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    Now rubbed to 800. Sills fitted with the help of two pros. Only took just over an hour. Going to paint the shell first. Then paint the other panels later.
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    Come on Barry, I was trying to build up some suspense... But I understand that 5 months of waiting you are all eager to find out the results !! And voila !! IT'S ALIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my mechanic's assistant !! My mechanic was very satisfied by the results !! He said the engine operated much more smoothly than before !! Probably due to fixing the timing too... (Thank you guys for insisting to do ti the factory way !!) He even took it for a drive !! I am meeting up with him tomorrow morning to test drive the car and see how the engine operates...
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    New member. Not a great photo but you get the idea. SR S IPS on a 63 plate, I reckon it must be the only SR specced with black calipers ...
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    You could never really guess or speculate the split for the labour votes as to who would have been in/out. Democracy has won and that’s it done
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    First MX2E fitted earlier today. Mileage is stored in the instrument cluster only , But can be set by AIM before dispatch to the correct mileage of your car if that's required I can confirm that the Sport and Race buttons can be seen working in the display (Buy very small font ) Fitted to a 2017 350 Sport Exige
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    I have gotta get me one of those.
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    Brilliant video - keep positive guys.......until we know everything about what Lotus’ plans are......we know nothing
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    Well I know most of you on here are far to polite to criticise my car. I actually dont mind when things are pointed out as it helps make it the best it can be. There are two things that have to be corrected and will be in the future. One is the inside of the louvre area. This has to be sprayed matt black. The other is the front wheels. The lip size is currently 1.5 inch. The original was 1 inch. Thanks to Bauke on here I have the correct lips, professionally polished and ready to go on. I havent got round to it as I have been driving the car and there are things like the shimming and rear springs to do. I also have been facing certain mental barriers, as six years of restoring these is starting to get to me and I hate fiberglassing and sanding. I have been doing a lot of recently! One day it will be perfected! When you hit 5000 posts do you get a badge?
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    the 430 has mesh in the sidescoops - I know as I had to take out a bunch of leaves! If you want me to take a pic, roughly measure the mesh, let me know.
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    Today was a driving day, not a show day.
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    The frequency of a timing belt depends on the belt's span length, type, weight and tension.
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    Yes, but I can skip school to meet up with me ol' muckers! Ohhh I do feel naughty
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    We'll be pickup up Kim and Laura somewhere, so not sure at this point. The hotel has a decent bar; rest assured we will be patronising it at the earliest opportunity. Xmas wear is mandatory. Shorts preferred. Andy doesn't have a shell; more of a padded cell.
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    Tailgate area now matt black under louvres. Looks much better! Anyone got any ideas on the sealant to use? I'm thinking matt black silicon, and have ordered some. At first I thought dinitrol, buts its difficult to apply and the finish wouldnt be very smooth.
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    I’m not sure why there’s so much negativity about using technology to make the cars better? When they were looking at Active Suspension In the 80’s I cant recall many people saying they shouldn’t do so (but perhaps my memory has faded). Surely it’s how it’s used and implemented that counts?
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    A speedo recon is cheap. And who needs an aircon in the UK, just wind the window down. Not much wrong with that.
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    You could try that, but the tricky bit is connecting the fuse boxes with a fixed glove box. Also its far easier to bolt the dash on without the glove box in.
  22. 2 points Well here's 3 to begin with... there are more & some very good books / magazine features that go into more Elise & Exige details, but by the sounds you dont need that.
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    Chased the supplier today. Still pending the mesh grills to come back before they go to the powder coaters. Spent in excess of £350 on anodised bolts (ekk) from Pro-Bolt they should arrive Wednesday. Will update with more info once supplier comes back to me.
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    @Bibs Ive posted about the offer on to them cheers mate
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    Healthy or not - the way we fish (globally) is a disgrace. However much anyone criticises modern farming techniques, eating meat is at least self sustaining - by that I mean that what we (re)produce, we eat (in one form or another). Fishing has (historically) massively taken from the sea with little thought about replacing what is taken. Over fishing and industrialised trawling has had a massively negative impact on the environment. On the whole, I believe the UK has responded in a better way to control fishing and protect areas for fish to re-generate. Farmed fish have also had a beneficial effect. If other Countries continue to abuse the environment and also infringe our waters, what long term chance do we have? The quota system has led to enormous amounts of catch just being thrown back, either dead or to die - a total waste and a classic example of not thinking through the implications of EU Policy.
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    I'll be glad to offer them a FoC, no strings attached fully featured hosting account if they are interested? TLF already does this for several other Lotus clubs inc LEC and Autobahnstorners etc.
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    The 380 is a great car for sure, the sound of the car is awesome. If your budget allows I would recommend the 410 as it does and has everything the 430 has (bar the titanium exhaust ) and a couple of superficial air vents etc and unless your Lewis Hamilton you wont tell the difference.
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    Hi mate, After a total lack of feedback from AIM over questions I had, I went and ordered a GARW. Delivery due in December sometime... cheers Mark
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    Yep thats the car. But there still ws a question mark when trying to prove it. I hadnt noticed the studio car didnt have ski racks which lends support to the fact there were three cars used of which Mikes was the studio car. Its was restored by and now has ski racks and is in Monaco. I believe they were tryingbto sell it and put a video of it on you tube, which therevis a link to on this thread somewhere! Your correct about my memory, I have so much to remember for my job I sometimes forget some of the 4909 posts I have made on here! heres the Monaco car. I leave it to you to judge the resto quality.
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    Over the weekend I managed to get a little work done on test fitting the mesh discs on the intake side of the car. I tried two sizes to be safe and found the one size fitted perfectly inside the OEM intake elbow which is retained and connected to the back of the carbon scoops. The idea behind using a fabricated mesh disc is to keep the install simple and clean whilst also allowing the scoops to be used regardless of if using an aftermarket intake or OEM airbox. Have to say im very happy with the test fit. The disc is pretty tight on fitment but will be further secured using a jubilee clip around the outside of the intake elbow. Forgive the dirty car! This is the view when you get your head into the scoop and look up ... not that any normal person does this haha The discs are fabricated from stainless steel so my original plan of anodising black is not going to work. Thanks @GFWilliams for the reminder... so im going to get them powder coated black. Really happy how the kit is coming on
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    Looks good Fabian - time to do the white one now
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    Reminds me of Dany's Elite.
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    All this talk about splitters motivated me to take one of mine. With the weather being pap I had a play with some filters. Quite surprised at the result
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    Kim and his good lady plus @Sparky & Tracy plus myself and Mrs internets are also at the premier inn. Just arrived in fact.
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    Pretty sure it's 5/8BSP. I took opened-up swage ends from an old pair down to the local hydraulic specialist to have them form a short link pipe. Just be cautious on the bend radius of the hose. You will need a decent spec hose that can flex accordingly.
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    Customer Retention? New suits at Lotus haven’t reached that page in Marketing For Dummies yet.
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    12c is a bargain and will most likely still get cheaper. Perfect compliment to Evora NA in my view. Evora NA cheap to run (I await a clutch bill but averaged over my so far 13.000 miles, I can weather that), 12c not so cheap to run but gives so much back in performance, ride, steering, major event feel on every outing and sheer class. The running costs will put a lot off but for me, 12c fits better than a 410 or 430, as the suspension on those, for me, is disappointing and not dashboard adjustable as on a 12c. And the Spyder is just great, as you can have the back window down with the roof up for aural exhaust heaven. McLaren is the reason I don't think Lotus can follow that business model. I cannot see Lotus competing with the McLaren showroom appeal, so best avoid that clash. I think Geely are most likely doing the right thing, aiming as I understand for more user-friendly GT cars. For me, price will be the key to success and as Geely have managed to make Volvo SUV appealing against a tidal wave of opposition, I have hope. Good luck to all at Hethel and to Geely. Justin
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    That GT3 was nice - but it was multiple shades of orange and had previous evidence of paintwork and repairs on the front of it when I saw it. At £32k it was very rich. £25k more reasonable. £21k a decent buy. Inside was lovely - couldn’t look under the hatch or underneath as it was crammed in the showroom. Don’t think it had much in the way of recent works with it ?
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    Welcome to the forum. If you need anything please don't hesitate to ask a Modertor!
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    Petrolicious' take on the Evora GT - no video unfortunately
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    The MOT for LHD conversion passed. The normal roadworthiness stuff had few minor items that need to fixed. Esprit is now legally a lhd car. This feels like the goal line and the remaining stuff is just details. Can't stop smiling....
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    I'm thinking about going along to a track day at Bedford Autodrome but I'm a little worried about the noise limits there. The limits on the day I intend to visit are 101 dB(A) Drive-by 87.5 dB(A). I have a S1 NA Evora, I believe it has the Lotus motorsport exhaust otherwise as far as I know it is stock. Will it pass the noise tests? I don't have a sound meter or know anyone with who has one so I don't have a method to check my self.
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    @Stun01 are we on different forums as EA ECU re-map capabiltiy is well documented on here as the ONLY current place for some time with the right kit to do ecu mapping, though obviously more are / will be coming! This is outside of course, of the Komotec "kits".

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