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    This is the car after a visit to the ceramic dude. Honestly, the jury is out as to whether it's any good. The paint work certainly comes up nicely, but you've got to have the kit to maintain it - it doesn't look like this magically. Also, I got a nasty stone chip just after having the work done (typically) so, it isn't quite the armour plating that I had been led to believe. The wheels were coated and it made rod all difference (brake dust pitting on the fronts), so I suspect that I'll have to have them laminated. But, if nothing else, the road dirt (currently biblically epic in Herefordshire) doesn't stick to the paintwork quite as much and the body and glass are hydrophobic, so its not all bad. I wonder though, if I couldn't have achieved this with a really good wax (at a 100th of the cost, albeit reapplied annoyingly regularly). Time will tell on that. The car is currently with Nick at Tomorrow's Classics to have it's 1,000 mile service (1,000 wet, greasy, flooded and mud-caked, but also epic miles). It's also having a fuel sensor issue fixed, as the telemetrix gauge needed a Smiths sender unit (natch). Also, I have figured out a way to lift the tailgate and keep the tips of all my fingers. Super impressed with myself with that fix. Centre console bits have gone off the Stitch Perfect in Worcester to be redone (they were bit rubbish), which should show off the highly illegal (and incorrect Ferrari 275) ashtray off nicely. And - more sacrilege - I've had a rosewood Europa (latest, more terrible one) gear knob added. I know, right? Oh, and the Apple CarPlay double din unit is just awesome. More heretical modifications, I know, but it makes the car so much more awesome. On Friday the car visits (with me along for the ride) Northampton Motorsports for the ECU to be tuned (or whatever). It's who Lotus Bits (who rebuilt the engine recommend). So am super looking forward to that, as the car currently burns through petrol as if there were great lakes of the stuff just sitting in the ground. Which means - technically - come the weekend, we'll be rounds complete on the car. I am super pleased.
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    What if money was no object two black and gold 430s yes please.
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    Since the storm has passed....
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    ...and not a daily driver!
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    I was pointed to this topic by SilversterZ and had a discussion with AIM about this. As we are a main dealer for AIM I had a discussion with them to find out what's going on and set things straight (if needed) AIM UK (who have been the initiators and coordinators of this product) states there is NO hardware issue. Out of the first batch of units supplied only 1 unit has been faulty. This was swapped FOC to enable to customer to run the car. As they ran out of stock at that point in time, the replacement unit which was sent to this customer was a pre-production unit. As you may image, they don't want any pre-production units in the field, so they told the customer this unit will be swapped for a new one as soon as the new production batch arrives. I've got a personal background in electronic engineering. I do understand some things when I see them happening. The issue raised by SilversterZ seems a screen refresh fault to me. Certainly not hardware as the icons are drawn and controlled by software. In fact, the faults you're seeing are not what you'd normally see when these icons are triggered. They are display faults. I will contact SilvesterZ to get this resolved. The clock issue is something I've not seen before and something which I can't reproduce. Once I've set the clock, it keeps ticking. Also when the power has been removed for a longer period of time. It might be good to talk to AIM and ask them if / what is going wrong. This might be some sort of setup issue. As for the production being stopped, this is not true. When you produce your first batch of products you always have to gamble a little as you never know up front how successful a product will be. In this case, the product is very successful. AIM sold the first batch much faster than they expected which leaves a gap in their planning. Production of these units takes time and unfortunately, they introduced the product just before Christmas last year which meant just before closure of their production facility and closure of their suppliers. Apart from that.. any electronic device which is not a commodity has a leadtime. This can range from six to twelve weeks. Before you're even able to ramp up production you'll have to wait for the components to arrive. This dash isn't a handful of components job... it's a rather complex unit for which a lot of parts need to be sourced, both electronic and mechanic parts. It's not a surprise to have a gap in the deliveries when you sell more and much faster than expected Apart from all that... AIM has a good reputation. They're not walking away from any issues, so if there's anything you experience which you think doesn't work as expected, please feel free to contact them (or your dealer) and ask. They listen and act, which is something I can confirm from personal experience.
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    The tax on it ran out 2 months ago. Here are a few photos of it from 6 years ago.
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    Hi Derek, I slid the PCB out of the case and visually all of the components look perfect. No sign of heat or damage. The lacquer and all of the soldering is beautiful. Just to recap on the issues; The CEL is on permanently. The ECU won't go into diagnostic mode when pins A + B are linked. I can't get into the ECU with a computer (although, this could be my ALDL lead at fault or my lack of Espritmon skills) The car starts from cold ok but the idle speed is low and needs throttle to keep it running. When warm, the idle is ok at ~1000rpm. The engine runs rich at all times (hot or cold / slow or fast) The car is chuggy and jerky to drive. The spark-plugs are fouled with soot after a drive (probably causing misfire and adding to the rich chugging and jerkiness) Other than that, the car is great Andy.
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    I’m sure it’s in the S4 onwards manual - or one of them - I’ll try and find the section when I’m back home as I’ll need it again, and the wife’s best Perspex jug, very soon
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    I’ve just purchased a 1976Elite that’s been off road for around 12 years. Hopefully be road ready this summer. Here is a photo of it used by Lotus in add campaign.
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    Assuming what you've been told is true see if you have a fuse in 22 which is the CDL circuit. It needs a 7.5 amp fuse. If you have one then see if you have wiring and lock actuators in the doors.
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    So.... I was just finishing up fitting the (expensive) new wheel bearings in my Elite rear hub carriers and I'm thinking - for the umpteenth time - what a crap design, when I had an embarrassing epiphany . Having had an Excel for a few years I'd got a picture in my mind of the Elite hub carrier pivoting on the lower bolt - and I'd been thinking why on earth didn't they put some sort of bush/bearing in there! However - (and I cant believe it's taken this long to click) the motion of the Elite hub carrier is not even similar to the Excel - the Elite hub carrier has no relative motion to the radius arm to which it is fixed whatsoever! It is bolted firmly in place in two axes - there is no pivoting action going on at all, so it doesn't matter that the hub carrier just has a hole with a bolt through it! . Sorry Colin/Ollie Yours embarrassingly! Pete
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    Tony, I'm near Loddon - just off the A146 out of Norwich - here most of the time so just drop me a message Cheers Ant
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    Leather is used in all surfaces typically in contact with the occupant's body, so top surface of seat cushion and bolsters right out to the edge, the headrest choker, and the headrest including its sides for appearance sake I suppose. The vinyl (PVC) therefore is seen on the seat flanks and the very top of the headrest only, with that covering the backside of seat not shown in the photo. This is the form in which my S2 was originally trimmed. Cheers
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    My wild uninformed guess: it's pooling on the topside of the aero-undertray that seals the underside of the car from air (except for the forward facing gap in the rear that I understand is there to force more cooling air into the engine bay). The water is probably entering through the front grills. If that's true, nothing to be done about it really.
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    I’ve owned two Lotus - one nearly new the other new. I haven’t received marketing material or satisfaction surveys etc. It’s an area that can be improved with little spend.
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    I’ve been a Lotus customer many, many times since the late 1960’s but I’ve never once received any marketing communication from them. Mercedes, on the other hand....................
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    Hi Lex - currently SORN’d as stated above but MOT’d and back on the road again in the Spring
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    Huge amount of bullshit and misinformation on this thread with regards to the UK position. Contrary to what many on here think smart meters were not the "choice" of the retailers. Way back in the noughties the wonders that are the EU 'crats passed EU legislation that REQUIRED the Governments of the 28 member nations to commence a programme to install smart meters in EVERY home by 2020 as part of Europes commitment to reduce global warming. No common standards for meters. No common standards for comms. Etc. This EU legislation was written into UK law by the labour government of the time and through OFGEM, the regulator, it was made a part of the UK supply licence obligations. So in reality the retailers need to put you onto a smart meter or they get heavily find by Ofgem. So first off, stop blaming your utility! The fiasco and shit storm is of political making, not profit making. Secondly, the retailers only get basic meter reads. Anything else they want they need to pay the DCC (the company that runs the networks for the smart meters) for. Thirdly. They HAVE TO ask you and encourage you to get a smart meter, and they need to prove they have done this. Or, they get fined by the regulator. Fourthly, the main benefit of a proper working smart meter is that we, the UK, can better control and smooth the peaks and troughs of demand to reduce energy costs as a smart meter will allow Time of Use tarrifs to encourage some people to shift consumption to lower demand (cheaper) time bands. The main beneficiary of better demand management is National Grid and the regional transmission and distribution companies who can provide a more resilient and smoothed energy flow. So again, it is not about Retailers! They are the tail, not the dog. Hopefully with this basic understanding of YOUR energy industry we can have a more informed discussion. I started off my first smart meter project in 2005. The whole fiasco has been a disaster. Hugely expensive. Loads of missed opportunities. All caused by political interference, a poor regulatory strategy and the utility industries infighting and positioning. The cost of this mess has been continues to be, passed on to all energy customers through your bills.
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    Hi All, Saw three Lotus's at Dunkeswell Re:Fuel meeting Sunday, unfortunately they were all heading for the exit so unable to have a chat. If any of you saw me in the orange Elise 220 Sport , it would be nice to meet up if you're local to the area.
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    Thanks, I'll be in touch next month before the next Re:Fuel meeting.
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    This is Lotuses 72nd year so I suspect the awaiting masses will need to brace themselves for some 72nd anniversary special models dressed in the F1 Lotus 72 colours of red and gold? You would also hope there would be something at Goodwood ‘for the drivers’ , or at least maybe ‘for the dealers’ to help move the current stock and maintain sales through to the ‘new’ product, because without an energised and robust dealer network you’re fubarred, Or maybe we just settle for a new font ?
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    I'm on my second unit brought direct from AIM in the UK. First one had an issue with the graphics, the second one has a problem with the clock and date not saving after setting and rebooting on starting the car. AIM will be replacing when the next batch is available, which I've been told will be first couple of weeks in February. I do not know what the bug is. AIM have been very helpful.
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    The antenna is just a piece of co-ax hidden up behind the passenger side a pillar cover, it's really not ideal. We had a lot of threads back in the day about radio reception and the solution most went for is an updated head unit (the Alpine/Blackbird is dire!) and a DAB splitter on the co-ax aerial. That's what I've done.
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    If he did, I think that @Kimbers still owns the car.
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    You need to plug your iPhone into the aux socket it someone’s fitted it. In the glove box of mine it has a usb which connects to the radio as iPod. radio reception isn’t the best - oh and the sat nag is pretty crap but does half work
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    Modality is that the beads embed in comparatively soft alloy - the cam carriers for one good example - then work to score the iron or steel parts obliged to run against them. Diabolical situation this
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    Thanks Barry I will have a look tomorrow, that saves one job
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    Pizza was good! No need for a hotel as was just a day trip
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    Dunno - I’ve not stripped one down completely - but in the S4 manual it definitely says about noting the orientation of that annulus. Which made me wonder if the pump is the same as the abs pump in operation
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    Absolutely amazing job, love this car
  31. 1 point GTE sold for just shy of £70K Justin
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    Dropped the radiator off at Serck Motorsport this morning ready for it be re-cored and have a new frame and fans fitted. They're also going to pressure test my condensor/chargecooler assembly to see what condition that is in before I decide what route I'm going to take with that. Was interesting talking to Darren while I was there. They have three separate workshops down there, one dealing with traditional copper/brash radiators etc, another dealing with the ally side of things and the third for inspection and cleaning, F1 teams being a big customer for that. That department is busy at this time of the year in the run up to the new season. Sounds like my radiator will be in good hands Should see it back in a couple of weeks; I've got plenty else to do in the meantime...
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    aha - i am happy somebody else has finally raised this problem as i have it too. Never felt in on the NA or the S i had but it is REALLY noticable in the 400 but only when its VERY WET. about half a second to a full second delay for sure. I though i was going mad - had silverstone check the brakes twice but found nothing wrong; Had the brake fluid changed as a precaution and for my own sanity (and the front pads as they were 70% worn) and it still does it.... looks like they all do that then..
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    The overhaul is done to eliminate play, so if you don't notice any play, not really necessay. You'll be able to check each joint while you have the assembly out to replace the cables. It's not that much work, but not a lot of money either. Maybe enough reason to change it while you're there. I think the black bushing you mean is actually the stoppad on gearstick outer sleeve that slides against the reverse inhibiter when shifting between 1st and 2nd. (third from left, bottom row, in the pic). They do wear with use. Filip
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    For the UK there were 135 or 136 HC Turbo and 45 HC NA. These numbers I have got from certificates issued by Andy Graham. European LHD numbers were significantly lower than UK throughout production so I would guess at 10-15
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    Pleasure Can't remember if it was mentioned within the blog or not, but Pedro also started to date the nurse that attended to him following this crash.
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    Your Dad & I had a lovely chat about Concorde at the Xmas bash. Seems he's quite the fan!
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    If there is a fault with your module, this guy gives great service: When my module failed the modules were on back order so a new replacement wasn't even possible. Situation should be better now, but it would be worth getting your old one repaired as a spare as they aren't the most robust device.
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    I asked Dave about that. He said 40mm are okay
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    Just pull harder from the bottom. The sealing foam tends to get sticky.
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    Wiring; I’m intermittently working on the loom when the opportunity arises. I’ve picked up some tips from @Lotusfab Bearing in mind I’m a wiring novice, I have learn’t the following: - invest in a quality ratchet crimping tool + a power wire stripper. Saves a lot of time & they cost peanuts - don’t use yum cha spade connectors from eBay - I’ve soldered every connector. The next owner will enjoy the benefit. Something I learned - add the smallest of dots of solder to the tip of the Iron. It helps conduct the heat more efficiently (this is after you have tinned the tip) - do not use a flux paste. The chlorides are too strong and may cause an issue long term. Use the self fluxing wire instead - do not use lead free solder - what were they thinking! - shrink wrap all connections - use a ballpoint pen for your tags. Ink pens (artline in my case) run if they get moist. Another rookie mistake. - tags. I use removable ones on string like in antique shops. Much more convenient than masking - use quality heat shrink solder connectors for all joints. They have solder that melts when you apply heat. They are easy to use and a much safer option - to help the wires make their way down the plastic conduit tubes (doors etc), use a dry spray lubricant. The ones for the mirrors are 2m long. - watch out for bullet connectors. It’s very easy to create a cold solder - don’t use electrical tape on your loom. Use Tesa loom tape. Much better finish and doesn’t leave a sticky residue - I’d recommend pinning your loom to a plywood sheet to make it easier to follow what goes where ....question for the day.... my existing relays are 30amps? Sounds like a lot. Does anyone know the correct ratings for each circuit? Or where can I find the answer? cheers
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    Was going to stop for a quick bounce but didn’t have time.
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    great work - funny if the model is out of metal and the "big" one out of plastic - normally its the opposite ....;-) (as the original model came in light blue I had to paint the rims only on mine...:)
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    Me.... mine is the bollox... i thought it was a very straight forward Build to be fair. My second 910 Turbo engine from the crankshaft up. some make it sound like a Saturn 5 to build. It’s an internal combustion engine, that’s all. And to be fair the tolerances are not even that tight. the main thing is having the right kit and space. Fabian was dead unlucky IMO. Had a follower fail by the sound of it. nothing to do with blast media. My entire block, sump and head blasted. Clean as a whistle. No residue. Good as gold. stop over thinking it. @Lotusfab
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    Trying hard not to pick my own car but there’s nothing else made by Lotus since 2010 that I would swap the GT430 for. If it had to be another Lotus I’d go for the Type 25 edition Exige Cup 430.
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    Sorry they are not the best pictures but here is mine, #1035.
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    For God’s sake don’t let the MIL find that one!
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