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    The street was clean today so I could not wait and drove it for the first time. Its amazing! Its also time to say thanks to some TLF members !!! And many thanks to SJ Sportcars,Pnm engineering and Lotusbits,they do a great job!
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    I’m new to this forum, but I took delivery of mine today.
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    Essex 006 LHD is now ready for the road!Two years with a lot of work but i am very happy to see this icon shine again!
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    Some pics from collection earlier. Fit and finish by @Hangar 111 is exemplary, it's a really neat installation with some smart little touches that make it a bit more in-keeping with a car that still gets used on the road. The engine cover is a faff with aerocatches and having to carefully lift it around the wing and then rest it up against the wall and the floor/ground, but I knew what I was signing up for when I bought the kit. And THAT's really something to behold and certainly looks great in your mirrors (not the main rear view mirror, that's next to useless now!). As you can see it was a wet day, some would say perfect conditions to test a newly fitted LSD, and I did switch the DPM off once I got to the backroads near home. No space or balls to try anything big and/or stupid but it's very evident that both wheels will break traction in unison on demand. This could be a lot of fun in time or a bit hairy depending on how good my reactions are. I'm still yet to find out if the differential causes this much discussed shift in balance to understeer, but we can find out at Silverstone next month if it's really true. Also top marks to @mcx for providing the V6 Cup Black Edition Uber ride for the last leg of my journey today. I don't think they're for me. My plan was always to go CupR on the outside, and I feel the bargeboards are definitely a 380 Sport / Cup/ New gen kinda thing. I'm keeping it classic
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    Dave has clearly taken pity on me, so now I can share some proper photos: So yes, the car now sports the remainder of the V6 CupR aerokit (carbon engine cover, carbon chassis mounted wing, smaller Varley lead-acid battery), expanding on the CupR splitter and canards that were already on the car. If you go right back to the start of this thread, you'll know this aero and the TTX dampers were two things I desperately wanted during the original factory build, but couldn't stretch to at the time. Now both ticked. After the demise of the customer workshop at Lotus, and a lot of deliberation following a couple of very positive experiences with them, I entrusted @Hangar 111 for this MAJOR undertaking, of course involving some precision slot cutting into the rear clam. I won't give my ultimate praise yet as the car is yet to be collected, but their service has been great after hitting a couple of snags along the way (mostly in the shape of Lotus back-orders). Whilst the clam was off, I also asked them to whip the gearbox off and fit a Quaife ATB differential, so I am super keen to see how I get on with that. More feedback and photos once I have the car with me again.
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    Really have to pinch myself every time I get this out of the garage. Very, very special car.
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    Many greetings to everyone here as well, new member from Germany with a battleship-grey GT430 Sport. The car is still at the dealer, I will finally take delivery of it end of this months after having a PPF and some custom hifi installed (thx to @JayEmm and your very helpful tips in the hifi upgrade thread). Just took some pictures while the car was still being worked on, so more to come in about a week. Looking so much forward to having it, hopefully the weather will play along... What is the overall opinion on the lack of the exhaust button - is the GT430 "loud enough" to have fun also below 4500rpm?
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    Some Saturday night Black Forest Poetry right there!
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    Looks mean, you're going to need a warning to stop people stepping on the splitter though. How about this?
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    Hello guys, I have been a long time viewer on the forum, it all began back in early 2017 when I started looking for a new car. I ended up visiting William Automobiles and test driving a metallic blue Exige 350 Sport and ever since that moment I was hooked and needed a Lotus Exige in my life. Fast forward nearly a year and I'm about to collect my new car. Let the adventure begin.
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    Picked it up yesterday from Hofmanns in Henley.👍🏻
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    Thanks to the ever generous @DaveC72 I had the pleasure of a very brief back-to-back with his very lovely Evora 400 today. There was a substantial risk that we might both be driving home depressed. Fortunately, the opposite was the case. The Evora 400 offers one heck of a lot of sportscar for the current going rate. It was straight-up stunning to drive, even after jumping out of a GT430. So many qualities and so much quality on offer. Not a squeak or rattle inside. Steering, gearchange, pedal feel are all straight out of the top drawer. The extra visibility and damping for the lumpy b roads we drove on actually worked better than the GT430 set-up. The GT430 felt pretty uncompromising below 40mph but of course can be softened. Perhaps there was there a shade more torque up to 4,000rpm but a fairer comparison of the engines will have to wait as the GT430 is still running-in. Face distorting grip, pancake flat cornering and overall corner nonchalance are GT430 hallmarks but the real benefits over the 400 will be enjoyed on track. You definitely sit lower in the carbon race seats but the rake is very upright, in terms of headroom nothing in it as you can recline the Sparcos for more. I still love the carbon seats, they just fit me really well but I can see why some don't. Also really like the interior in the GT430 but no-one's ever going to buy one for that it's all but identical. Equally, I was expecting to find the 400 seats too high up after being used to the carbon ones but they're fine. A good seat for the car, you certainly wouldn't ruin a GT430 by speccing the carbon Sparcos. You can definitely feel the better initial bite from J-hook brakes, even driving very gently. Coming from an Exige, the GT430 offers a fair amount more of the uncompromising race track refugee feel over a 400 which felt like a step down on circuit after an Exige V6 Cup. GT430 should be a clear step up. I do know already that the GT430 starts to do things a 400 can't at higher speeds when the aero starts to work and the whole set-up starts to make more sense. The way the car turns is endlessly impressive. Trouble is, the 400 was an absolute delight to tease into a corner in its own right. GT430 makes more sense for someone coming from an Exige who wants a more civilised road car without giving up track ability. It makes less sense for anyone with a 400 or 410. If you have either, my advice is to appreciate what you have and carry on enjoying it to the full. I drove home thinking the 400 is an outright bargain and simply all the sports car anyone could ever really need. Seems like anything from here, R8, Gallardo, Vantage, you name it, can only offer more in some areas and with obviously diminishing returns for the extra cost. Dave took off up the road when he left and shook the birds from the trees. That noise does not get old. Neither does the front bumper in the flesh even if it doesn't photograph as well. But I also felt very fortunate to own the ultimate factory version of a car I hugely respect and admire. More so with every drive. It does feel very special and very serious. With so much more to come.
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    I know folks are keen to see the new wing, and initial visual feedback following installation is very positive, but I’d like the time to get some proper pictures and write a proper review especially as I moved to this new setup from my Eltech. So I think a comparison would be of value. Until then I thought I’d share a quick update on my Reverie rear diffuser, I’ve had this now on the car for some time and been very happy. However it is starting to show its age, so with it off the car I thought I’d give it a golden spruce up! So this is how it looks, as you’ll see the inside of the diffuser is covered with a silver metallic foil/paint to help with heat reflection and cooling. It had become very dirty and aged. Where you see the red circles these areas are actually visible from the rear and I’ve always been unsure about how the silver contrasted with the carbon. Further, the finish of the silver areas isn’t too great looking a little rough. So first thing first was to spray these areas black with the same high temp flat black paint I’d used on the exhaust. Its important to note that I only sprayed the external areas, it would not be advisable to do the same ‘internally’ as this could cause temperatures to increase and not aid with cooling in the exhaust area. With the painted area dry, I then gave the bottom of the diffuser a clean up, repair (some fins had some scuffs which needed sanding down and re-sealing), and a good polish/wax treatment. Finally to tackle the remaining exposed silver underneath the exhaust and re-apply a new level of heat protection. I took a brave step in using gold reflective sheeting which I know some may not like but im actually now very happy with the result! I'll be re-fitting next week alongside the freshly painted rear canards from WinAce. Hopefully once the side sills arrive and get fitted ill be able to get the car back on the road and get some proper pictures taken!
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    Hi All, Today, Purely by chance, I came across this site with some magnificent pictures of an esprit S2.2. And since I own, drive and cherish one of these rare beasts, It got my immediate attention. I uploaded some here, but lots more of the interior on the site : Greets Geert
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    Hmmmmm. My car is never that clean!
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    Two weeks past and a lot has happened... With the second babba now here I thought it wise to invest in a bit of protection (not that type of protection!), but protection for my neck! Traditionally I had thought Hans devices where for those that competed, for the proper race car folks rather than the track day addicts, however after a bit of research and seeing a few video comparisons (as per the one below), I realised I like my head attached to my neck, my neck in one piece, not broken in two, or stretched like i'm Stretch Armstrong. I had previously tried the Hans devices, originally buying one of the entry units that start at around £280, but I sent it back as it just didn't feel right and felt awkward. Alternative options include the Simpson Hybrid device but thats somewhat awkward to fit on your own (you find yourself double jointed reaching around to clip the buckles and fit it at the back). By chance I stubbled across a carbon Hans unit by Schroth and was able to negotiate a reasonable deal. I have to admit I got a little over excited when it arrived, its bloody pornographic how the carbon shines and the design flows! On trying I was sold, perfect fit, very happy. I do reflect if the carbon was a placebo for me getting the right and an excuse but anyway safety box for 2018 ticked, more carbon fibre added to the collection. Back to car jobs and the first little addition was to take inspiration from the Sport380 and specifically the Cup430 with the little front rubber lip. Dont even ask how much Lotus want for this item, its literally a rubber lip (I went to see it in person to check I wasn't missing something). Anyway I refuse to be knowingly stolen from... so I went on a hunt to find a supplier. To be fair it wasn't easy, I had hoped that the RhinoLip a few of the VW car guys use would work but it was the wrong angle poking out vs 90 degrees, spoke to a few rubber dealers (that ones for you @Arun_D) but no real luck samples arrived and the black was more the black you'd find on a bike inner tube vs a nice solid black. I nearly gave up but eventually found a manufacturer in the Netherlands - The problem was I had to buy in bulk! A week later and a big box of rubber arrived and Sarah was asking what I was up to now! The black was solid and the rounded edge was a nice touch which I think adds to a bit of an OEM style. With my CupR front splitter already removed, I started to attach the lip with screws spaced 50mm apart and with plenty of black acrylic silicone. The lip feels pretty solid and stuck on, I do have a bit of a regret that maybe I should have also added washers, but i'll see how I get on after a few high speed runs and check if further work is needed. Given the 380 and I think 430 are held on with scrivets (I believe) im hopefully i've secured it enough with the screws and acrylic bond. I haven't fitted back on the car yet as waiting for the wrapper to come tomorrow, once he's finished I'll refit and report back. As many of you know I have the Reverie Carbon Fibre rear diffuser, its been on the car now for about a year, all in all I'm happy as it adds to the drama of the Big Rear Wing. However when looking over pictures, I always felt it created too much of a visual draw to the middle of the rear of the car, there wasn't a flat line balance with the sides (blue) and front (green). To me it made the rear of the car look too rear heavy. If that makes sense. The front rubber lip should help deepen the front splitter so should help to balance the front. I still felt the red circle area would look a bit odd, ideally I would have wanted the diffuser to be wider, after a few showroom visits spying on the rear canards of the 380 I thought i'd try and use them to balance out the width of the rear. Thanks to Elise Shop I was able to get a set of WinAce's rear canards within two days, the WinAce items are less curved than the OEM 380 items, they take a more angular aggressive look but to be fair I think this suits my car better and complements the Reverie diffuser. With regret the red stripe is painted on! But a quick test fit before being sent off to the painters. Fitting requires drilling three holes into the bottom of the clam, then installing rivnuts for the fastenings. I have never used a riv nut gun before and the thought of using one on fibreglass did worry me. After a few youtube videos I decided to spend the £30 on a proper tool and find the balls to get the job done. To be extra safe I decided to remove the whole of the rear diffuser, and rear wheel arches, this way I could get easy access to see what was happening inside the clam as I installed and fixed the riv nuts. It is daunting and im glad I removed the linings to check how far I was pressing as a full press was not necessary and any more could have fractured the fibreglass. Hazard to add the fitment quality of the rear canards wasn't the best, I found I did need to make a bit of adjustment to the holes and spacing to get a reasonable fit. Test fit complete and pretty happy with the setup. Off with the canards and sent to the painter to get coated in all matt black. I'll get to write up a few of the other jobs when I get a moment, but the big updates this week will hopefully include a few wrap tweaks to the car, adding a bit more gold, and a new Big Wing Gang addition!
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    ....that is, if you consider a gathering to be two of us getting together at Spring Mountain Motorsport Ranch for a fun track day. There are only a handful of these in the Colonies, so it's always a treat see a sister car. One of the best ways to spend a day ..... tracking a Lotus at the best private country club racetrack in the USA, IMHO.
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    Taken at the 1983 Lotus Founders Day.
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    Thin end of the wedge...... Thousands of FEMALE models who make their living though the fortunate fact that they look good are being victimised by a feminist movement who have not given them a say . Where does it stop . The sporting fraternity is backing out of using grid girls etc , to prevent the negative press and ridicule that the feminist movement will bestow upon them , blighting the sport with a sexist cloak... What they should have done is stand their ground. These girls are models and have spent a lot of effort to look that good , its a short career they have , so why are they now being restricted.. Grid girls are not subjected to any sexual harassment , they are adorned for their beauty and play their part at the events... What the hell is wrong with that. ? I am all for equality , but in the world of differences , a purist equality is not possible... So why not use these differences to create a parallel equality . What i mean is use your best assets to promote yourself in area's where you can be more equal than others.. Enter the grid girls.. These particular girls do not have the physical ability or training to drive an F1 car competitively , or they would be in the grid not on it.. But is it not a sexist attitude that excludes them from being part of the circus that is F1 ... Why should they ban grid girls. What are they replacing them with Grid Boys.... Now that would be really sexist. So why not 50/50 boys and girls... Well there we go back to the differences. Some are just better than others at certain rolls in all jobs.... This feminist attitude is going to create more inequality for women by removing the one asset that men can not compete against.. The female form and ability to look beautiful .. We are all different in many ways , the PC are saying we should all be equal ..... well we can be ... but not in the same way.... If this movement goes all the way then the rights of women to dress and appear in public as they wish , choose their own profession based on a female role will be lost.. Utopia is a wonderful idea, but you are being profiled by social media if you think it can be achieved.. Its tough enough for girls to get jobs these days without making them a mark for ridicule.. This is not written as a sexist view , but as a worrying opinion on how things can get blown out of all proportion and effect peoples lives.. ( ie those poor out of work grid girls who banked on that work to fund their life) Plus all the knock on yet to come .....the thin end of the wedge.. So Sad.!!!!
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    First from a series with an amazingly yellow Exige Cup 430
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    Through a wet window!
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    So end of last year I ordered a set of Halo rear lights from GRP. I wanted more of a stealth look at the back of the car , keeping the black theme going, so went for smoked lenses, amber indicator and central reflector (to keep the rozzers happy ) Taking into account the holiday season, it took about 3 weeks for lights to be sent out. Greg was always super attentive to emails, with returns often within the hour. On opening the package it was to good to see the lights are of high quality. Plug and play meant it was literally ten minutes to change the lights over. It should be noted however that the 380 has a different relay to the V6S and possibly the 350. On this note Greg has been working tirelessly to establish the right replacement and will be sending out shortly. I could have gone the resistor route, but wanted to keep to the full plug and play concept. In the meantime my flash rate is a little faster than norm Anyway, enough words. Time for some photos to show how the lights look when switched off .... ...and lights switched on at dusk ...and finally at night Overall very happy with the result and impressed with the service from Greg. Recommended. Dave
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    Brutal acceleration, ridiculous lateral grip, other-worldly mid-corner stability.Oh, and that noise! Looking forward to enjoying the car more
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    Even more trees for you Simon!
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    What is it for a front end, @Bibs ? Mine is on its way, just need some parts to finish it.
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    As requested, a few photos of my Essex esprit No21 during restoration.My location is in kent.
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    Completely forgot to post pictures as I've gotten them about 2 months ago. For everyone's reference, they are the RS31's in Brushed Black, which looks just that in the shade, and a little bronze under sunlight. 17x8 et25 and 18x10 et35.
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    Despite all the negative things read on line by people whom probably never owned an Esprit or any Lotus for that matter, I made the plunge. Purchased a 1989 Lotus Esprit Turbo from a Doctor who blew the Turbo and parked it, sat for a couple years. This was the second Esprit that I found for sale that I could afford. The first was a 1977 S1 that i did really like, however the current Owner had torn apart the dash. Being that the 1989 Esprit Turbo wasn't so far off in my view I went ahead and purchased it. So far I have taken out the Turbo, Had it rebuilt by an outfit in Southern Calif called Comp Turbo, They seemed to have done a great job. I took out the old exhaust manifold and replaced it with a new one purchased from South West Lotus Centre. The old one had a crack and had been welded.. I probably could have used it but I felt better putting in a new one. After putting in the Turbo and new manifold I purchased a new waste gate actuator supplied by SJ sportscars. I have also gone thru the brakes, new rotors up front and yellow stuff brake pads. I really wanted to tackle replacing the cam belt myself, However I decided to pay my Local Lotus Guru as I couldn't see myself being underneath my car on jack stands for a week or however long it took me to figure out. The mechanic found plenty of other things that needed to be replaced, Thermostat, brake lines, master and slave cylinders, alternator.. Sure I am forgetting something, went with a Gates Blue racing belt and the MOP 104 green dot pulley. My Esprit is running great, still fiddling around with the settings on the adjustable Protech coil overs I also picked up from SJ Sportscars. Oh.. i also replaced all of the bushings on the front suspension, tore up my hands pretty bad and made up some new profanity's in the process. Next I will move on to the interior and lastly a new paint job. I realize I have only had my Esprit for less than a year but I think its an amazing car and is a privilege to drive. Yes I have had to do some maintenance on it and repairs but to me its all part of the journey owning a vintage exotic sports car. Luckily when I was a kid I discovered Vintage British Motorcycles, Purchased a 1971 Norton Commando when I knew nothing about working on motorcycles.. Quickly learned all the quirks and pleasures of owning such a fine Vintage machine. I think this experience prepared me to some degree owning an Esprit.. When I was a kid my Grandfather owned a Orange Lotus Europa that I absolutely loved, I am sure my Grandfathers Europa planted the seed in my mind to own a Lotus some day.. In closing I am very happy and proud to join the community of Lotus Esprit Owners and have discovered that my Esprit has that special indescribable magic much like my Norton Commando. and too Hell with all of the idiots that put down Lotus Esprits, they are not Man enough to own such a Machine, they can go on and drive there "reliable" Miata's and Corvette's and live in Ignorance believing they really have something special and unique.
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    Took a while this one but it's one I've been looking forward to, there's some Esprit back story in here...
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    All in its rightful place. Massive thanks to Nobby and Jacko for the assistance with the engine hoist this is the first time in 8 years the engine has been in the engine bay
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    Bought a GT3 next to the Exige Ex 460, curious to compare 1 on 1....... I will keep both cars for minimum one year.
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    After months of abstinence due to unforeseen circumstances, finally getting my hands dirty again!
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    Hi folks, the car is now sold and it's me wot bought it 260 mile journey home on Saturday without any problems but I'm glad I took some earplugs Some things about the car really stand out for me - the carbon is lovely, the green stitching is lovely, the colour is perfect for an Elise The lack of Aircon is also a big bonus for me, I never use it so it saves dragging around dead weight and saves the worry of the almost inevitable failure at some point. I've a few simple changes in mind - repaint the wheels graphite grey, some sort of boot-lid stay (blimey the boot-lid is heavy!), maybe carbon wrap the bootlid + roll hoop cover + front hatch (I would buy some real carbon ones if I could find them at a realistic price). That's about it, here's a picture, on my drive, Sunday.
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    For those who can't wait until Arun gets home and posts some more pics.. I suppose it looks ok.. you know.. for a red car anyway..
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    Hiya all, New owner of Exige cup bought from Jamie at B&C today. Collecting Thursday :-) I think you have seen this car on here before - A credit to the last owner, the car is cracking!! Looking forward to some track days and meeting some of you over time. All the best Mark
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    Ive been looking for this pic for years....and finally I can share it with you all. Taken at the 1983 Founders Day..... KAH 540V It was tucked up the side of a hanger and not much attention was being paid to it.