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    UPDATE! I'm delighted to say that I have had confirmation today that my 410 will be receiving a new roof panel! I'm having the car back soon and have agreed that the work can be carried out over winter as the car would be off the road in any case. Williams advise me that Andy French (now Sir Andy French) is responsible for pushing for it so I will be writing him a personal note of thanks. I am assured that the new management structure is making things like this progressively easier for the staff and dealers to resolve so it was basically JMG's fault So there we have it. I'm saved from the doom of having to run about in a boring Cayman GTS I'd been eyeing up and very much looking forward to getting my lovely 410 back for a celebratory drive out I think. Hopefully get the love affair back on track. Back to happy customer I'm really really pleased. Hopefully get the new Prodrive stuff on there as well I guess.
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    Yes, tonnes, we're just keeping thousands of people waiting for my own fun Expect an update tomorrow afternoon though. I think that's enough suspense for anyone.
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    I'll have the hotel details shortly. I'm at Lotus on Friday to discuss the finer points and will have a nice big update with many more details after that.
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    Really good meeting today, this is going to be awesome Hope to have hotel code on Tuesday next week all being well
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    Here she is folks, delivered to West London all the way from York. Initial thoughts. Drop dead gorgeous, and after a quick spin, I’ve fallen in love with driving again. Yes my Cayman GTS was brilliant, but the Lotus is a nice upgrade which I’m very happy with. A no nonsense focused sports car with a soundtrack that is pretty epic. Spec wise, it’s a Grey 410 Auto with AC & Cruise. I’m planning on fitting a head unit when I have some time, although really enjoy the minimalist design inside. A special shout out to Alexanders Prestige who have been amazing throughout the buying process. Some initial pics. I’m sure there will be lots more against nicer backdrops 😉
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    Got my car today, trying to think of a good or funny name... Mrs noticed the plaque " built by Carl Knights" so, the car is called Carl now First planned mod is to change the steering wheel - All alcantara hopefully by D class as per @GFWilliams's recommendations *( I saved your interior as inspiration for what I want to achieve ) This won't happen for a while, maybe a birthday surprise from the Mrs and family, or I'll do it near Xmas. Going to pop up there after the B&C open day as its quite close and have a chat. This is going to be a slow burner thread I'm afraid, funds are limited now the beast is here but by god my face hurts from laughter and smiling.
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    Will someone please buy it this?
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    Instead of the usual exterior beauty shots here’s something from the depths....front anti roll bar support bracket holding .. thing...can’t see it on deroure so not sure what to call it. When I read some of the threads about some of the issues customers are having with lotus I do wonder why bother even thinking about another one in the future or how on Earth can they charge what they do or why not get a more mass produced performance coupe, and then chance upon something like this bracket. i was getting the geo done after a years driving and having a general root around and these brackets need removing to drop the anti roll bar to allow some spanner twirling. We stopped to look at them. They could be cheaper, less intricate and heavier, but they’re not. They’re a little bit of machined alloy extrusion that do a job in a light delicate but immensely strong way that none of us will probably see tucked away behind the flat floor. Some engineer / cad operator had a job to create a bracket and could of easily knocked up something more ... rustic. But they didn’t , instead they made this. And with that faith is renewed in the knowledge that there is a certain passion in doing things the lotus way. Now ffs Lotus sort out the quality control so we can all continue to enjoy some nicely created product. And don’t forget the wishbones Anyway thought I’d share, it’s certainly interesting getting one of these in the air. Needed only minor tweaks, great job [email protected]
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    So there's still a lot to be done before we can release all the details but all being well I'll be making the new website live tomorrow and tickets will be available from then. Not guarantees but that's on the cards.
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    Got a new camera so decided to take a few pics of the new look... There will be some more soon when the GT4 wing arrives.
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    Hey all, been looking at a Evora’s for several years now and been lurking here for a few months....finally got myself a great example, an MY12 Evora S IPS, with tech, sports and premium packs! Credit to its previous owners its in excellent condition and will continue to be cared for whilst in my stewardship, hopefully many years!! Im down on the south coast between Southampton and portsmouth so any nearby members let me know!
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    Ok guys took the car out today for a spin with Mrs B....Drove fine .pulls well temperature stayed good .after buying lotus sender ....Still going to fit another control box to check temperature bought from car builders solution....Then going to get more air through shroud .Mrs B really enjoyed the car today ...And me .........put a lot of effort into this car .so the upshot is I think we will keep her ....Besides not one phone call ....So I think she wants to stay lol .I think it looks better with the lines ...Now to do the other side ....Mike
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    Newlands Corner this afternoon. I acquired a spare set of BBS wheels and had them diamond cut, including machining the full width of the wheel centres flat, after inlaying with satin black.
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    Thank you to everyone who replied to the post and for the support I have received. There have been some fantastic offers of help and it’s made this bitter pill easier to swallow. The car car is going in 3 weeks for the engine removing and a full rebuild will commence. Can’t wait to get her back already 🤪 ill be be sure to keep you all updated on progress including the dreaded damage upon opening the engine
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    One I took at the Vintage Festival at Goodwood 8 years ago.
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    Is there any better car for a roadtrip?
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    And the one doing the spotting... two in one day!
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    Okay first up apologies for a bit of a boring update! I've been busy figuring out exactly what's missing from this car over the last couple of months. The most obvious was the original steering wheel and boss. These are getting very difficult (i.e. expensive!) to find but I did manage to get a wheel, crash pad and boss... I know a lot of people don't like the original wheel but I personally like things to be how they left the factory. I also managed to find an original jack, handle and wheel brace. Again these are not cheap and I'm told the last jack that Lotus Bits sold went for £300. I will get or make a repro bag to put them in at some point... Again, some people couldn't care less about the original tools but I would argue that the jack is pretty much essential if you get a puncture! Any old jack would do the job but the original has the spreader plate on the top to distribute the stresses. I am also in the process of building up a toolkit using a repro tool roll and hunting down the tools. Now these really aren't a lot of use but to me they're a 'nice to have' item.... I don't know why it is but I always seem to start restorations with the rear brakes. I have no idea why that is but maybe it's because is they're missing you're pretty much screwed. These are made of unobtainium so here they are... For some reason I have a spare single early caliper for the back which I'll keep for my white car although I'm sure I shall never need it. The gearknob which came with this car is not in the best of shape but I decided to sand it down a bit and give it a lick of varnish and whilst I was at it I did the one for my white car which I've had for over 11 years... The engine is now in bits and I've honed the liners... My garage is looking like an Aladdin's cave of Esprit bits... I plan on reusing the pistons with new rings and the crank I have looks as though it's never been ground. The head has also never been skimmed by the look of it and is original to the car. The valves all cleaned up and didn't have any noticeable wear so I ground them all in... The driver's side clear drop glass was broken when I got the car and i haven't been able to find a replacement so in this box is a set of tinted door glass from SJ and I plan on swapping the remaining 3 bits of clear glass over so that both doors are tinted... A few other bits I've managed to acquire include the correct Esprit thermostat pipe... And another demister vent as I only had the one... I also have the correct elbow pipe for the airbox as mine had some homemade plastic contraption... No doubt most of this wouldn't matter to most people but I'm probably a bit weird! I have started on the interior to some extent and I've stripped all the homemade coverings that somebody had made. The seat foams are in reasonable shape which is always good news as you can't get a replacement unless you make one and they never come out that well... A lot of the interior bits are made from flimsy ABS plastic whereas on my white car (which is earlier) they're strong fibreglass. And some of the plastic will need repairing before it's recovered. The interior bits had been stored in a damp lockup and had that musty smell to them so I've left the interior bits bare to let them breathe a bit. Those engine bits in the background are spare bits from an Elite/Eclat that came with the car. So I've robbed it to make one good engine out of the two and I'm selling off the spare bits on eBay just to get rid of them... I have sourced the brown marcasite material from the US and I've also bought the lighter contrasting material that half the interior is covered in. Guess what my wife's going to be doing during her school holidays... no wait, that makes me sound like a paedophile, she's a head teacher - just to be clear!! She made the interior for my tartan car so this should be a walk in the park? Nothing can possibly go wrong And then lastly I had a long exchange with the DVLA about getting the original registration back on the car. The car was originally SPK388R but at some point somebody put CYD349A onto it. Well unless your name is Sid I can't see a lot of point in that but somebody obviously thought it was a good idea. So I rang the DVLA and asked about changing it back. The car was on a SORN declaration and they told me I could apply for an age related plate but it would be pot luck as to what I got. That's not what I wanted though! So I asked if the original had been reissued to anybody and they said it hadn't which was good news. So given that it was available I couldn't see why they couldn't just give me it back if I surrendered the private plate. I couldn't see any value in the private plate so didn't want to pay them £80 to retain it. But again I was told it would just be an age related plate and not necessarily the original. This seemed totally absurd to me and after a lot of being put on hold I was told to write a letter requesting the original plate BUT the letter had to contain the word 'retrospectively' somewhere in the sentence... wtf? So I did as I was told (unusual for me) and low and behold I got the original plate back Then about a week after I received the amended V5 I received a threatening letter from them saying that if I didn't tax or SORN it immediately they were going to fine me £1,000. The bloody thing was already on a SORN when you transferred it so you knew it was off the road sheesh bloody red tape. Anyway I'm glad I got it back as to me it's another nice to have and is part of the car's history. So that's it pretty much although I still haven't found anywhere to store it long term. It would be a shame to have to sell it without finishing it so I shall keep on looking. If you found that interesting then you're officially as sad as me - welcome to the club! Paul.
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    So here it is, the first post in what will be the restoration story of my recently acquired project 1984 Turbo Esprit 😀 The story of the car so far; its been off the road in storage since 2007 when the engine was removed for a rebuild and the gearbox gave up. The car is partially stripped with engine, 'box and fuel tanks out but everything else still pretty much intact. So I have a car and several boxes of bits, most of which I've now categorised into boxes of related items. Here's what I'm the proud owner of: Good points: It's an '80s Turbo Esprit! Everything, at least all the big bits seem to be there. Tailgate and seats are present though not in these pics Fully rebuilt HC engine with all the right ancillaries (yes, I know it should have an LC but the HC was already fitted previously) Spare ('good') gearbox New clutch Replacement good binnacle SS Sports exhaust system Several other additional parts included which I may or may not need Known issues: No windscreen The chassis tube by the Turbo has been sleeved over, secured with bolts. Who knows if that's for additional strength/protection, because there was slight corrosion or the original tube is rotten. Only one way to find out... The car has had a knock in the past (not recorded) low down at the front of the RH door/sill. It's been repaired and although the car looks fine externally it's not a great job. The door mounting post is still bent out of shape and the door itself has been 'fettled' to make it fit and gap up properly. In the front arch I can still see some unrepaired but covered over cracks and the lower suspension arm is bent. The A post is fine, as is the nose of the car and I can see where the 'newer' paint extends to so the damage must have been to the lower part of the car and localised around the back of the front wheelarch. Hopefully the chassis is fine and the lower arm has taken the brunt. There's doubt it's a full resto job and deserves to be done right as this ones my dream Esprit and will be a forever keeper. Lots of decisions to make now and along the way and I'll be grateful for all the advice and tips on offer here! I already have an HC engine so I'm not too precious about keeping the car factory original with regard to colours etc but I absolutely will stay true to available Lotus paint and trim colours and to creating a car that looks 100% stock even if it has some stealth upgrades where it's wise to do so. Thus far in addition to the obvious work required I'm thinking to include: Some form of brake upgrade (PNM?) Subtle ICE upgrade but (like my Stevens) nothing that shows as non original Retrofit aircon. Probably via an aftermarket system rather than trying to assemble all the Lotus bits Colour change. At the moment I'm between Monaco White (with period correct black bumpers) or Pacific Blue, which existed on the last HC cars but perhaps not in 1984. If I go blue I could even be cheeky and badge it as a Turbo HC... I've never been a fan of black interior so I'm thinking biscuit leather. If I go down the white route then this is the car I have in my head (albeit with the original BBS wheels): Whilst I'm still in the planning stage I'm open to all comments and suggestions on the right way to go. I'm also keen to capture and obvious or common upgrades/fixes I should be factoring in along the way. At this stage I'm thinking body off to check and sort out the chassis and suspension more easily. Wise..? Look forward to everyone's comments and suggestions!
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    Well she's back! Great to be back in the saddle again. The prolonged period without the car was a bittersweet thing. I've had a chance to use a couple of the other cars which are normally parked up mainly my beloved little VX220 which is such a sweet drive. Anyway the 410 is back with me now with added AC! Luckily it was actually chilly when it left me so I haven't had to bear much of the heat without the AC but it is now effective. I have been very busy at work so haven't had chance to do much else other than a slight detour home the other night but I'm reminded again of the positives of this slightly bumpy journey so far. The steering. Oh my the steering. It's just so good. The ride is firm but fair. Now the seats are sorted the lateral support they give is much more noteable too. Next step for me is switching of the TC and enjoying that power and LSD! My hertz/Pioneer sound system sounds even sweeter as I've only had the stock system in my T5 to listen to of late (pioneer HU and whatever speakers they are) I actually have another upgraded HU waiting to go in another alpine that gives us screen mirroring so will hopefully be able to run torque on the screen for engine temps and other info. As we know the car does need to go back into Lotus later in the year so will hopefully have chance for an adventure of some kind in the car. I had planned to do the NC500 maybe September this is still a possibility but there is talk of a Spa trackday which I may be tempted to take the 410 instead of our usual VX220 track car. We will see.
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    On the way to "Departure Lounge" Car meet at Alton, Hants
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    I'm back in Spain, decided I'm going to stay here until end of August then either drive home or get the car transported home. Really happy with the end plates!
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    Et Voila, all tires are done. 😉. I made some pictures in the proces. Here you see the tire and the original letters.... I know I know, Nankang... but I assure you, there isn 't much choise left in 14" tires , and well , they are really good in the dry SAM_7514 by Geert Vijncke, on Flickr Next, the angle grinder comes in . I use a flap disc : flexOvit Z80 paper. It isn't difficult, just don't overdo it. Dont't go in deep, just lightly remove the letters and leave all the rest. SAM_7515 by Geert Vijncke, on Flickr I got this: SAM_7516 by Geert Vijncke, on Flickr The surface is once more cleaned with aceton and I use also microchem biosane TE213 , an excellent degreaser of materials before painting or gluing. Then I proceed with taping a paper paint tape to get the right bottom angle to mount the letters. I glue the letters one by one. Try to use not to much glue and do not go into the closesd edges. I just go around the contour. TIP : I used a caliper to draw a line on the tire (to tape the painters tape, and to draw a second line to mark the top of the letters. The point of the caliper is sharp enough to mark a small line in the rubber. SAM_7513 by Geert Vijncke, on Flickr S Endresult is this: SAM_7518 by Geert Vijncke, on Flickr And this is how it looks on my car : SAM_7519 by Geert Vijncke, on Flickr SAM_7521 by Geert Vijncke, on Flickr Geert