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    Hi There, Just a quick blog of an install I did yesterday with some of our favourite brands, could almost be a copy of the system I have run at home for years comprising of Arcam for cinema, Bryston for power, source and pre-amp and PMC with the awesome Fact.12 Signatures. The beauty of this system is that we used Unity Gain on the Bryston BP173 so the customer can have a really nice cinema setup then switch to 2 channel for his music with no compromise and I have to say that it works a treat, we were hoping to install the new Arcam AV40 Processor and PA720 amplifier at the same time but they didn’t quite make it to us in time so they will be going in shortly. It goes without saying what great synergy there is with PMC and Bryston and for the beady eyed amongst you may notice the new Bryston BDA-3.14 DAC/Streamer/Pre-amp, this was the first installed in the UK, only arriving fresh from Canada on Thursday, even though our demo one arrived at the same time I haven’t had time to play with it yet but it installed pretty smoothly and sounded great out the box, I have to say this seems like an incredibly well priced piece of kit at £4000, especially being a Roon endpoint also. And finally it is all sitting beautifully on a Quadraspire Bamboo SV2T rack that went together easily and looks epic in the customers room. So to sum up please see a list below of what we installed - PMC Fact.12 Signature Speakers Bryston BDA 3.14 DAC/Streamer/Pre Bryston BP173 Pre-Amp Bryston 7B3 Mono Blocks Quadraspire SV2T Rack Coming Soon to finish off the system - Arcam AV40 Processor Arcam PA720 7 Channel Amplifier Already owned - Michell Engineering SE-R (one of only a few out there) Kiseki Blue MC Cartridge Whest Three Phono Stage OPPO UHD-203 Very Nice Indeed Please find some pictures and links below - From This - To This - Cheers, Paul.

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