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    Time to come clean. The Evora 400 Hethel Edition at central was mine.First of 4 in Essex Blue so we where told ahh but let's just make 6 now. Not that that was a problem for me as I just loved the colour combo. Traded in for this super car McLaren 570GT what Lotus should have made by now. Time just to short to wait. Have been and always will be a Lotus enthusiast still have my first love Esprit V8. I am not going to get into what's not right at Lotus or but !! Andrew most definitely living the dream
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    And I am the proud owner of a well know Evora Collecting it next weekend and can't wait!
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    Mine has been delivered yesterday
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    So, as many of you have seen, and to be fair, some of you guessed correctly in advance (even identifying the exact car), I continue my Lotus journey with another Evora. Not much has changed - I went from a Red +0 Evora to, erm, a Red +0 Evora! The only really difference between 8 years and 135bhp! hahaha.... So, below is the picture from the Lotus Silverstone Facebook page. I originally contacted 3 dealers re cars they had in stock, all of them were 2nd hand - 2 yellow cars and one black car. I also looked at another car that was on sale from a member here. Jamie at Bell & Coville was a super nice guy. His enthusiasm for the brand and desire to do a deal was huge. Really pleasant conversations and I was almost convinced but the black colour was always niggling away at me - I prefer lighter cars - but the red interior highlights really did lift it. Then there was a yellow 410 Sport for sale, and then, Aimee popped up on Facebook to say she had a yellow one too. So two cars, almost the same miles and spec, and £5k price difference! Contacted both dealers and got some info. However, in talking to Aimee the little minx, when she heard my px wa a red Evora, pointed me to her Fire Red 410. The "little so-and-so " had got me hooked - I pleaded that it was outside of my budget but she proceeded to wrap me around her little finger. Then the figures. A good deal was done. A good deal more than I was intending to spend. But, the trigger for all this was a close family members death in the past 3 weeks that made me realise life is so short, so there and then the deal was done. My first impressions are just wow. That's it. Do not understand how ANYONE can complain about Lotus build quality - there is not a squeak or a rattle anywhere. Everything in the interior is just so tight and right. Even the silver circles around the air vents are metal - a nice touch for me as it links back to the silver metal dash of the S1. Something I found myself constantly touching as I drove to hand her over. The stereo - it works. What the hell is all the fuss about! Maybe because I had an Alpine stereo before (a better one albeit) the interface is intuitive and easy to use and it sounds like every other car stereo to me. But I soon just switched it off to listen to that exhaust.. So, more musings and some more pictures will come, if I can be arsed to stop driving and take them! So far the public reaction has been: Bewilderment - people genuinely looking at the badge to see what it is Joy - a 70+ year old guy was about to get into his car as I drove through Castle Donnington village and when he heard the exhaust (the valve has not been closed yet!) he quickly turned around and gave me a huge smile, a wave and a big thumbs up Excitement - two young boys with their Dad screamed at the Lamborghini - lol Appreciation - middle aged guy in a bland Audi saloon next to me at the traffic lights wound down his window and listened to me with a "ooooh" look on his face as I drove off... Thanks everyone for your kind words etc. The car is just sublime. I'm going to start a new thread on my journey with it and @jonnyboy we need to get that Evora Sport 410 register up and running on here. Big shout out to @internets who made the effort to drive over to meet me in picking up the car. Very nice surprise but I am sure he was just looking for an excuse to go for a long drive in his lovely black and red 400 - unfortunately for him his ideal spec GT410 (Motorsport Green) was there and looking for a new owner! I reckon he will break, and will be putty in Aimee's hands, and I can see another sale for @Aimee Lotus Silverstonethere. That MSG GT410 just looked phwoarrrr.... Silverstone also had two, yes TWO GT430's in. One waiting for its new owner to come and collect it. Wow. Just wow... Happy driving all.
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    After three years of sitting in my garage with the occasional engine run, (what a waste) my beautiful and original silver (red leather/black cloth) 1980 esprit 2.2 has been recommissioned and is once again taxed and MOT'd. It started a couple of months ago with an out of the blue phone call and prompt from a rather influential Lotus friend who gave me the nudge to get it back on the road. It made sense really. The chores of life took over these last four years as I started fixing up properties as well as doing my day job and the joys of life fell by the wayside. There is a saying that if a problem cannot be fixed by dosh, then it's not a problem. Hence with time being my issue, I enlisted the help of an old school friend and brilliant engine builder/tuner to get it back into shape. Work was methodical and included changing the Lumenition system and coil (new Bosch ballasted) as the setup was incorrect, rebuilding and setting up the carbs, fitting new NGK silicone leads, plugs, etc, tuning, changing to Millers 20/60 semi synthetic from Mobil 1 10/60 fully synthetic (which is what I had always used), replacing the SU fuel pump which had a hairline crack where I had overtightened the fittings (spanner hands), reffiting the cutout valve, rebuilding the electric window motors and mechanism, rebuilding the interior cooling fans and going over the entire car tightening any loose nuts and bolts that were making noises plus other bits n bobs which needed doing. The car is now running the way it is supposed to just like it did when it left the factory which is an absolute joy. Depending on how you row the gearbox, it can be driven gently like a Ford Mondeo or hard like a true lightweight 70's sports car. It's a real drivers car and I am so happy to be enjoying it once again. Seeing it again after a while out on the road amongst the massed produced jelly mould cars, its look appears to grow more stunning and exotic as time goes by. It's now a case of maintaining it in this condition, which with a bit of luck shouldn't cost the earth. I feel happier 😊 and anyone who says money can't buy happiness is talking nonsense because it's all about management and personal discipline. I think having a good Loti hidden away and not getting it out on the circuit should be a crime but I am very fortunate to have this car and to be able to do this.
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    Put a deposit down on a Lotus. Can't say what it is yet or any other details because the deal has to be signed off and a bit of work done first but its a dream come true for me. Will take some time before I get it but very very excited! Will post up some pics when I have some.
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    As some of you will have read, my current Lotus journey is almost at an end as my beloved Scarlet, pics below, is off to new pastures. My heart is in pieces. However, if all goes to plan I will be in a brand spanking new Lotus on Friday! Yeah............... (Did some of you really think I would buy an Oooodie? Come on now....) Even better, the missus is away for the weekend with her girlfriends, so, I have all weekend to explore the delights of my new car, without ANY distractions, in a lovely new part of the country whose roads I can get to know. I'll be several hundred miles from home and so the excuse is there to book myself into a couple of nice country house hotels for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights - start the days with a good english breakfast, and finish them with a nice bottle of claret and a good steak. Hopefully, a nice big super kingsize bed all to myself each night in a lovely hall or mansion. I'll leave the Spa's and the gyms to whom they belong. The women. So, oh der, that just leaves me with a few days to fill. I guess I just need to get out and drive that damn new car - wherever "I" want to, to get to know her well and explore any curve and crevice - ooo-errr. By jove, it may need to be booked in for it's first service on Tuesday at this rate! Can someone please come along and give me a kick. Life right now, this minute, is good, I think I might be dead and in heaven. Or, at best, asleep in a wonderful dream (Kylie must be coming round next then...........). So the first picture of a piece of my new car is below. I hope you enjoy the share. I believe it is the only one that has been made and registered in its colour too. It's unique you may say. Well, I like it..... Yes, it has a stick shift as our 'Murican cousins would say. But does it have cup holders I hear you shout? Pah, who needs them anyway..... Enjoy the evening everyone. I'm cracking open a bottle of Bolly to celebrate..... More pictures to follow as I start th 2nd leg of my Lotus journey.
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    The head of Lotus North America has just reached out to me. He was great to talk and very apologetic. From the sounds of it, they will make everything right including a proper inspection. This was the response I expected when I first reached out to Lotus Management. I will keep this thread updated but so far it sounds promising.
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    Wonder who's behind the wheel?
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    Just in case we don't hear from Andy for a few months, which would be quite understandable. He'll have to stop at some point for new tyres!
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    Unfortunately the Beast from the East meant my install of the Ohlins was a little delayed... however as always a big thanks to @danwebster at HPE Auto who managed to squeeze me in between his crazy honda builds. As always with Dan excellent levels of service, honesty, and confidence in his work! For sure a competent specialist who won't add the V6 tax to your bill, on arrival he'd just completed a full suspension refresh on one V6, and an upgrade to another with a 60L pro-alloy fuel tank. So he's becoming well versed with the V6 Exige! Since installing the front rubber lip it was pretty clear I was riding way too low! Even though it looked epic, the rubber lip at this height would have a short life. We'd look to bring the car higher to account for the new lip and help give it a chance once the Ohlins where installed and we could work on ride height options. On to the ramps! First step was removing the front uprights and milling them back 2mm each side. As most will have found the V6 Exige struggles to get any real negative camber on the front, even with all the shims removed its difficult to get the camber needed to really exploit the Trofeo's on track. The V6 Cup R runs -2.1 degrees at the front, after a bit of research thanks to @Win911 I settled on a goal of achieving -1.7 which would mean milling back the front uprights. Uprights a bit lighter and onto the Ohlins being installed before a final height adjustment, corner weighting and geo. I decided not to post any more pics of the Ohlins as it just gets @GFWilliams jealous. On seeing the winter refresh Dan did on the other V6 Exige with everything being stripped and powder coated, Panda is already booked in for the same treatment later this year! In terms of settings for the Ohlins, I decided from the start to go with slightly softer springs than the standard CupR specification of 950/1250. The CupR is a pure track car, and even though Panda spends a lot of time on track I do want to keep my teeth from rattling when driving to and from the circuit. So I went for a slightly softer spring specification of 850/1150, to stiffen up the front, but keep to the same OEM stiffness of the nitrons. The hope being this spec would still be great on track but give a tiny little more comfort on the road. I probably should take another ride height picture of the front but just haven't had time, hasten to add for me the car is now too high! With a ride height which is now 30mm higher floor to bottom of CupR splitter. This is the lowest ride height available from the Ohlins but on talking to Russ at Gardner im hoping to swap to a shorter top eye which will give me a 15mm drop which will be perfect for me. Im no suspension guru but did do a lot of comparison of what rebound/compression folks where using and created this comparison chart: As other owners are generally running the higher rate springs I can't make any direct comparisons but can make some educated 'guesses'. So the settings on the far right are what im going to try as my road/track setup and look forward to testing properly this Wednesday. Interesting point to note on the CupR spec's and how they dramatically change Trofeo vs ZZR! I think my spec is a decent average of all the various flavours folks are running so looking forward to some track time to play with the setting further... albeit I think the learning curve is going to be steep! Lastly - Thanks to @Arun_D @Seriouslylotus @Jack @550superfast for all your help as I made the final big leap to purchase the Ohlins! You're insight and openness to sharing experiences and settings was very welcomed. I guess everyone wants me to give feedback on what I think of the new setup... but like Arun im keen to test it on track before making my final notes
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    The trackday season 2018 for me and my Lotus Exige Sport 350 started at the wonderful racetracks Imola and Mugello in Italy. My Lotus worked without any flaws and provided pure driving pleasure all day - couldn't be any better. I was extremly lucky at the final stint in Imola when a 991 GT3RS almost hit me - that was actually a close call...., I'am so happy I could bring my Lotus home unharmed!!!!!!!!!!!! If you like to take a look, here's the videos Imola: Mugello: BTW: This year for the first time I used my new (used...) towcar to carry my Lotus to the racetracks from Germany to Italy, the towcar fortunately worked as perfect as the Lotus didl! Highly recommended!
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    Had a great day at todays Rockingham drift day. Really challenging trying to link everything up, but I improved my skills a lot and got a better feel for the car when sideways. My car stood out quite a lot, odd one out for sure
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    3-11 with a 475 kit, you say...?
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    On a slightly different note, I’m pleased to hear that the 78 year old bloke that managed to off the thieving scrotebag that broke into his house was has been released without charge. Not that he should have been arrested to start with. He should have been treated to a slap-up steak dinner, and a new set of kitchen knives, in my view. Once they cross the threshold, they cross a line.
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    Great to catch up with you @C8RKH your new 410 is lovely! The red paint looks fantastic in the sun and just pops Hope you enjoy your weekend, sure you will!
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    The car has recently been advertised on eBay. I bought it from Fraser at Hilton & Moss, he was very straight forward and easy to deal with. It appears to be in great condition and certainly drives very well. Here are some more pics.
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    Good day today and had decent weather in the end to get some nice runs! Will write up a little report later as a few things observed with the new setup which I think are worth noting. Thanks @Hangar 111 for the quick note on my stuck fuel gauge all resolved! Cheesy pic en route home.
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    Looks strange without a spoiler... Rear hatch ready for surgery... Speedster now has lots of downforce...
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    Hello all, I've just picked this up today. Great drive home, (110 miles) no problems apart from the weather. What a fantastic car to drive, I loved every minute of it. Why does it always piss down when I collect a new car? Does anyone on here know this car? I'd love to know more about its history. Cheers, Andy.
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    Small update - Brakes bled, half decent pedal feel, too. This is encouraging, as it points to getting the pedal ratio correct, and I didn't want to be moving the pivot again. I also bled the new clutch master while I was at it, with the wife doing her "Updown Girl" bit once again, until her backside gets numb cos there's no driver's seat, and then I let her take a break. I'm good to her like that. Tidied up, re-secured and re-routed the wiring around the new master cylinder, I also sleeved some of it which looked like it could chafe, and connected the fluid level warning wires. I had to move the four inboard fuses 180 degrees, as they fouled the servo, so they're now attached to the forward relay section.The original ABS plastic cover for the pump fouls the new master and servo in a couple of places, so I'll have to trim it back as I want it to look as standard as possible. Last knockings, I thought I'd make a start on the vacuum hose, which I'd stuck on the central heating boiler this morning to warm it up to make it pliable enough to bend around corners. No way I could do it if the temperature was too low, it's like nylon when it's cold! So far things are looking good, I've managed to get the hose up to the coolant tank area, and started securing it. I reckon it'll take another half a day to finish that off. So, that'll be a whole day, then, because there'll no doubt be some other problem waiting in the wings..........
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    Enjoy Pete. Red NA Evora's are the pick of the crop. The best of the bunch. The bees knees. The cream on the milk.... If you have half the fun I had with mine over the 3 years I owned it then you're a very lucky man indeed. I miss her already. Hopefully will be able to get pictures of her replacement soon. I've broken all my own rules and firmly wedged my tight arse open by buying the next one as i'll be the first registered keeper.