, "but wait theses options show what is not on the car as an original 430, but if its not listed as an option can we assume the cars comes with the same 430 piece", "no it will be determined later". From there I don't agree with you statements, we were never promised the 430 cf front end in our market, neither the 410-430 interior and cf seats as the US Sport 410 already proved that as did the Lotus GT410 & GT430 parts lists, crash testing is very very expensive, significantly more for the test instrumentation and crash dummy destruction than the cost of 4 to 8 consumed cars. Neither we we promised the Ohlin suspension and J hook discs, in fact these seem to have been pulled from the home market too as customer expectations of a race part performing as a no maintenance street part were taxing dealers and factory. Do we really want $2 mm to be amortized over say 100 cars. 422 vs 430Hp I write off as the same, being that US Hp tests are more rigorous that the euro tests (i.e. same engine same fuel, same effective power = a lower number in SAE units vs DIN units). Well after the aborted intro, Geely stepped in and requested testing be done to try and get CF front and CF spark seats approved. No guarantee of performance was offered after all the bumper was not originally designed to US standards, that standard is not the crash test resistance of the car, but that the bumper must withstand a 5 mph crash with NO DAMAGE; well a soft fexible bumper cover with foam behind can pass this, but a rigid piece of CF despite being strong, will probably result in a $5k damaged piece. And the base GT must be optioned up to even get the weight savings and cf issued as standard on the Sport 410. In light of lack of 430 front passing, it is good to see that Lotus has now adjusted the base price. The new savings will actually allow you to order and install OEM 430 parts.
  3. @oilmagnet477 I do think there is a rather nice shade of rosy pink to your spectacles re the past and maybe a little too much sympathy for the youth of today. My mother worked from 16 through to 65, she is now 75. She has had Parkinsons for 10 years and whilst she is OK financially (not great, OK so no need to worry about the heating bills) she has no own transport. She lives in a town of 40,000 people in the North West of England. She could, until a few months use the bus to get about. But then they cut the bus services - first no Bank Holiday nor Sunday service, then reduced service on a Saturday, then 40% of the routes stopped. She broke her femur in 3 places a few months back, so even if there was a bus running she couldn't use it as most bus drivers drive like "twats" and wouldn't wait for her to be sat down before launching themselves forward like max Verstappen at the start of a grand prix. She paid her taxes for 49 years before she retired from working. The only thing she currently gets from the state is a reduced state pension (women who worked - usually with kids in the 70's and 80's - could pay a reduced NI stamp and she needed the few extra quid that that gave her then), winter fuel payment when triggered, a bus pass (about as much use as Corbyn in a negotiation) and rebate on her council tax. Hardly a massive drain in the tax take given what has she put in. I started work at 16 (and paying NIC) and full time at 18. When I bought my first house my wage was £4.5k per year and the house I bought - a two bedroom terraced house) was £25k - so a multiple of just over 5! And nothing more than a modest small house to boot. Interest rates were around 5-6% when i bought (not the 1 or 2% they have been for the past 10 years ish) and then they shot up to 14-17% and I had three jobs on the go just to keep the payments up on the mortgage and bills. I'd hardly say life was easy when I was 18-27..... So, yes, it might not be easy for kids today, but relatively speaking it is not any harder than it was then, and unemployment rates are significantly lower now than then meaning there are jobs out there. My son works in a local retail place. He makes about £13-14k a year right now at 21 but has a good life at home. He does not pay us board as he saves like a squirrel knowing winter is coming. He enjoys life but does not waste his cash on drink and flippant things and so even on his wage, and at his age, he has saved up enough money to put a 40% deposit down on a flat! It can be done! Graduates these days expect a starting salary of between £20k and £34k depending on job and location. Most of them believe they have a right to just "get stuff" and many of them would not know what a hard days graft was if their lives depended on it. Some of them are just useless, feckless bastards who just spend all day dreaming up scams and schemes to get rich quick via the internet/instagram/snapchat or whatever. Not all of them, but some of them. Some of them are not useless or feckless at all and actually put a huge amount of effort into the "online" escapades and from humble backgrounds actually make a lot of spondoolies - like in all walks of life, backgrounds etc - those that are prepared to put in the effort get rewarded. Here's the rub - there is NO entitlement to own a home. To get a mortgage. To get a house. Yet alone two, or three etc. There is nothing wrong with renting. Most of Europe rents and not buys. We have screwed it up in the Uk through our greed - we buy a house as an investment not as somewhere to live - we pray for it to rise in value so we can remortgage to go on a cruise, buy a new car, whatever. Then complain along with our children about how expensive houses are - no shit Sherlock - really! We need to stop apologising for being a generation that generally worked hard. that took our chances. That made our own luck. That generated some wealth that we can enjoy in later life. And the younger generation just need to stop thinking they are entitled, get off their arses and do stuff - those that are doing stuff are actually generally doing quite well and getting on. it's the entitled ones that create all the noise and stamp their feet as life is not fair. Just the opinion of a 52 year old middle aged spread male, who has fully paid up his contributions for his state pension with 36 years in the system, and will be paying in to it for another 16 years at least for no additional benefit whatsoever for himself whilst also paying a considerable sum in general taxation for each of those 36 years and hopefully the 16 still to come. Who said it - "meh, they've never had it so good....."! :)
  4. Lovely colours and spec this car.
  5. $79,900.00 End Date: Thursday May-2-2019 8:39:13 PDT Buy It Now for only: $79,900.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  6. Thanks for the link. So would the following combination be all I need for inflating tyres? Sorry if I sound a bit simple, but I want to make sure I get everything I need first time. One of these two compressors: either: or, the more powerful: with this hose: and this inflator/gauge:
  7. Only if you're not rationing the chocolate Hobnobs. I only managed to stuff two in my gob before you snatched the packet away last time.
  8. Just realised that I have the same issue. Seems common and once replaced the panel seems to hold. Wonder what makes it crack/how that happens? Or if there is any re-inforcement that makes sense?
  9. Looks good for the asking price...
  10. I did mention above "but run properly by business men rather than the Govt".
  11. I have ordered two previous Lotus based on deposit to secure spot. 1st one the spec was set in a flyer but price was ytbd, 2nd US spec of the 410 was somewhat vague, price was set but we didn't know what was standard or optional but it worked out. This time us deposit placers we were supposed to have a hands on intro to the car in the flesh, that fell though and we ended as per TpupNomands tale, although I dropped out earlier.
  12. There are big problems with nationalised industries, basically they don't have to be financially fit. Take British Leyland/ Rover as an example of a poor company that just kept sucking up money to produce poor products. Regional Electricity Companies were probably no better, in fact look at this report, and you'll see how in the 80s they were very inefficient, but after a few years in private hands (having to deliver dividends, or else the Execs get booted out) things improved way above the normal level. Table 1 1985– 86 RECs 90, UK production industries 84 1997– 98 RECs 196 (that's a 100% improvement) UK production industries 129 (rest of industry achieved 50%) So, either Electricity companies became the shining examples of how to be efficient, or they were more poorly run tan the rest in the early 80s. I suspect it was the latter.
  13. Today
  14. Oh wow, so I was wrong - sorry about that I really thought (assumed) the new GT had the carbon roof and flap. Apologies. WTF is LOTUS playing at then.....!
  15. But the 410 released in the US included the cf front flap, roof, ducktail hatch, quarter window inserts, and same retuned suspension and LWT lithium battery as standard. The new GT has roof and front flap as options, along with no lithium battery option or quarter window inserts.
  16. Hi all, We are looking to put together a group test of Evoras for the next issue of Absolute Lotus magazine. If you can spare a day and would like to see your car in print, read on... Ideally, the group would be as follows, but we're open to all models of Evora. Launch spec n/a car Evora 400 Evora 410 Sport Evora GT430 The photoshoot will take place on the week beginning 13th May, the date and venue to be confirmed once we know everyone's availability and location to make it as convenient for everyone as possible. We'd meet at 10am and be done by 3pm, and the day will consist of a group photo of all the cars together followed by an individual shoot with each car. We'd need to drive each car to get a feel for the differences between them, and there will be only one driver (me). We'll also provide lunch. If you fancy joining us, please send me a photo of your car, together with your availability on the week beginning 13th May and your location to [email protected] and we'll hopefully firm up the details over the next week or so. Any questions, just yell – but please note that I'm away for the weekend from tomorrow with limited screen access until I'm back on Monday. Many thanks, Adam Wilkins Publisher, Absolute Lotus magazine
  17. Everytime I see your car @silverfrost, I want to see more pictures!! perhaps a video? Any more of it? I think it looks ace...
  18. IMHO, if Lotus was going to push the Evora in the USA with PR or other marketing efforts, they would have done so by now. My best guess is that their push is to re-position the brand. Hence the hypercar. The 2020 sports car will probably be part of the re-positioning as well and it is likely to get PR support. I just don’t see Lotus getting behind the Evora in the US
  19. What a good night and good company. To remind all: next meeting is the 28th May at the Chilworth Arms on the A27. In Chilworth.
  20. £5,995.00 End Date: Sunday May-5-2019 15:15:42 BST Add to watch list Click to view item
  21. Thanks Phil for your interesting reply it helps a lot. I'll have to take it to a trustworthy garage to see what's going on. Hi Arun, Yes that's annoying what with the weather improving, do you mind if I ask where you got yours re-gassed?
  22. Have decided to sell my 1981 Dry Dump Turbo Esprit. Fresh out of winter storage 3 weeks ago and now with a new MoT. Just not using it enough with just 300 miles completed since last MoT, and 700 miles since I bought it nearly two years ago. 79k miles, PNM brakes, huge history file of bills, invoices MoT's dating back 30 years. Loads of spares including front Compomotive wheels, hubs, body parts, cams, belts etc. A/C removed at some time, not sure what parts. Beautiful condition but light micro blistering on bonnet and roof, unnoticeable from a few feet. £2k engine out exhaust repair last year. Serviced and dynotested at same time. Cambelt change Jan 2017 at 78k miles. Asking £22,500 but open to offers. Time to move on. [email protected]
  23. Start with Affordable housing. It should not be massive estates taking up loads of countryside, with the majority 3,4,5 bed houses it should be Flats and Apartments. You can build 30x 1 and 2 bed apartments in the same space as 5x 2 bed houses, by building up! And they are much much cheaper. But Part of the issue with this is that (like locally to us here) they build a set of apartments and sell the first 2 floors then the 3rd floor is social housing. The people who own their flats suddenly find that the council is housing released prisoners and drug addict in the same block and no one can sell their flat! There needs to be a total change in our attitudes to housing and social housing. Totally agree with spending of tax money. With only 5 year terms in Office different parties spend to get votes rather than for the good of the country. And sorry to sound like Trump but spend on our own country before others. How on earth we constantly allow Foreign Aid when we have thousands of people sleeping on the streets (Including children) over a million Pensioners not able to pay their own heating bills to keep warm or feed themselves properly and 3 million kids living in unacceptable poverty. Your Hs2 is a well made point and should be cancelled immediately. Water, Electricity and Railways should be nationalised (I'm not a socialist but believe certain services should be state owned but run properly by business men rather than the Govt). They make Billions a year and that money could be reinvested to help those most in need. I agree. My first introduction would be, Disabilities and conditions aside, if you are fit to work and on Welfare then you work to earn your welfare. I'm not talking working 40 hours to get your dole (i.e. slave labour) I'm talking "An equivalent amount of hours to your payout". £150 a week at £10 an hour you do 15 hours community service or volunteering at a hospital etc. I volunteer 50 hours a month and fit it in around a full time job so I am sure someone on Welfare can do it! As for your point on current youth, one of the reasons they will pay more is because the country has been so badly managed by so many Govts for so many years. Wasted Trillions. Your point on retiring.....does anyone here seriously expect to retire? My pension is worth less than I pay in it monthly (£300 a month and it's worth £240 a month from the age of 67) so I don't expect to retire at all! I will HAVE To keep working and partly why I am starting to set up my own business, so I can do something "Gentler" as I get older and can do from my own home. I can't afford to retire and I suspect neither can the majority of people here. Lastly, I have 2 sons who are both Autistic and they both work 60 hours a week in a minimum wage job. Funny, cause I did that working 2 jobs when I was young and my dad earnt £1 a week as an apprentice for a similar 72 hour week. We afforded our houses based on bloody hard work, long hours and dedication and only now at 52 can I enjoy that hard work...... though I still maintain 2 jobs (One I do for free). It's not new Ant. It's just working hard for what you get. Something most of my son's friends don't understand constantly telling them they work too hard and if they didn't work, like them, the state will look after them or their parents and they could spend more time online.
  24. C'mon Paul we want to know more about the possible purchase! Colour? BTW my second Evora (the white one that matched your earlier one) was missing the premium pack and so cloth back seats. I thought I'd miss them (my original had oyster premium interior) but in the end I didn't miss them at all; the cloth back seats worked fine. So let's hear about the colour, wheels, etc? Photo?
  25. They do make such a visual difference...
  26. Metallic Blue with Cream Leather Interior, Alpine Radio/CD, Black Mohair Hood, Alloy Wheels, Spot Lamps, Electric Windows, Air Conditioning, ABS, Hard Top, Sunvisors, Full Leather Centre Console, Probax Seats, Extra Sound Insulation, Cobra 8186 Immobiliser, Alarm, Protective Front Paint Film, Remote Central Locking, Cross Drilled Brake Discs 134 bhp 1800cc Toyota engine with 5 speed gearbox. Only 3 owners. Full Lotus service history and maintained by us since 2014. Local car. Beautiful example. This Lotus comes supplied serviced, with 12 months MOT and a 3 month/3,000 mile warranty The post Lotus Elise S Touring appeared first on Click to view item
  27. Hi @Scotsdave this is not really a thread on comparing dealers - that's covered elsewhere, more about costs of services etc. For what it is worth and for some balance I use Leven for the Evora (main dealer stamp in new car whilst under warranty), and Craig for the VX (he looked after my previous Evora too for 4 years). Tim lives in Cumbira and uses Leven, I know an Edinburgh guy who refuses to use Leven and goes to Carlisle.....
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