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    Sadly not, the gaps were too big to count as a continuous display of cars. While I'm broken and can't walk, I feel very proud and privileged to have played a small part in making some Lotus history yesterday. I had the best of days, we couldn't have been luckier with the weather and the culmination of a lot of planning and organising by the fantastic, dedicated, hard working gang at Lotus resulted in an event which will be remembered and make those who came smile for a long time to come. Thanks to Lotus for letting me be involved, the all the owners and enthusiasts who came and to the clubs, the 'One of every Lotus' display cars, the track display teams and everyone who asked me a question, what a great day it was! #Lotus70
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    Wowsa. I said to many of you that I could easily have spent the whole day just on the track. All of the (our) cars were amazing. And OMG what a noise some of them make. Walking the full length of the track I was thinking "I need to sell my kids and build a large air con'ed barn for all those cars I want to buy!! Bibbo, you never ever disappoint. have a great night tonight and have one for me. To everyone I saw it was awesome to see you all, I never feel more at home than when I am with you all and I have so many friends from Denmark to Germany, Belgium to Netherlands and all over the UK! Big Love!! My favourite moment.....well 2 actually. I was watching MJK on the big screen being interviewed and there was a guy standing there watching the screen avidly. He looked at me and said "I worked with him in India when he was working for Tata". I said "Thats my dad and I'm sure he would love to see you again". he said "He won't remember me"......."I bet he would" I said. So we walked over to MJK and just before we got there a totally different guy with a walking stick and 2 sons helping him walked over. My dads face lit up and he called him by name (can't remember now....Mike maybe). Dad gave him a big hug and the guy burst into tears. He said "You don't know how much this means to me!" and there was a long conversation and much hugging. the guy had had a stroke and just wanted to talk to his old mate again. He choked up again when they parted. It was amazing to see what dad meant to someone. So my man from Tata steps up and I say to dad, someone wants to say hi. Dad looked puzzled and the guy said "You probably don't remember me, it was 17 years ago....." and my dad said "In Pune, you were working in the office when I came in and I can still see your face and you saying "What are you doing here". The guy was amazed. I know he's my dad but for someone to have touched so many people and still remember a guy working in an Office at Tata who he met briefly for 3 days of coming and going is amazing and humbling.
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    What a fantastic day. Huge thanks to Bibs and all those involved in making it such a brilliant day. Just got back home having stayed overnight in Suffolk. Funniest moment with a doubt was when the F1 cars were on track mid afternoon. We saw them go off before heading back to the car which was parked in the line on the track. On the way we walked passed the Classic Team Lotus marquee. Mrs Bazza (who has owned the Elise for 16 years) stops and says "hang on a minute that jacket looks nice, let me have a quick look" Not one to say no (years of training) I agree but highlight it's all roped off/closed as the guys were all on track demoing fettling the F1 cars. Undeterred and with years of retail experience she spots a bloke and calls him over. After a brief chat he unclips the rope, lets her in and shows her the jacket. After a few minutes she say its not for her but then I hear hime explain "it had been modelled on the one my Dad used to wear". Mrs Bazza; "Oh, who's he?" Bloke: "Colin Chapman".... I desperately tried not to laugh and have to say Clive was the perfect gent, very gracious - top, top man
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    This is my new Evora GT 430 with special painting ( Gold Leaf) by hethel factory. The car is waiting for me at Komo Tec Germany. You can see the car this weekend in the KOMO-TEC Box in Nürburg /Nürburgring/Nordschleife.
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    21 years in October! Bought as a 21st birthday present for myself in 1997. Loved every minute of ownership, the downs as well as the ups. We've had some great adventures. Still makes me smile, laugh, scares me occasionally, frustrates me sometimes but totally looking forward to the next 21 years! Happy anniversary gorgeous!
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    A big thanks to Bibs and everyone else who helped organise and make it such a fantastic day. Great to meet some of the forum regulars too. Thanks too to chassis and structures designer Andy who was on his way home from Hethel when he saw us broken down after we travelled only 11 miles of the 113 mile journey and stopped to see if he could help. He took me back to his house to lend me some tools, then back to the car and finally came back a bit later to see if we had gotten the car fixed. Brilliant solidarity the brand brings out in people
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    Been stuck here for 6 hours now. Nothing's moving.
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    When you are in the hotel and don’t realise one of the designers of your car has pointed it out and insists on a picture because he loves it so much!
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    Now that is a huge coincidence because Project GT1 is now going to be coming home. Approx. 2 years after my last contact, the seller came back to me. I never completely gave up hope.... More to follow, but my old car is coming back to me !
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    for anyone coming from overseas via dover if during your journey on friday you get somewhere near me, you get delayed, need car assistance or an emergency stop over friday night .. i live outskirts of colchester.. just of the a12 which should be on your route to the factory or hotels ,, ( about 1hr.10mins from the party) happy to help out.. put up, feed.. etc etc.. andy 07701031059
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    Featured in Practical Classics last year - October 2017 'High Mile Club' - she was on only 248,737 back then. Tempted to put a copy of the article on the windscreen to mitigate against the stone chips and rusting windscreen wiper! Owned 18 years as daily driver that lives outside - if there's interest I'll write something up for the forums... Iain
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    Some pix from Saturday! The track shot of my S1 was taken by Practical Classics Mag 😁👍🏻 @Fridge @LJR @Dan E @jonroberts
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    Safe journeys to everyone making a long trip to the big event.
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    2500 miles down to Modena/Turin and back, via Stelvio and other passes. Couldn't resist a pic outside the gates of Maranello. They might be doing the same outside Hethel in a few years time!!
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    A long watch as so many cars.
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    Thanks Alan Robins for capturing this moment. Spoken to dad today and they worked together in the Early 80's both for COlin on a personal basis.
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    A few of the photos I took yesterday....
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    Huge thanks to the Bibmeister. Great weekend mate. More pics later when home again 😊
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    What an absolutely fantastic day! Massive massive thanks to Bibs for literally everything - it was slick and super fun from start to finish - I can only apologise again for bringing the wrong car - I’ll get it right next time - promise! 😊🚗🏎👏🏻🎉
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    Just treated my Esprit to an oil change and quick check-up, did some shopping and packed my bag. All ready to head for the Calais ferry early in the morning. 😎
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    Lotus cars are coming home thankyou all that’s worked on putting this event on . see you all this weekend.
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    Nice autumn trip with friends.