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    Lots of big names in the room tonight but great to see @Mike Kimberley in attendance at such an event. He was very impressed with the car, that's high praise indeed!
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    OK, as suspected. I want a poster.
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    Hi All, Today's effort, new friction plate.... ...old pressure plate... ...then I mated the engine and gearbox back together, which seemed to go well, however no matter where I put the gear selector I don't seem to be getting a gear. When I turn the engine by hand there is no movement at the axles, and there is no resistance from either brake disc when I turn them. So either (1) I have a gearbox full of neutrals (but it was fine last time I moved it under it's own steam), or (2) the input shaft is not properly engaged with the friction plate (but then I assume the gearbox wouldn't bolt up properly, which it has) or (3) there's something else I'm missing, any ideas? For example is it impossible on these boxes to get a gear without operating the clutch? I may have to pull the gearbox back off to take another look... Anyway, I thought I'd take the opportunity to bolt up the exhaust. A couple of reasons for this. First I'd heard that it could be tricky to get the four individual header pipes into the collector and I wanted to know what I was letting myself in for. Turns out everything I'd heard was true, even with everything very loosely in place it was difficult. The only parts that can remain fixed to the engine when I drop it back in are the header pipes so I'm predicting plenty of swearing and skinned knuckles when that comes around. Second reason for fitting the exhaust is that I'm not going to be able to see it in all its glory once it's in the car... I also bolted up the rebuilt carbs for no other reason than to see what they'd look like with their new braided and anodised fuel lines... I'm now contemplating rigging up a fuel supply and running the engine on the bench (and when I say bench I mean trolly). It would certainly be easier to set the timing while it's out of the car. Anyway, that's all for now, it's on to the fuel tanks at last! Cheers Darren
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    3 things the Evora needs to make it an up to date tourer. Proper climate control. Decent sound system ( Double din slot size is fine by me, upgradeable then for the HU) Electric self dipping/shading rear view mirror, how hard can it be? ( answer, easy, I've fitted one) Cup hoders are for wuss's and children, neither are allowed in my Evora.
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    With so much antagonism and ill will online these days it's great to see a car community coming together to help one of our own. £52k raised so far which I hope will help him make a full recovery. Hope to see him back behind the wheel of a Lotus soon.
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    My impression is that the GT is being wll received here in the States. 400s that were languishing unsold on lots since the US introduction seem to be disappearing form the market so it feels like they have hit bottom and are rebounding here as the value/price equation has reached critical mass. Despite the heavy discounts on the left overs (now mostly sold) the new model is being seen as good value if (IMO) you use restraint when ticking off boxes on the order form. Yet I think enthusiasts see them as worth a bit of a splurge even if you are a bit lavish with some of the options. I think we can agree it's an appealing spec for the money and builds on the increasingly positive sentiments that are finally taking root amongst enthusiasts here, even non-Lotus centric enthusiasts. Just a year ago it seemed months between new car acquisitions in the states. These days, a new person seems to announce having discovered the joys of the 4xx series ownership by putting money where mouth is every day. The market will miss these, simple, honest and endearing cars when they are gone but for the time being we have the best standard edition Evoras yet. I adore my 400 but and will probably keep it and make it even "more mine" as the years elapse but can't deny that I want a GT!
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    It is already back on the road the Dyno with the wizard i thrust was a good 100km from helsinki and I continued after the tuneup straight a 100 km north to the wisinity of Tampere, so to get home I have to drive a good 200 km.
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    I think we all like a good cutaway drawing of our favourite Lotus. Here are a couple of well known examples. A Vic Berris TC engine and a James Allington S3, as used by the factory in the Workshop Manual. Tim
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    Fancy another? Tim
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    And lets not forget the +2, this one also by Allington. Tim

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