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    I took a picture of the cars that turned up last night. It was a bit tight to joint the end of the row. Good evening .
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  2. All confirmed for 7pm at CTL. Looking forward to seeing you all there
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    Ill see if I can bring a certain Swizz Beats Chrome Orange GTE for people to have a look at .... If its ready for road test after ECU calibration..
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  4. I went a couple of weeks ago with Guy during a V6 Experience day. Seeing all the cars in one space now is just amazing. Hope the Indy car is still there for you guys. chipp
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    It is
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    ... and there I was thinking I might go to this. Not because I really want a breakfast but need to visit Ikea at Lakeside so I'd do that on the way back. Can folks let me know if it's happening or not ?
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    Hi Wayne. Sorry did see this and looked at the location. For me it's the worst case for a drive out, entirely M25 so didn't appeal. Should have let you know. Trevor.
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    Wayne yes I have seen this and hope to be there
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    Come on ladies and gents let try and get a good turn out for the end of the summer. @phil flash @andydclements @oilmagnet477 @[email protected] Weels @Nifty @OwenGT3 @PaulCP @Buddsy @simonf @i like cocopops @Kimbers @GarrySmith @[email protected] @Hydro @Kingdeshpr @a2c39a @lotus_insider @Richard B @Fonz @Magic Mountain @chipp @NR2k @NeilMick @LotusMiles @pcurtis @L666 @ShaunM @Numanoid @Davidh @Taylorshorty69 @Nfkdan @charlieshelby @adrian1980uk @stevie67p @twiggy26 @pgp @graham @kieranmcc @JimH @Thesignbox @davidwebster_ @mattdebbage @Manc @FABTECHMOTORSPORT @helmetb @JamesStronach @DAV1D @Matt Becker @10tus @JamesYoung @ST S1 @Lara-Lotus @Freddiesmummy @Maureen Coote @MikeP @shauno1409 @Richard Goodbourn @cjbss9 @MikeP @Hodjay @Jof @Wurzel @modifiedv8engines @NathR @Newts @Stratton Motor Company @Peteric @Steve S3 @wytco0 @Broadsword @Evan B @fourhands @langleytw @ade3210 @bosshog @SR111 @Kevin Keable @redone @Ron Goldsmith @d_mann @Malcolm Palmer @Sox @M4rk @111s.matty @Andy C @bigdave @DAVE68 @zippysigma @news42 @OJ 48 @Mark111S @Marcus Anderson @Mimi @ANDREW HUNT @Steven162 @mezzotint @Someone Else @Someone Else @Tmbeardmore @mimosa @d_mann
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    Hate this new club format. If anyone gets this i should be at the next meeting 16th October.
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    Sorry guys, would have been difficult make the meet anyway, but must confess it slipped my memory. Can we not set up some form of email or text reminder ? When the meet was mentioned or discussed on the old regular forum I always got an email notification that someone had put a post on there, which doesn't seem to happen if things are posted in the events calendar here. I found it acted as a reminder plus prompted me to log in to say if we could make it or not. I know it's that time of year as well, but attendance does seem to have tailed off a bit since the meet's have only been mentioned here. Regards, Tim Hope to see you all next time
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    A nice night gents, sorry I stood at th bar chatting. Not many lotus cars but still good lotus chat. See you next month
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    Engine all built and ready to go in. Just need time.
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    1 & 2 Brian & Jackie - Breakfast & Bunker visit 3 & 4 Johnny & Audrey - Breakfast & Bunker Visit, Yes fish and chips also.
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    I'll be there and even persuaded my Mother to come along. She does like the Lotus
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    Will be in France having a lazy journey to Orange before meeting up with the Lotus on Track French Frolic guys. Hope to make the Sept meet
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    Tom & I will be there.
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    I hope to make it but not sure at the moment. Clive
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    Well, that went really well. Far better than I anticipated. 3x Evora, 2x Elise, 1x Esprit, 1x VX220 and 1x MGF headed to the beach, the lighthouse, the beach and back to a wonderful cafe. Weather varied from sun (and cold) to heavy rain (and very cold) to gusty wind (and still cold).
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    That's excellent news Garry, I hadn't seen the Elise in the GOSH livery; it looks great!
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