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    What, you mean this little beauty*? *Subject to workshop inspection but deposit paid
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    Epic Spanish trip. 2800 miles including a 700 mile drive back to tunnel. 410 performed perfectly .
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    Finally managed to test drive the Evora 410 today. Before I summarise my views, they are based on comparisons of ownership of Evora 400 Auto for 5k miles including 2 track days, Exige V6S for 4K miles including 3 track days and Exige Sport350 1500 miles and 2 track days. So let's cut to the chase. WOW what a great car. I took the Silverstone demonstrator on some local roads around the area that I have driven all my previous cars, so able to make a decent comparison. Good long sections of national speed limit sweeping country roads, with some challenging uneven surfaces and off camber corners, to really test a car. Chuck in a mixture of tight 2nd gear corners and fast sweeping 4th gear bends and it's perfect to show up any compromised in a car. In my V6S Exige with race pack suspension, these roads would have the steering wheel dancing all over the place. If not used to this type of car it could be quite shocking to some drivers, but as we all know you just need to trust the car and you soon get used to the little dance. Feedback was spot on and the corners could be taken at a decent pace. Move onto the Exige Sport350 and the revised front end steering, geometry etc makes for a much calmer steering feel with improved front end bite. You just feel more confident to push on. Now before I moved on from my Evora 400 to the 350, I test drove the Silverstone 350 demonstrator back to back on same roads for comparison. The 350 was epic, and at first it felt like the Evora was slower. However a quick look at speedo showed the Evora was still covering ground rapidly, but it hides that impression of speed. Much more civilised , but less feedback than the Exige (although still miles more than other cars). You could feel the weight of the 400 in the corners vs 350, but as ever with Lotus, the way it flattened out the bumps with a carpet ride was pure magic. Very much felt like a fast GT car So now onto the 410. Straight away you can feel the firmer ride. You feel a lot more of what is going on with the road surfaces, whilst still keeping decent comfort. Hitting the NSL sections the smile came back from that Evora howl....what a noise !! First corner came up at a speed I would have taken the 400 at and the first surprise. How can a car of this weight feel so light through the corner. The 400 would have loaded up, making you feel the sight, but the 410 just spat me out the corner and laughed in my face. OK so I upped the entry speeds and TBH I must have been up to or equal to what my 350 could do. It's witchcraft I tell you. The car is seriously rapid across country whilst remaining composed. The only time it got a little out of shape was through hard braking approaching a corner, where the car had picked up more speed than I had anticipated on the previous straight. Only a small wiggle from the back, a gentle reminder that you need to recalibrate your brain to the faster speeds this car can carry through the twisties. I struggle to understand how anyone would not be able to feel the difference from a 400 to a 410. It's a 410 dialled up to 11. A fair bit sharper in terms of handling and feedback. If you're the kind of driver who appreciates the intricacies of driving an Exige, a caterham etc, you will appreciate the 410. You know this car is going to be epic on track I could imagine a comfortable drive to Spa followed by an epic track day in this car. If you are considering a new 400 and want that little extra in terms of handling, then do test drive the 410. For anyone who loves the Exige but maybe find its a little too impractical, uncomfortable, then test drive the 410. I fully understand why @The Pits has ordered one ! The Silverstone car looks stunning and if you speak nicely to Aimee I'm sure she will sort a decent deal out for you. What you waiting for ??
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    Few more from my side. The rest you will see when Bibs post them on TLF
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    Some pics from today, Bibs we all had a great time and a special thanks to @Bazza 907 for the Service Notes and the model which was completely unexpected thank you. Also to Mark at Marells for getting the scratches out of the bonnet!!
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    Drove my S1 on the road for the first time ever today! After a summer spent fixing the fuel and ignition systems, I backed out of the garage and drove around the block. More work is needed before it leaves the neighborhood (more carb work and brakes), but this was a major milestone after a 2 3/4 years of ownership.
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    Well done Steve, you're the closest! Late '87 QV. Stood next to it, it's like a fighter-jet, maybe almost spaceship-like. Siting in it reminded me of the early Esprit, pedals close together, and headroom for me wasn't good!. Fit and finish wasn't anywhere near modern standards, but who cares? My favourite car of all time, and the damn thing was sitting pretty much around the corner. Wished to God I'd had more time here cos I'm sure I could have blagged a ride in it. The owner was a Norwegian guy, he owns an upmarket local boat building company called Nor-tech, and has loads of mates with serious cars. La Ferrari (showed us a vid of him driving it and said it was silly fast), 288 GTO, 275 GTB, Pantera, etc, etc. The final thing was the cat hairs on the tail of the Lambo. He said his two cats slept on it!
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    Summary G car picture for no other reason, but I like it!
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    Sneak Peak, just delivered to Lotus Silverstone, It's certainly very orange
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    Treated myself and drove this beauty in to work this morning
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    Thanks Pete and Dan you are correct The car is a Prototype confirmed by Mike Kimberly and Brian Angus. The car is as it left the factory and has matching numbers. It has never been repainted. The sills duct air into the engine bay as a turbo. The Vin Plate calls the car a Type 79B . The cam covers are development covers different to production ones they are cast differently to the later HC units. I had seen such covers on a prototype Sunbeam engine. The car has many unique features I will post up more details some other time I also am collecting the 4th wheel and seats on Sunday. The car will not be for sale, I'm very much looking forward to restoring it. The car is on a excellent galvanized chassis and all the running gear is like new, its only done very low mileage and has been dry stored for many years. Matt
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    Had a great day. Stunning weather, seemed like a good turn out, some really stunning cars on show. Incredible to think they all left the factory gates at Hethel. Not an SUV in sight! Long may that last! Who's Copper G Turbo was OPW 678Y?
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    Hythe Marina - early this morning! @DaveC72 have a great day!
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    Yes @Snoopy1969, there is a reason I've been producing so many photoshops recently! It's always the first sign of trouble. Some time early next year would be a good time to go GT430 spotting in the New Forest. Much speccing has been going on behind the scenes. Mine isn't finalised yet so will keep the details quiet for now. Lotus really offer a bespoke service for this type of car. I've tried hard to resist the urge to customize too much, it's so tempting but I think the work they've done on the GT430 is terrific inside and out. Easy to start personalising details just for the sake of it. I want it to be a GT430 at the end of the day. Won't be Copper Fire though alas, the plan I had for the 410 won't really work on the GT430. The FYEO Turbo Esprit never had a huge wing on it for a start. The 410 does a much better FYEO tribute. It would still look amazing in CF but there's nowhere to put the gold details that really set that colour off so well. Someone also said that people will think I'm Seb Delaney's Dad!
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    My S1 parked outside house 28 years after the Essex
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    So for a long overdue update the car did a great job of getting me to Brands Hatch and back. A 263 mile round trip something over 5 hours running time in all. So there was much patting of the dashboard when I reversed it down our driveway. I'll admit to being a little apprehensive as I set off as I needed to get to Brands early on the Friday morning for a test session in the Caterham. Shouldn't have worried at all but the car's 36 years old and I did need the tow truck to get home after the last visit to the festival at Brands. The car was on '84 stamped original Goodyear tyres which I hoped would go down well with the judges at the Show 'n' shine only I failed to get my entry in before the deadline so it was merely a gorgeous means of transport for the weekend. This is the last time I'll be driving it on the original Goodyears though. Despite how fantastic the car looks with them on, the ride has suffered and it does produce a degree of wheel wobble between 60mph and 80mph. It did gradually improve with miles and goes completely at 90mph but that just doesn't feel like a good idea so I put up with it at the legal speed limit most of the way home. I managed to buy a few new, unused cassette tapes on ebay from 1981. Human League Dare was the choice for the way home. They were sounding mighty dated, some real fillers on that album! But the Panasonic has never sounded better. My old Bond themes tape must be knackered! Enjoyed a lovely moment as the sun faded, that moment when you have to pop up your headlights. The view forwards really reminded me of the other Esprits that I have owned. Just felt good to be in an Esprit. This is the slowest one by some way but also I think the most comfortable. The pedal box is very small but I love the seats and the driving position. What a privilege to get to know my childhood dream car all these years later. Looking forward to getting the modern Pirellis back on now. It's being retired from Concours duty and just being enjoyed now. I'm happy to report that the wheels are now the most air tight of any car in the garage! They literally do not drop a psi now between checks. I actually had to let some air out to prep the car for Brands and didn't even bother to take the footpump. If anyone's rebuilding Compomotives be sure to ignore all the advice and fit O-rings. Nothing else has worked like this. The original exhaust is finally starting to blow however so a stainless steel replacement had been bought from SJ's to be fitted at the next service. Any ideas on how to paint the silencer black like the originals were? A few pics from the weekend.
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    Now have 1200 miles on my 5 day old 410. Ride still feels overly luxurious to me, I got the sound proofing package, may be too much or its to do with the US speed Sparco seats and Super Sport tires
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    Went to Brooklands American Day on Sunday. Here are a few pics. They're big, heavy and handle like a fast wheel barrow. Took my 69 Mach 1.
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    So happy, can't believe it's mine
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    First podium for Alex in her Elise!
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    So I bit the bullet and picked up my first Evora today Automatic, of course...
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    Browsing through, just found some more piccys from the time we had the photoshoot that I should have posted earlier.
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    Nice night so took both out for a quick run
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    one of the first (maybe the first !) french Cup 380 : (Credit : #KevinFrançoisPhotography )
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    Once small spray job for Neil, on giant leap for my resto!
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    You've done your job as a car designer when your car looks that good at a petrol station. Ordinary backgrounds remind you of how striking the design still is. That's the cars third time on the track at Brands Hatch. I have a photo of it there from the 80s when it was new. I did the parade lap 2 years ago and snuck it on the circuit the night before the festival for the shots you see here.
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    Lotus silverstone took a deposit for my car today. The chap I talked to stated the clutch was heavy but agreed there is no need to change it as it is not exhibiting any signs of wear. I believe if this had been made clearer to other people who drove the car it may have sold sooner. I also have a potential private sale lined up if this falls through. Both options give me the return I was after. I have loved my Evora and am very sad to see it go. I can't see it being my last lotus. The ownership experience has been really enjoyable from the car (how it drives and makes me feel) to the community.
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    Actually, I started from this: but then realized I don't cook, so squeezed in another workbay. I have made provisions to make part of the first floor into a loft, when funds allow and if my better half would decide to move in.
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    A big palm debris landed on top of the Esprit and survived...not a scratch.
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    Update Really pleased with Neil's work a Thompson Body Repair. I would recommend: him without hesitation. He approaches the job as I would. There has been extensive preparation. Anything less would not last. The car was wearing its original paint and there were stress cracks, as they all have. The body, door, bumpers, light pod areas needed a lot of glasswork. As did the bonnet, tailgate and spoilers, It has all been fixed! It so much better if you can let the professionals do what they are good at. I'm not saying I didn't find spraying the Nextel on the S1 interesting but this work would have taken me forever and I doubt I could achieve the same result. I'm having the wheel arches, engine bay raptor coated and the front bonnet area sprayed in satin black epoxy. This will be the first car, as far as I know, painted in the original Bond Copper Fire since the early eighties! It's exciting can't wait to see how it turns out. I should imagine it will be like Marmite, you either love or hate it. To coin a phrase, at the end of the day the only thing that will matter is it will be very James Bond! Still waiting for the hubs from Lotusbits, so not much progress in the Compomotive area. I have a mountain of work to do on all the other fiberglass parts, front bumper and calipers!
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    Mclaren 540 is a great car but despite how Lotus like it is and its definitely a higher performance easier to live with car, for a true Lotus enthusiast there's something that connects you to the driving experience in a Lotus that for me at least isn't there in quantity with the Mcl. Maybe it's the percieved value of a supercar that makes me leave it in the garage and I don't want to ruin it (rediculous and against all I believe) or maybe it is serious and it's the fun element that's not there for me. The latter I would guess. I kind of wait for the right moment to use it and that doesn't seem to happen whereas I'll jump in a Lotus first chance I get. 6 month ownership of the Mcl and 2k miles, 6 weeks in the Elise Cup ( I was on holiday for two of those weeks) and 2.6k miles. Proper value motoring I think. Sorry for the diversion. Trevor.
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    I'd tell that lardy arsed builder to get his hands off your car @Bibs. Jeez, some people don't half take the piss. Bet he asked to take it on the track too!
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    Great Day much enjoyed. Sorry we didn't get to catch up properly Bibs ... you were obviously very busy! ... but thanks again for getting the day sorted and working wonders on the weather. Brilliant display of LCs Brilliant Display of SLs Brilliant display of 7s ....and many others incl the best in show contender: Although I did notice the cat paw-prints all up the back and across the roof before the polish was applied. Kept at Aimees cattery?
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    Great to see the TLF crowd yesterday, thanks for organising @Bibs!
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    Hi. Just thought I would share a milestone. My elan +2 was taken off the road in 1984 and then sat in a garden with no engine or transmission until three years ago... I rescued it from the scrap man. MOT'd and on the rolling road...20 miles shakedown.. only a new speedo cable required and a dragging handbrake pad to fix... Big thanks to the rolling road guys who doubled my power ... by making sure the throttles opened fully !!
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    Just in time for the Lotus Festival on Saturday, I picked up my Lotus Sport 110 after it's restoration to 1994 World Time Trial Championships specification and thought I'd get a quick snap of it on the car. I still want to try and find a decent background that shows off both the car and the bike - I couldn't get down low enough to get the trees out of the picture! And if you think an Evora turns heads on the road, this combination is in a different league Funniest moment was on a dual carriageway with a 911 hammering past in the outside lane (think he was trying to prove a point - bit silly in a 50 limit with cameras) then almost standing it on it's nose as he braked hard just alongside as his passenger spotted the bike. They maintained position alongside while he took pictures then blasted off again!
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    Well, it's what I bought the car for and, as a long distance tourer, it doesn't disappoint. This time 1950 miles through France firstly to Poligny taking in the local Jura region vineyards and sampling their wines, then on to the French Alps for a few days before joining the Lotus on Track French Frolic group in Orange for the Ledenon track day (although didn't track it this time). Lastly on to Evian les Bains to sample their local speciality (nice town) before heading home. The Evora has now done a little over 12,000 miles in the past 2 years, 8,100 of which have been whilst touring overseas. The car has performed excellently but oh that transmission chatter in hot climates, it really does get worse when travelling and getting stuck in traffic in 35deg heat. Maybe next year I should join the tour of Scotland to see how it sounds in the cold climates