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    So, as the result of some furious man-maths, this happened: I have absolutely loved my Evora S. As an introduction to Lotus ownership it's been everything I hoped. I won't go over old ground, as I've posted several times on the various stages of my ownership experience. Great car. I test drove the 400 pictured above just over a week ago, and picked it up on Saturday. I am still grinning.
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    Guilty m'lud! Motorsport Green. Carbon race seats, sound deadening, air con, no stereo, black diamond cut wheels with black wingstays. Impossible to believe but it should be sitting in my garage within 2 weeks from now. Here's a photoshop to compare the real thing to:
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    Having just read about Vern’s wife who secretly had his Esprit seats recovered I thought I’d see what remarkable things have people done for you? Around 11 years ago I bought my Essex Esprit and set about collecting all things ‘Essex’. The memorabilia goes back to the early 1980’s so there wasn’t much of it about but what there was all seemed to appear on ebay. Mrs Bazza was at home looking after the children (1 and 3 years old) when she suddenly says that she wants to start earning again and has got herself a part time job delivering Thompson local deliveries to the houses in our area. So, off she goes with both kids in tow dropping off the phone directories and getting a few pence per delivery. The problem is that where we live everybody (except us) seemed to have a long driveway to walk down before you get to the door so as I saw it she was flogging away for bugger all. Her choice mind. I’m then bidding on the next Essex item on ebay but I miss out to an ebayer called “Steve Elite” . Next time I see ‘Steve’ bidding on an Essex item I really push the bidding up but he still wins it. It happens a few more times and I’m now getting quite annoyed. A few weeks later see another rare Essex publication on ebay. OK, I’m earning good money in The City so, childish as it might seem, I ain’t going to be beaten by him again and will pay 'whatever it takes'. Ha, I finally outbid him to win it! May have paid a stupid amount but, I beat him. Scroll forward to later in the year and we have our wedding anniversary so I give Mrs Bazza the usual box of chocs, as you do. She then presents me with a huge presentation file full of Essex memorabilia. Yep, she was ‘Steve Elite’ and every time I bid against him/her on ebay it meant that she had to deliver another 25 directories. Obviously I had no clue what was going on but the money she was making dropping the telephone directories off was being used to bid for the Essex stuff. She said she almost wept watching me drive the price higher and higher...
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    A couple of photos from last night in London...
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    Right, the winter 2017 refurb thread is now open for business. First up, gearbox removal. Despite having taken good care, the new rear crank seal I fitted started to leak. In fact it leaked more than the old one I removed, which was particularly galling. I’ve been suspicious about CWP backlash, so as the gearbox had to be removed to get to the crank seal, I’ll have it rebuilt. Buoyed by the indisputable fact that it only takes 2 hours to get a gearbox out (well, according to Barry, anyway), I started off full of enthusiasm, which soon started to wane when it became clear that 2 hours might have been a little optimistic, unless he did it using a telehandler, and without removing any bolts. By the time Sparky arrived, I’d done reasonable amount, so we had tea, scratched our heads, pointed at things, and put the world to rights......
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    Just back from a short rather epic over night trip to Scotland so thought I'd share some pictures So went up in my Exige and experienced a few stunning roads and scenery.... some great roads, then on the way back ah yes as per opps, @DaveC72 after some man maths I swapped my Exige with this rather lovely 400 over the moon, was looked after very well by Ian at Murray's so big thanks to him and Brandon for finding a deal that worked for us both👍 Sad to see the Exige go as it's a fantastic car, did try the lottery so I could own both but just ended up down £50😂 Flying back to Edinburgh tomorrow for work too!
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    A couple of pics of the gt430. These are snapshots only, nothing else! Proper photos coming up later this month
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    #winning #lifegoals #toybox Congratulations @The Pits
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    Late to the party chaps! Been on the road. Essex Blue, Silver wheels, sound dead, stereo (!!), red cat scratches, carbon buckets. Black interior (though loving Jonny’s red buckets I think the black suits this car better). Likely bar and harnesses to follow. All run in now and at full throttle. A remarkable car with the balance of a Lotus as we know it, incredible poise, infinite grip, epic noise and extreme power
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    So today popped along to the PH meet at Silverstone and did a 30 min session on track. Didn’t get black flagged for noise which was great. Car was amazing on track. The suspension and ARBs just kept the car flat in the corners, along with grata grip from the tyres, to a point where my left shoulder was killing me from being pinned to the side of the seat lol. It was the first time I had really pushed the car and at the limit on the fast corners there was a gradual drift from the rear, which was easily controlled. Very happy
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    all photos here :
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    I had a drive in the 430 Cup today, brilliant package I was very impressed with. Seemed greater than the sum of it’s parts and lots of little things have been done that you’d never think to do if you tuned to a similar specification. I’ll write more detail about it tomorrow
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    Exige 380 at Simply Sportscars, in Anniversary Blue color :
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    Lots of bits now have arrived - awaiting some stainless bolts. well pleased with the powder coating I picked up today - just sanded off the fins and feeling happy even the old manifold cleaned up well
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    Just moved from Excel to Esprit ownership. 1984 A34 blue.
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    So imagine the day I see my GT430 for the first time, Lotus launch the car I have been waiting for all along. With the same power for less money. Reasons to be aggrieved? I guess it's easier not to when you have a GT430 but, I think, given full knowledge of both I'd stick with the Evora. Probably. I'm still a massive Exige fan, always will be. The Evora has got a lot to live up to. I cerrtainly didn't leave today feeling anything other than massively excited about the GT430. I take some comfort from the fact that it's only 1 sec slower around Hethel, that's very impressive from the bigger, 200kg heavier car. Overall though we all know now that Lotus will continue to evolve the cars at a rate of knots. I also believe that anyone with a 380 Cup still has a 380 Cup so all is not lost! They still have one of the coolest, fastest and most desirable Lotus cars ever and that's not going to change whatever Lotus do from here. My V6 Cup was coming was 4.5 years old and it was still on the pace. The 380 Cup will be on the pace for some time to come. I don't get the new model strategy at all, if there even is one. I do feel for the dealers sitting on 380 Cup stock, I really don't think any of them knew this was coming but hopefully once the dust settles people will realise there are more reasons to be cheerful. The internet moaners will moan whatever happens. If you've got a 380 Cup on the way then get ready for an epic 2018. I'll see you out on track! We'll both be keeping those 430 Cups honest! As for what I think of the Exige Cup 430? Does look epic, but not very different to a Cup 380. I doubt anyone outside of TLF would ever notice the difference. That's good, Cup 380 is one of the best looking Lotus cars ever, I don't really want them to change it much from here, wheel arch vents are stunning. Keep them like that please Lotus. The 430 motor will be awesome in an Exige. It's a very strong motor all the way through. My guess is they tried a 400 and a 410 but it wasn't much faster than the Cup 380. Same reason why they didn't do an NA Exige V6. I was hoping for TFT dash. Interior is no step on. Overall, it will be immense, can't wait to try one. Will be fascinating to compare to the Evora GT430.
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    3 weeks and this gotham vehicle joins the Exige in my garage ..... albeit shortly before it goes up for sale . 550bhp
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    Just got my Esprit back after being away having work done for just over a year, I had a nice surprise while picking her up, the fabulous wifey had got my ripped and torn seats upholstered without me knowing. I did wonder why every time i went the garage the car was high up on the ramp lol. They even left the bolts in so i didnt get suspicious from below ha ha. What a star she is Also got the car home and it feels great, still needs more fettling and jobs to sort but thats all part of the fun.....and it fits in the garage. Its tight but if i dislocate my right leg i can get in and out while its there no probs
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    Hi All. Brand new to the forum. Just thought this might be a good place to show you the only 410 GP for sale in all of North America! I work for a Lotus dealer in San Francisco and we just received the friggin coolest Evora ever! Had to share...
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    Finally I drove it on the track at Monza. WOW!!! Car is fantastic, cannot say anything else! Sound is just perfect, both inside and outside. Concerning the driving: handling is very sensible (as expected). The wheel moves quite a lot and it is impossible to keep it perfectly fixed. You can see that in the Biassono turn. Also, it is very challenging to change gear on fast turns.. typically is preferable to not do that, however in Parabolica that was needed. I think I will buy gloves - up to now I considered those just a fashion stuff, but I believe on this one is a must have. Brakes are excellent and more impressive is the low pad consumption. Same for tyres. On the engine side I notes from my racechrono that it actually reaches 7000 RPMs.. it did that more than once. I need to get more comfortable with the gearbox. Ideally I should try to learn heel-toe, however I am fighting to find the right position of the foot to do that.. I think the two pedals are not so close.. Concerning lap time I think pushing more on turns a 2:07 - 2:08 is doable, maybe less.. but first time better to take it easy Anyway, most important thing is: now I know that I am happy with this car and I don't give a s**t to the Cup 430.. really those 50 hp more are not a need for me, and would not make much difference.. I hope you enjoy the video. PS: Cannot find how to embed the link properly..
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    Well I never saw this coming......but I’m now the proud owner of a Starlight Black Evora S. Very nice car that has replaced my Esprit S4s. The plan is to keep it until next year and then sell to buy an Exige 380. Hope you all like it......the Starlight Black paintwork is stunning If anyone is looking for a lovely Evora S then please get in touch - but please no timewasters......I had enough of them with the Esprit
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    Fantasy spec would be 8500+rpm but the Edelbrock supercharger is rated to 7500rpm so wanted to keep it semi-plausible! With all the hoo har about the Exige 430 Cup, I thought it's time for a reminder of the job Lotus did on the Evora GT430. It's the physical embodiment of pretty much everything I've ever loved about cars (and spaceships!) all in the one car. I'm still waiting for PPF but quietly freaking out about being handed the keys to this thing. It's a total work of art. Half of me wants to leave it in the garage unmarked forever, part of me wants to drive it forever. That's the bigger part naturally! Black supercharger cover for me (at my request). Just look at the amount of carbon there is in the tailgate. Same as Sport 410 of course plus giant carbon wing.
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    Had an awesome day at Silverstone today, with some tuition as well. The car performed amazingly! It’s amazing feeling the weight of the car move around. Then of course it cruised back home easily. What a machine. Thankfully no issues on the noise front. Also, I was amazed at how long the brakes lasted... I was doing 30-40 minutes stints with no issue!
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    For those buying - I invested in Gtecniq ceramic coating. Well worth it and a doddle to clean
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    Got round to taking a few pics today . This colour certainly turns heads . The condition of these wheels and calipers is almost perfect. The paintwork is also very good for a car of this age. It's been a well cared for example.
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    Seeing as you've all been so nice, I'll sign off today with this. If I'm actually dreaming all this, it would be kind if someone could wake me up. I'm starting to believe it's really happening!
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    Updated article with technical input from Lotus, finally ready here.
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    Sound of the the titanium exhaust....... Check also the sound after a 991 Turbo
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    Today was a good day in the New Forest: Although, we did have an interloper...
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    I 'accidentally' appear to be the new owner of a 1977 Elite. That's had a couple of mods. Well, one rather large one actually. I think the car and owner/builder are pretty well known on here - its the air ride Elite known as the Red Panther. I know it's a car that has divided opinion but a) I've always fancied an air ride car and b) I always wanted a Lotus - Esprit to be exact but I missed my "sensible prices" window of opportunity so what better than a different kind of Hethel wedge. It made the long journey from Luke's home yesterday and was having pics taken by passers by before it was even off the trailer. I must admit i didn't appreciate how wide they are lol! Bit of a squeeze. The car has some clever touches and is very well thought out plus it looks frankly amazing - full credit to it's builder/creator - top man Luke. I have to fess up that I made the cardinal sin of buying a Lotus sight unseen but I felt safe with this one, especially after talking to Luke and reading and re-reading the build threads. Anyway for those of you in South East Essex - be afraid, be very afraid - there's a new cat in town And I apologise in advance for a whole battery of daft questions likely to follow.
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    The Beast is Awake.
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    None that I know of. But you can get that on any Lotus, nice to stick to GT430 stuff, the twin stitching is really nice. Mine is having red and white stitching entirely based on what I requested by email. I thought the press car had red and white stitching but it turns out it's red and silver. I wanted a standard GT430 interior and ended up getting something bespoke! Lotus kindly offered to have it all changed back to red and silver but I really liked it when I saw it so decided to keep it. Car was signed off up at Hethel today!
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    What can I say, I'm weak. Spec not decided as yet other than no radio, standard carbon buckets, sound insulation, cup holder. Trevor.
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    The current Lotus products are long in the tooth, so what Lotus is doing makes sense. Squeeze as much as they can out of their current products with their limited funds. I'm waiting for the Evora 430 Spyder next. Geely have proved they know what they're doing with Volvo, so long term Lotus is in good hands and I'm confident of a new Elise, Evora & hopefully Esprit
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    Journalist...You've had a full day here now at the 'ring, how did you find it in the fastest road cars Lotus have ever produced? Tame racing driver...Great fun of course. The manual gearbox was the first thing , i just don't race with one anymore. If you are after nothing more than the fastest lap it costs time, 4 or 5 seconds round here maybe. Power was the other thing, you quickly lose 430 hp at this place, and Lotus clearly do not give you one more hp than they say. Those quoted top speeds, must have used very long straights! Good chassis and very good brakes. On the first sighting lap with the GT 430 the splitter took a big hit somewhere, all tie-wraps and tape now, so we had to compromise the set up a little to protect that. The lap time was a little slower than we hoped for, but there is a lot to work with on the suspension and traction control side, too many variables for the time we had to fully optimise everything. Journo...So you are disappointed in the GT 430? TRD...Not at all, these cars have stamina, the second lap, even a third doesn't drop off. Some road cars will be quicker over a lap but then need a rest. That splitter lost us a little i'm sure. Journo...what about the Cup 430? TRD... Quick but also more difficult to exploit than the Evora, also a tad down on power i felt. The Lotus track must have a smooth surface and no undulations or approach angles. Ground clearance was an issue again, but not as marked as with the Evora. Lots of variables again. With more time this car could be really quick i think. Get the balance right, just wince when you touch down and the speed will be there. Noticeably more raw than the Evora. The Cup 380 surprised me, better balance than the Cup 430 but you need to be absolutely on the rev limit all the time, kept hitting the limiter. It was performing on the torque and then when the power kicked in you had to change up. Grounding at times. This was nearer optimal than the 430 cars today. Journo...There was a joker in the pack? TRD...Yes,the auto GT 430 sport was the standout. No ground clearance issues, set it up as i wanted. Much closer to the others than i expected. Surprised by the traction. I had the most fun in this one. The TC set up made more of a difference, got some proper drifts going. The Evora never felt especially heavier than the Exige, but maybe that comes through in the feel of being more torque rich which the Exige gave. Just fun....might be complete BS. Don't rip me too hard if it is pants!
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    One from when I collected the car from KDS in Gillingham earlier this week after having GTechniq crystal serum applied on the whole car and XPEL PPF put on the front bumper following some paint correction. The guys at KDS did a lovely job as always.
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    I think this may be more appropriate for V8 owners - Just ask Barry.
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    One over here too..... and should be the only one in Scotland (1 of..... ) Essex Blue GT430, manual, satin black alloys, red accents on roof and front access panel. Sparco carbon seats in dark grey, sound deadening, air con, upgraded Appleplay infotainment with subwoofer Delivery - end December 17
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    Some better pics soon I hope. Not long now at all. I’ve seen enough to know I’ll be happy with the colour though. Just the right amount of contrast to the carbon bits for me. Will be in a hell of a state when I first see the finished car.