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    This is the car after a visit to the ceramic dude. Honestly, the jury is out as to whether it's any good. The paint work certainly comes up nicely, but you've got to have the kit to maintain it - it doesn't look like this magically. Also, I got a nasty stone chip just after having the work done (typically) so, it isn't quite the armour plating that I had been led to believe. The wheels were coated and it made rod all difference (brake dust pitting on the fronts), so I suspect that I'll have to have them laminated. But, if nothing else, the road dirt (currently biblically epic in Herefordshire) doesn't stick to the paintwork quite as much and the body and glass are hydrophobic, so its not all bad. I wonder though, if I couldn't have achieved this with a really good wax (at a 100th of the cost, albeit reapplied annoyingly regularly). Time will tell on that. The car is currently with Nick at Tomorrow's Classics to have it's 1,000 mile service (1,000 wet, greasy, flooded and mud-caked, but also epic miles). It's also having a fuel sensor issue fixed, as the telemetrix gauge needed a Smiths sender unit (natch). Also, I have figured out a way to lift the tailgate and keep the tips of all my fingers. Super impressed with myself with that fix. Centre console bits have gone off the Stitch Perfect in Worcester to be redone (they were bit rubbish), which should show off the highly illegal (and incorrect Ferrari 275) ashtray off nicely. And - more sacrilege - I've had a rosewood Europa (latest, more terrible one) gear knob added. I know, right? Oh, and the Apple CarPlay double din unit is just awesome. More heretical modifications, I know, but it makes the car so much more awesome. On Friday the car visits (with me along for the ride) Northampton Motorsports for the ECU to be tuned (or whatever). It's who Lotus Bits (who rebuilt the engine recommend). So am super looking forward to that, as the car currently burns through petrol as if there were great lakes of the stuff just sitting in the ground. Which means - technically - come the weekend, we'll be rounds complete on the car. I am super pleased.
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    Hi, owned an Excel SE many years ago (great car), then headed off into German and Italian ownership (still have those I must confess) but always kept an eye on the ‘classic’ Lotuses. Bought an Esprit S4s recently and crickey what a car! Very fast and wonderful handling, obviously. Took the car out today and was struck by how usable it is - fired up straight away after too many weeks of inactivity (have a battery conditioner on from previous, other cars, bitter experience..), heater great, visibility fine, relaxing and confidence inspiring drive, then get the engine temp up to release full boost and...we’ll I’ll just say it rather goes! Mine’s really well maintained with a huge set of invoices for every service and other bits and pieces in between. Bought the car from Mark at Stocks which was an easy transaction, would recommend them. Since then just gone through it completing the little details: couple of spanner’s and pliers missing (found those on eBay and NOS in California of all places), couple of bits of trim had aged, all ‘odds and sods’ but I imagine common areas of wear and tear and having them ‘right’ makes all the difference in my eyes. Turns out there were only two supplied in Black RHD and only mine with cream leather (the other was black with black). So, it’s nice to be back in Lotus ownership, and the S4s is one hell of a car. Not sure how it’s brilliance has passed me by the last couple of decades! I suspect that will change for all Esprits, and other models in general, once the Geely plans move forward some more and people revisit the ‘back catalogue’ to see where it all started. For me Esprits are aging so well and the S4s, well it really is a match for its rivals of the day and given they are pretty special cars in themselves that’s high praise indeed. Enjoy your holiday blasts! Paul
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    Hi guys, I have been a serial Lotus owner for 6 cars, starting off with a 1972 Elan+2S/130, then M100 Elan SE Turbo, two Exige S2s, then a NA 2010 Evora, now back to the Lotus fold with a new Evora GT410 Sport Its a peach! Thx, Mark
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    In celebration of my upcoming 10th anniversary on the forum, and no posts to my name, I'd like to announce the purchase of my new Elise. Its a Cup 250 thats being put together as I type by the good people at Hethel. Hoping for a March delivery. I've lurked for long enough
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    Okay, update time! Popped over to lotus Silverstone this afternoon and they've fitted my access panel for me. Took em dead on an hour but originally had fitting included in my quote so didn't matter too much anyway had to use a little Dremel work as has been said before on here to open up a couple of the mounting holes on the clam but other than that it was, by all accounts straight forward. To say I'm happy with the result is an understatement. I think that the carbon goes so well with the blue and helps break up the colour scheme. Also really happy with my little DIY petrol cap surround. Next up is more carbon goodness in the form of scoops from @alias23 and GRP tail lights. Just need to source a 380 cup/410/430 engine cover at the right price now!
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    It’s not even ran in yet but on Saturday I’m swapping this: For this: The sleepless nights are beginning to kick in and the weekend can’t come quick enough.
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    What if money was no object two black and gold 430s yes please.
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    Since the storm has passed....
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    Some impressive lists here! And a few cars that do make me wonder why anyone would drive, let alone buy them . My own modest list, in order of being bought, in bold if still owned: 1994 Mercedes C180 'Kitty', not bad as a first car for an 18-year old, lots of good miles, 2 accidents, then got bored of her being just a saloon 2006 Defender TD5 90 'Nessie', bought new, heavily modded and offroaded, went to a Russian swamp for Ladoga Trophy before the warranty even ran out. Sold on when I got an even more capable offroader, but still missed. 1996 Range Rover DT 'Paige', a workhorse, stripped for parts when the (terrible) BMW-engine packed up. 1996 Range Rover 4.6HSE 'Prue', my first V8, despite some problems I still have her. I'm fitting a 5.0 V8 and converting to manual, along with modifications for offroad and travel. She will be reborn as 'Phoenix', just don't ask me when... A favorite of a previous girlfriend, who used her for some years. 1997 Range Rover 4.0SE 'Piper', same as above, but a manual. Converted to a 4.6, modded for offroad and lost when the Workshop burned down . 1998 Range Rover 4.0SE 'Priscilla', bought for spares, but put into use after the fire. Now needs some engine work. 1990 Lotus Esprit Turbo SE 'Eleanor', despite some flaws that took some time to work through, I loved her and it's the car that got me hooked on Lotus. Also lost in the fire. 1975 Stag manual 'Bambi', great car! Lots of happy motoring with hardly any problems, but another sorely missed victim of the fire. From time to time I still go through the classifieds looking for a Stag... 1989 Lotus Esprit Turbo SE 'Emma', my current daily, bought after the fire and probably a better car then her predecessor. High mileage means some TLC needed, but I couldn't be without her and wouldn't now what to replace her with. 1973 Stag automatic 'Blanche', never got to terms with the autobox which meant I also didn't spent the time needed to sort everything. Not helped by the fact I didn't have the workshop at the time. She let us down a couple of times and was traded in for the next on the list: 1983 Lotus Eclat Excel 'Eileen', a nice car, good to drive, but never could get out of the shadow of the Esprit. Plan is to get her into shape and let someone else enjoy her. Also due to buying the next one: 1973 Lotus Elan +2 JPS 'Emily', fell in love with the color scheme and always feel special driving her. Mainly used for classic car runs, unfortunately broke down on my way to Brooklands on newyears day and haven't been able to fix the problem yet. 1999 Range Rover 4.6HSE 'Pauline', bought as a parts car for the build of 'Phoenix'. Because she really is a nice car, and the build isn't progressing, she's now used whenever I need to transport or tow something. Several more Range Rover P38s, bought to strip for parts or sell and not really driven. Looking at the list, there is a clear pattern there. And I seem to have a habit of hoarding instead of selling on... Filip
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    I recently bought a new Exige 350 and am loving it.. So much more in so much less, and you can drive one around and not feel too flash. People seem to like Lotus cars, they look aggressive but also friendly, (Especially in Vivid green) Add a few mods and you can be keeping up with Ferraris and McLarens in a car that's smaller and nimbler. So much character and feel.
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    Very sorry guys, but a mag cannot and will not be able to experience and describe what real ownership long term can. So for me, all those socalled evaluations, articles and what not is not worth the paper or screens they are presented on. For my sake they can go right down the drain. Being that cars from owners on here or elsewhere, it's still the same: nothing wrong with the cars, but an editor writes what he or she wants. And we all know they are biased towards an old german car and always recite Jeremy C. for his irritating nonsense of lots of trou......... So, forget those, this forum so much better by far in terms of getting real oppinions. Personally, I've tried a Giugiaro carb non-turbo and one with turbo. While I like them for sure, they cannot and will not be able to do what a later Stevens SE-S4-S4s can do. It's a whole different ball game. It's a car in a totally different league. So many things are changed: electrics, engine, gearbox, traction, performance, looks, seating interrior, design and what not. They are so much more capable and equal in feel and fun. Not a dime is lost. If Lotus thought otherwise, they would have develped them reversed. Not so. And fortunately we can experience the same. With regards to maintenance and strong/weak points, there are hundreds of threads on here on the other forum describing that. But jsut one point here right now: the Renault UN1 is not so bad at all: change the translator, the rubber bushings at the lowest point of the gearmaster and adjust accordingly, and you have a nice gearshift. It doesn't explode at every street corner that some people will have you believe. Not so. The old cars feel smaller at the first drive, when getting in a Stevens Turbo SE or later. But as you drive, you soon come to realise that the car becomes smaller and really surrounds and hugs you as you find the rythm in turn after turn after turn, zipping past much more modern cars on curby back roads. Yes, the modern cars may have far more horses than a Turbo SE/S4/S4s, but somehow these old Lotus cars manage to get real speed out of what on paper seems to be very little compared to newer cars. Weight? nope, not much of a difference really. A Stevens Turbo SE 1990 is 1231 Kilo from Lotus (no fuel) and mine is 1125 and a bit with a few mods here and there without changing it's looks or character. I'd say go for the Stevens Turbo SE 1990-1991, possibly a 1989, or later as in S4/S4s. And if it comes with an old school abs, delete it and get better brakes for it. Ian is the man as Sparky said. Not much to think about, I'd say. Good luck with you Esprit itch, which ever Esprit you choose, they are all magnificent sportscars! Kind regards, Jacques
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    The problem with with bucket list cars is that every time i think of compiling a list it becomes obvious that I have champagne tastes on a beer budget. And whenever I manage to get the bucket full of beer, I drink it.
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    @GTK mine has just rolled over 1,000 'shakedown' miles after a full nut and bolt restoration over the past 3+ years, without issues. So far....
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    Yep, me too. Hopefully should arrive in April. Very excited
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    I was pointed to this topic by SilversterZ and had a discussion with AIM about this. As we are a main dealer for AIM I had a discussion with them to find out what's going on and set things straight (if needed) AIM UK (who have been the initiators and coordinators of this product) states there is NO hardware issue. Out of the first batch of units supplied only 1 unit has been faulty. This was swapped FOC to enable to customer to run the car. As they ran out of stock at that point in time, the replacement unit which was sent to this customer was a pre-production unit. As you may image, they don't want any pre-production units in the field, so they told the customer this unit will be swapped for a new one as soon as the new production batch arrives. I've got a personal background in electronic engineering. I do understand some things when I see them happening. The issue raised by SilversterZ seems a screen refresh fault to me. Certainly not hardware as the icons are drawn and controlled by software. In fact, the faults you're seeing are not what you'd normally see when these icons are triggered. They are display faults. I will contact SilvesterZ to get this resolved. The clock issue is something I've not seen before and something which I can't reproduce. Once I've set the clock, it keeps ticking. Also when the power has been removed for a longer period of time. It might be good to talk to AIM and ask them if / what is going wrong. This might be some sort of setup issue. As for the production being stopped, this is not true. When you produce your first batch of products you always have to gamble a little as you never know up front how successful a product will be. In this case, the product is very successful. AIM sold the first batch much faster than they expected which leaves a gap in their planning. Production of these units takes time and unfortunately, they introduced the product just before Christmas last year which meant just before closure of their production facility and closure of their suppliers. Apart from that.. any electronic device which is not a commodity has a leadtime. This can range from six to twelve weeks. Before you're even able to ramp up production you'll have to wait for the components to arrive. This dash isn't a handful of components job... it's a rather complex unit for which a lot of parts need to be sourced, both electronic and mechanic parts. It's not a surprise to have a gap in the deliveries when you sell more and much faster than expected Apart from all that... AIM has a good reputation. They're not walking away from any issues, so if there's anything you experience which you think doesn't work as expected, please feel free to contact them (or your dealer) and ask. They listen and act, which is something I can confirm from personal experience.
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    ...and not a daily driver!
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    Hang on a minute, isn’t that response just plain offensive to people with acne? Do have a care and think of the thousands of poor kids with spotty faces who might happen upon your post on t’internet! It’s spottist is what that is!!! (please place tongue very firmly in cheek!)
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    Doing some winter cleaning in the pictures and found some nice ones: on the gold wheels, we the "old " diffuser, non-painted side scoops, old exhaust and alu coloured fuel filler surround: black wheels:
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    Solution. Trade the wife in for the S4s. Sorted.
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    For a nice looking S4s that’s superb on the face of it @swindon_alan as ever it’s all about what the cars like underneath and what the recent history file is like. the esprit market is slow - cars are priced highly ( not in my opinion but market relative to time ) and they do take longer to move. My S4 was advertised for what seemed like an eternity but sold to the first viewer for a fair price - not as much as I’d have liked though. what is interesting is throughout December the market has hardened price wise and there’s a lot more at the higher end. The recent magazine exposure in a few classic rags now is only going to help galvanise prices as we come into the summer.
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    The tax on it ran out 2 months ago. Here are a few photos of it from 6 years ago.
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    Me.... mine is the bollox... i thought it was a very straight forward Build to be fair. My second 910 Turbo engine from the crankshaft up. some make it sound like a Saturn 5 to build. It’s an internal combustion engine, that’s all. And to be fair the tolerances are not even that tight. the main thing is having the right kit and space. Fabian was dead unlucky IMO. Had a follower fail by the sound of it. nothing to do with blast media. My entire block, sump and head blasted. Clean as a whistle. No residue. Good as gold. stop over thinking it. @Lotusfab
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    Over the Port of Felixstowe last night
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    Christmas #1 2M on the Esprit final vid
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    Very easy to change the boot up screen logo, had a little play today
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    It’s gonna be an Evora once you drive one Dave - the V6 soundtrack and ease of driving the Evora will be difficult to resist I reckon......I wait to hear your findings with interest
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    Really! Oh jeez...............
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    I agree @Barrykearley but the irony is that it is the current generation, 30 - 45, who are driving this obsession with economic growth to drive richness. We used to take long term views in this country and companies were reasonably well run with an expectation of around 3-6% growth per annum. Then the Business Schools started to plug their obsessive MBA courses and every wannabe FD/CFO went off to Harvard, Yale, Wharton etc to join their "management programmes" and before you know it we now have businesses in the UK that demand 3-6% growth per quarter, everyone being assessed on quarterly sales quotas and growth, everyone saying they run a P&L, etc. - Why, because now it's not just US CEO's that are hired and fired every 6 months as that behaviour spread over hear fuelled by the US'itfrication of UK business and the obsession with quarterly growth. As a result, we have CEO's getting richer, whilst their products are becoming worse and worse (housebuilders anyone?). @Escape, this then leads to the issue of how do you fuel that quarterly growth? Well, of course you make your products obsolete by design (Apple anyone - you haven't forgotten how they slow down your devices over time with software changes have you? Tesla - they reduce the range of their cars over time by remote software changes....) and harder to repair or recycle (look up Sonos in the news this past week for their absolute crazy policy on upgrades - you have to basically junk your old to get a decent on the new!). Greed. Get rich quick. Fook the environment and people. That's big business today.
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    Trying hard not to pick my own car but there’s nothing else made by Lotus since 2010 that I would swap the GT430 for. If it had to be another Lotus I’d go for the Type 25 edition Exige Cup 430.
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    Have a read of Classic Cars magazine this month. It does a 5 car Esprit test discussing the pros and cons of each model be they G or Stevens cars.
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    Purely biased but there’s a lot of reasons why I still think the 380 is the best compromise for the road when it comes to the Exige. Still loving it 18 months in pic taken the day before I picked up
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    Evora 400 IPS but most likely wait til 2021. Renault Alpine but will wait til they are sub 30k. Renault 16TX but will probably never bother. Renault 21 turbo...fear the running costs as my 5GT has been expensive but worth it. Lotus Elan S1. Hard to find. Lotus Elite Coventry Climax. Noisy, not quick, hard to maintain. Bentley Blower. A legend. But I doubt I ever would. Lancia Aurelia. Just sublime and so pretty. If I can sell two cars in 2020, this may happen. Justin
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    Its the same or even worse with McLaren, Ferrari & Lamborghini. If anything Lotus are better than the bigger boys who really devastate the values of almost new cars by bringing out something better and cheaper 3 months after their latest offering! Bought a Performate for £250k? Congratulations the Evo has the same power in a more usable package so you have just lost £100k! Bought a McLaren 600LT, well they just released the 600R making that obsolete and worth £80k less. How about a Cayman GT4? Well the GTS with same engine & gearbox is now available for £20k less!
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    This is natural when you have scored the surfaces from lack of oil , when the oil does flow it will transfer the particles to other journals within the system before washing into the sump and then getting caught in the filter. As i say these are all to be expected in this type of failure, they are not unique to this particular engine fail .. The oil filter will gather them before they recirculate However the damage is done the bearing surface conformity will have been compromised, the clearances will have increased, the oil will not act as a floating cushion for the journals because it will be spewing out of the larger clearance, along with the now rough surface the inevitability of total failure as seen was just amatter of time ..
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    So.... I was just finishing up fitting the (expensive) new wheel bearings in my Elite rear hub carriers and I'm thinking - for the umpteenth time - what a crap design, when I had an embarrassing epiphany . Having had an Excel for a few years I'd got a picture in my mind of the Elite hub carrier pivoting on the lower bolt - and I'd been thinking why on earth didn't they put some sort of bush/bearing in there! However - (and I cant believe it's taken this long to click) the motion of the Elite hub carrier is not even similar to the Excel - the Elite hub carrier has no relative motion to the radius arm to which it is fixed whatsoever! It is bolted firmly in place in two axes - there is no pivoting action going on at all, so it doesn't matter that the hub carrier just has a hole with a bolt through it! . Sorry Colin/Ollie Yours embarrassingly! Pete
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    My wild uninformed guess: it's pooling on the topside of the aero-undertray that seals the underside of the car from air (except for the forward facing gap in the rear that I understand is there to force more cooling air into the engine bay). The water is probably entering through the front grills. If that's true, nothing to be done about it really.
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    Fantastic news for the staff and us!. Leven Lotus Edinburgh liked a few of my instagram pictures todays so it appears they are back on Grid!
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    Hi Derek, I slid the PCB out of the case and visually all of the components look perfect. No sign of heat or damage. The lacquer and all of the soldering is beautiful. Just to recap on the issues; The CEL is on permanently. The ECU won't go into diagnostic mode when pins A + B are linked. I can't get into the ECU with a computer (although, this could be my ALDL lead at fault or my lack of Espritmon skills) The car starts from cold ok but the idle speed is low and needs throttle to keep it running. When warm, the idle is ok at ~1000rpm. The engine runs rich at all times (hot or cold / slow or fast) The car is chuggy and jerky to drive. The spark-plugs are fouled with soot after a drive (probably causing misfire and adding to the rich chugging and jerkiness) Other than that, the car is great Andy.
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    I wimped out on my original plan of something witty and entertaining for a splash screen, so got the camera out instead.
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    I’m sure it’s in the S4 onwards manual - or one of them - I’ll try and find the section when I’m back home as I’ll need it again, and the wife’s best Perspex jug, very soon
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    7600. Weekly use usually.
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    Leather is used in all surfaces typically in contact with the occupant's body, so top surface of seat cushion and bolsters right out to the edge, the headrest choker, and the headrest including its sides for appearance sake I suppose. The vinyl (PVC) therefore is seen on the seat flanks and the very top of the headrest only, with that covering the backside of seat not shown in the photo. This is the form in which my S2 was originally trimmed. Cheers
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    Looked at this one and quite liked it, seems to have received love and attention. I think I would change to SE sills to finish the look and bin the decals but good car. Sticking to the Evora now as time for a change. Dave
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    Is that a special body model? If you zoom in, I think you can see a front lip.
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    Updates: Exhaust is starting to bed in but I'm still craving more noise. Seats: I spend the most of a day over the Christmas break tinkering with the seats. My plan was to swop the driver and passanger seats around and hoping I could making some custom brackets as the driver seat is too wide with the running to fit the passanger side. The Passanger seat and subframe sat perfectly in the drivers seat position, with the help of a couple of spacers, but unfortunately I couldn't get the drivers seat and runner (now removed) to sit right in the passangers side of the car. So I had to resort to some spacer washers under the front on the drivers seat (runner now refitted) which has in proved the seating position but still not as good as the passanger subframe was. I had a rough quote of around £150 for the passanger side subframe. Alias23 Filter fitted. Awesome bit of kit. Impressive OME feel and quality. Noticeable performance gains along with the supercharger whine. My personal feedback is the fitting instructions actually make it sound a lot more difficult than it was. I was shocked at how much grit and dirt was in my filter after <1,300 miles The car now feels much more keen especially between 4.5k > 6k rpm. Overall I'm very happy with my purchase, it also reduced the weight of my wallet
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    Knowing you @Barrykearleyyou will have ticked that list off by March.
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    As an aside, if you're looking at underfloor heating, a friend of a very good friend owns and I'm sure I could get some decent discounts for TLFers

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