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    I have oil pressure! Thanks to Jeremy on here who kindly came over and assisted. Well what was the problem. I tried priming everywhere with a 12 v oil pump, no joy. The best place to prime is the centre of the oil filter screw thread. The gauge even registered pressure when pumping and oil came out of the Turbo feed. RPM 1500, no oil pressure. Yesterday we tried the cooler connections. When I went in this morning the oil level had decreased, so I guess I was correct, the thermostat opened and the oil pressure dropped. When I restarted no pressure???? After this I could only assume the pick up pipe or the pump, the rotors were checked so what else? If the pipe was on wrong I could not have got 75 psi. So I figured it must be the pressure relief valve stuck open in the pump housing. I removed the housing leaving the plenum and everything else intact. Jeremy and me took it off and it didn't take long! . The valve looked suspicious. Jeremy pushed it with a screwdriver and sure enough it was jammed! We cleaned it with brake cleaner and compressed air. Then flooded it with oil and removed all the very small debris. Put it all back together without priming. Just filled the filter half full. A few seconds of cranking and 75 psi. Now consistantly good oil pressure. Happy days! Thanks Jeremy! thanks to all you guys on here who have been helping me with advice and the lads who came over yesterday! Its running very well considering I have rebuilt everything and even the carbs! The adjustment isn't far off and it started very easily. The gearbox is working in first and reverse! Haven't tried the other gears yet. Im having a brake from the car now for a while! Thanks everyone!
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    Sorry men, been laying low. Actually been taking time out to do life things and get back to normal, didn't mean to neglect everything. Busying away in the background too and there is progress on the Esprit that'll go live real soon Mark I'll do my best to beat you to the finish Ant, you looked after me for a long old while despite having your own projects demanding time and cash flow, I'm always grateful for that! EDIT; I bloody forgot! [Esprit next!]
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    Greetings Lotus bros, I've been racking my brain for months trying to find a way to charge the battery without opening the trunk lid. Finally after months of research and planning, this is what I've come up with. Hope it helps anyone else who finds charging through the trunk lid annoying. First, the materials needed. 1. A drill bit that can cut a hole 3/4"-7/8" 2. An SAE extension cord. You only need around 3ft. 3. This flush mount SAE connector: Next, cut a 5/8" hole near the interior trunk latch. There's a crease there which I lined the hole up with. I've included a reference photo to show approx where this hole is being made. Don't worry, any cuts you make in this project are only through fiberglass and plastic. There are no wires nearby to interfere with, and no metal cutting. From the outside, measure where you'd like to place the connector and make a 3/4"-7/8" hole. Remove the license plate light to assist you in visualization and routing the cable. From here it's pretty self explanatory. Route the cable through into the boot of the trunk and connect it to your SAE battery terminal connector. I used some waterproof silicone to keep things water tight (although prob unnecessary as it was all very tight) and a 5/8" rubber grommet for the trunk interior. Tidy things up and enjoy charging the battery without having to open the trunk. From normal standing height, you can barely notice it's there. **Note**: I couldn't get one of the mounting screws on the exterior connector in. There may be metal under that one, but the other 3 were def only in fiberglass/plastic.
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    Taken yesterday at the car show linked to the Bo'ness Hillclimb Revival event (thanks to @The Lotus Position for the photo), she scrubs up quite well for almost 9 years old and 73k miles on the clock, .
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    Just arrived and picking it up tomorrow! Original GT 430 CF rear wing and CF bumper coming up!
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    Not quite today but I hit the half century last month - Thanks to my sister.......................
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    Hello today I collected a 2000 V8-GT and already own a S4S. I Have driven the V8 for about 120km and can (almost - it's still early!) compare the two, but have a few questions too that members could answer..... they are VERY different cars and some aspects one is much better than the other and in others the opposite is true!! Of course this is all subjective ( mostly!) S4S - allinox headers / 3 inch twin tip. Electric charge cooler pump, ITG filter , green cams, RC injectors x 6, chip # 3 ( high torque) 315 rears. V8 - straight exhaust / decat. Bilstien shocks. Handling - the S4S feels more nimble and balanced. It's not that much lighter than V8 but feels it. The V8 has the Bilstien package and feels less harsh on the road. They are both similar but the S4S feels a bit more "focused" at the expense of comfort. Both handle beautifuly but the S4S maybe a bit better here....not as much in as I expected though. The V8 is way easier to drive. Looks - very similar of course. I prefer the S4S wheels but the V8 are actually nicer in the flesh than pictures. Wing on the V8 is probably better with regards to practicality and possibly looks - it's pretty impressive. The azure blue S4S is nicer than the Black....but that's irrelevant. The front bumper in front of the oil coolers is nicer on the V8. I love twin fuel flaps on the 4 which the V8 lost. This round is a tie. Interior: the S4S is cream and of course old binnacle. It has a much higher "wow" factor and other people love it. The extra gauges are missed on the V8 and the V8 is all black inside and a bit more "run of the mill" The vision from the gauges ( I am 6'4") are WAY better on the V8 than the S4S - I cant see much of the speedo which is very annoying on the 4. Functionally the V8 wins here....apart from one thing....Its strange but I my left knee gets a bit more "hooked up" on the steering wheel clutching in the V8 compared to the S4S? So visually the S4S wins ( probably just the cream) but functionally it's the V8. Gear changes - The V8 wins. The S4S is not as bad as I expected but the V8 is easy to go through the gears and back down.....the S4S is a bit hard down from 2 to 1 - and might need adjustment - but from 2-3-4-5-4-3-2 they are very similar but a tad easier and nicer on the V8. Clutch - I surprisingly quite like the clutch in the S4S especially starting off.....maybe I need more V8 practice....the S4S is noticeably heavier though - but I have never found it an issue. V8 wins. Brakes - no brainer the V8 brakes are streets ahead - I love them - I have Ian Lords brake kit for the S4S and today I realised why people change out the S4S brakes.....and I will do this soon....V8 wins and this is the round that it won easy. Acceleration: this surprised me. The S4S is feels so much quicker - at least it feels like it? The 4 cylinder boost comes on hard at 2500 revs and scares me regularly. Maybe this V8 is just smoother in its delivery but it just doesn't give the same feel of mad thrust. Could this V8 need adjustment on the turbos / actuators? I can put my foot to the floor on the V8 without it going too crazy which I can't do on the 4. I suspect low boost or maybe even a poorly adjusted throttle not getting to 100% WOT .... will figure this out. I do note that 100km/h arrives WAY WAY quicker than I expect though ..... could this difference all be an illusion due to power delivery? the V8 starts easy cold but takes 3 - 4 seconds to crank when hot. S4S 2 seconds cold <1/2 second when hot. Exhaust note : probably the V8 although the allunox set up is pretty damned good. Other sounds : the Turbo noises are better on the S4S! But there are some nice muted wooshes from the V8..... can't hear any spooling though? Driving ease - V8 wins here. It's just easy to mooch about and then go! S4S you have to really drive it - which is in lots of way better but not easier. V8 makes you lazy. Street cred : This is a pointless round but I bought an Esprit because I love the look and because it's rare and without judgement you get from other exotics. Both V8 and S4S get equal amounts of comments, heads turning, points and shouts .....but I must say people seem disappointed by a 4 cylinder. If you are narcissistic then nothing beats the V8 twin turbo to those without much knowledge ( i.e. 99.9% of the population)But Julia Roberts understood...... Upkeep and running costs - dunno yet but I suspect the 4 is going to win here..... Any aspects I missed - let me know and feel free to comment, disagree etc. By the way I own an Elise too has NOTHING on an Esprit except weight and $$$. Sell your two Elise's buy a Esprit - it's 3 times the car - there I saved you money!
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    Gator Motorsports thank you! Brian, Wow! Absolutely LOVE the GT! Great dealer and awesome service!
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    This is all total horsesh*t. EVERYONE moaning about what Boris has done fails to understand exactly what he has done. In reality, after taking into account the ridiculous and self serving conference season that would normally see MPs returning to Parliament in Mid September, MPs are actually going to lose about 4 working days out of Parliament. BIG DEAL. As IDS said yesterday wtf is left to debate. The Anti-Brexit mob have had 3 years to agree an alternative and have failed to do so - is a month of further debate going to achieve anything more than simply confirming how divided everyone is? For me, and as C8 says, love or loathe Boris, he is actually prepared to have the balls to lead in order to deliver the DEMOCRATIC decision of the people in 2016. If MPs had voted as their constituents had, 60% would have supported the Withdrawal agreement - failing to do that was always going to lead to leaving without a (withdrawal) agreement - as to trade deals, it remains to be seen what happens but if we chose to stop importing goods unless we can export goods, Merkel and Macron would soon be made to see reason. I absolutely think this is a great shot across the bows to the EU - it shows absolute intent by Boris - and is the ONLY thing that will make them sit up and do an Eleventh hour deal (if one is possible). If this approach had been adopted from DAY 1 - we'd have either left on 29th March (if not before) - with or without an agreement, and have spent the last year to six months moving on with our lives. I think Ruth Davison makes a lot of sense - if another deal is forthcoming: MPs, for the love of God, Vote for it.
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    1st start attempt commencing 10 am! All pipes are holding coolant and fuelled for engine start! Battery charged. Final start checks....
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    Solved - very simple too..... Mike was correct as it was a mechanical hook up - I took the boot out to get a good look before I committed to pulling off plenum and there it was - The hose clip screw body on a big rubber connector hose was fowling the throttle very effectively! A slight reposition and am getting 100 on TPS! Took it for a spin - This is what I expected - very, very happy here.
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    So my eldest is now able to start learning to drive. Arek delivered up a nice car for her. needless to say - she’s feeling very happy and has just had her first ever drive round the industrial estate.
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    First of, lovely picture of a great combo! Too bad about the oil leak... I'd start by checking the oil level in the gearbox, just to be sure. Your description of gravy does sound like (old) gearbox oil... Taking the box out is a bit of work, but nothing too complicated. Nor is splitting the box to replace the seal, just work calmly and methodically, and you'll be fine. Getting started is the hardest part. Filip
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    Starting to get a bit annoyed now. Sat watching the news today (never a good idea) to watch a Labour MP state the public is ill informed about Brexit - REALLY! Do they realise however little they think of the British public we think even less of them - A LOT LESS.
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    I brought home the wing mirrors from that visit so I could dismantle them for spraying and get the blame if I broke the glass. Actually after a good warm up, it came out pretty easily. I know how rare these mirrors are now, and have contacted a 3D-printer about scanning and reprinting them. I'm waiting for their feedback on how well this may work, but if anyone is interested drop me a line. So on Friday I returned the two parts of the mirror that need spraying (and a bit of a repair on the corner of the drivers one which is cracked, but it has plenty of room to get some epoxy to reinforced it from the inside) and was in time to see the car in its final paint. Well sort of anyway - it was just being finished off and opening the oven door didn't seem a great idea. So this is as much as I could see through the windows. I guess it is good to know they got the colour right.
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    And there was me thinking we agreed about everything. I didn't realise you were a softy Liberal after all!
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    Can not disagree with what you saying, just trying to point out that it’s good to see Lotus trying to reach out to a bigger audience, will she help sales with this car who knows , but like I said if this video helps sales with the next generation of cars it’s win win for Lotus. All top performance brands use these people to promote there products in this day and age, so no harm done by Lotus jumping on board I am sure
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    Hi Neil, yep Ive been looking at that. I have refurbed the old caliper just need the tiny ratchet bit and it will work. I should be able to get one somewhere I hope. As I last resort I'll switch them both. Drive shafts I rebuilt both if them some time ago. I greased them and put them away for storage. When I went to fit the second one it had frozen on both ends, I ended up taking it apart again. I have put it back together and installed it. What a faf! So what's left? the rear brake calliper and fluid. The top fuel lines, engine surround filter and plenum. The Turbo, boost pipe and Exhaust. Ignition coil and ignition harness. Tailgate Mot plate change Ski racks. Must keep going!
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    I can’t say I’ve got any problem with the IPS. When I bought my S sport racer, I went with the absolute intention of buying a manual. I was talked into trying the IPS and much prefer it as a road car. Each to their own I guess. Mine is one of the last S1’s, so presumably they had sorted the IPS box by then. I have to say I enjoy driving it and have no complaints about the operation of the gearbox in manual or auto settings, it’s as good or better as any other torque converter box that I’ve tried. Sure it’s not as quick from paddle pull to change as a DSG, but you get used to it, and it changes much faster than you ever could with a manual shift. One other thing, the difference in character of the car between Normal and Sport mode is much more noticeably on the ISP than the manual shift cars. Try Both!
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    Deffo satin. Gloss if it's body colour.
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    Well in my opinion I would never buy a Porsche!!
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    Absolutely ridiculous, another example of an elected representative of the people misusing the powers entrusted to them by their electorate. I'm disgusted by the arrogance of these self important, self centered people, yes people is all they are, in many cases not very bright, I'll informed, and so far up their own asses that they forget those of us who put them where they are. It's just laughable to hear these cretins speak of democracy whilst changing the rule book to undermine a democratic vote. DEMOCRACY IS DEAD
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    The angle grinder has been in common use, the smokey smelly grp isn't too nice though. Cheers for the assurance, glad I'm using a tried and tested method! Dunc.
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    Yes it would be a bit like turkeys voting for Christmas for many MPs. They might like getting on their ideological soap boxes at every opportunity, but if the reality of an election means losing their lucrative jobs, then they’ll stick with the status quo.
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    You can technically wax a car after it’s been ceramic coated, as wax will adhere to non prepped surfaces which due to the hydrophobic nature of most si2’s will replicate as you’ll struggle to adhere anything to it (exactly what it’s meant to do). Topping with wax will make the hydrophobic and dirt repellent nature of the coating redundant, until the wax is stripped again. Optically you would expect to loose clarity and gain warmth as a rough rule of thumb when adding wax. On Loti you really need to get maximum clarity as they can look, well, a pit plasticy without a metallic or pearl. So wax as a topper sort of dulls it out. My opinion obviously but one you can never really settle as with all these things it’s subjective. Other cars vary So you can wax, but you’ll loose much of the si2 benefits until the wax stripped off. And the wax will strip quickly due to the weak bond. You can’t use a sealant, as that can’t bond as it needs a clean surface it can adhere to. If you want to top a ceramic coat, I like Beadmaker. Nice and slick. If you don’t like ceramic and want good protection, look at menz power lock topped with collonite 845. If you like waxing regularly you can keep topping up the 845
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    This time next year....maybe . It’s the last 10% that can take the time.
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    Spray WD40 or similar on one set of bushes at a time and see what happens to the noise. Pete
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    Just to chime in guys. For what it's worth I own both 2017 alfa quad and evora sport 410. The alfa I take daily to work and the evora I take for fun rides whenever they arise. The alfa produces a lotta laughs and reliability hasn't come into question in the last 2 years. The same can be said about the evora. Both have their ups and downs but are excellent and communicative. Given I don't have kids, neither 4 door or 2 doors affect me. If I could only keep one it'd be the evora
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    Just hit 10,000 miles in mine on Friday.
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    Fabulous! Perhaps nice to add the black around the front lights but little to nothing to tweak further!
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    It ummm doesn’t need that - I loved that car......
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    It doesn't negate the test completely, but does mean that the problem is up-stream of the HT part of the dissy. So, could be any of: Pick-up in dissy LT lead between dissy and AB14 AB14 unit (amplifier) Coil Wiring between coil and AB14 Rev Limiter King HT lead Look for the rev limiter and disconnect it ten repeat the test of looking for a spark at the king lead. . It's a black plastic device, wit the word "Lucas" moulded into it. It has a flat row of terminals, you can trace it by the wires from the coil . In cases of overly-high engine speed, it permanently earths the -ve side of the LT coil, so suppressing the spark generation. They can and do fail (as do AB14s), but have that easy test of when disconnected the car should be able to run (unlike testing an AB14 which is a PITA).
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    For a non UK citizen like me it sounds extremly strange and some kind of funny that your really have unarmed police officers. I first thought this is a joke. So who wants to do this job nowadays with all the violance and terror if you can't defend youself and other people ? So what the hell do your officers do if the criminal is armed and trying to kill him or others ? Talking ? praying ? giving flowers? phone a "real" policeman? In my country you have to learn 3 years becoming a police officer and learn to handle the firearm, train regulary to keep your firearm and certainly there are strictly rules when it's allowed to shoot or not. It makes no sense for me and probaly the rest of this world to not give firearms and tasers to the people that must protect you.
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    Yeah, it got a bit wet - I had to juggle brolly and camera to get this nice photo of Alex's car as he headed off :) Evora 410 GT by Matt, on Flickr
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    Moving forward with the headining re-trim this afternoon. The tricky front part, as my sewing skills are inexistant, but still, no choice but ti give it a go. Used the old material as a template, cut the new, and pulled out the needle and thread. While gluing, 2 brackets need to be riveted into position, these are later fitted inside the top of each door seal. An overkill, as there is already a spring support 50 mm away. Best to mount the rear view mirror first. Originally mounted with wood screws, and into the roll over bar. I prefered a simple nut an dbolt solution. There are spacers behindt the screws that support the sunvisors, these were reglued into position. Bulb in the for dash illumination changed (even though it is useless) Refit, check all works and now for the sun visors Removed the material, and enjoyed discovering a cardboard card, sticky taped to a metal frame (well adds lightness) Sewing skills will need to be discovered to retrim the visors, but first some dark brown material to keep it original. Even, with a few mistakes, on the whole a positive Sunday in the garage. N.
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    I've got nothing against her personally but she looks like she's talking to young children. Maybe she is? Let the dumbing down commence! Wouldn't you all prefer to see what former Lotus F1 drivers think of it?
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    More crazy cars from today in Monterey.
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    I don’t like it. And as for “Simplifying and taking the weight out of the lettering”, what a load of cobblers, do they really think we’re that stupid? Why not take out Colin Chapman’s initials altogether in that case?
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    Ah Soul of Porsche...........I understand now.......
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    Out of those two cars, I would buy the newer S. The MY12 cars resolved a lot of issues that the earlier cars had. Ideally it would be a manual S but if the choice was only between those two, I would put up with the IPS.
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    Spent some time yesterday making a puller to remove the fragile-looking steel fan from it's shaft without damaging it or the motor or shaft. Again, if anybody is performing the same procedure just ask!
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    I've mine in but now I've seen your stunning engine bay I'm not going to post mine in here. Great idea polishing the pipe! Superb kit, sounds fantastic!
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    Seems like silver wheels are making a comeback and why not they look great against the blue
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    Beautiful Stephen, beautiful.
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    They almost look to good to hide trumpets behind an air filter. Almost...
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    You can go down the same route with "if the replacement castellated nuts are fitted correctly" too. Just use the correct, Lotus approved parts for this and save yourself some grief. (It's not a specific Lotus solution, many manufacturers use a similarly designed part.) The job you had done previously obviously wasn't done properly. The locking ring can't vanish once the dust cap has been put back on, so it was never replaced for whatever reason. They didn't use the correct, Lotus approved parts - they used fresh air, which isn't always satisfactory for these types of jobs. If they used fresh air while refitting your castellated nuts the outcome would have been the same.

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