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    Well after waiting over 4 years with my deposit down for a new TVR and no car in sight I started to look around, and eventually settled on an Evora. looking forward to it arriving on Thursday.
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    The old man came round and demanded a picture while I was cleaning the car. He was chatting about it all and how he signed off every stage personally and how he cocked up because he doesn't have a single picture of him with the design team and engineers who did the car from start to finish. he considers it a total Team effort but secretly I think he considers it his swansong from the Motor Industry he loved so much and all the designs he has either personally been involved in or that he instigated/oversaw. And didn't he do well. It's a stunning car with amazing engineering from top to bottom. Very proud to own something so personal to him. Also interesting to note that he considers both McLaren and Ferrari to have used the design for the basis of their cars. true when you look at them!
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    A few years ago a young frizzy haired chap called @Barrykearley asked on here where he might find a set of carpets for his S3. Being a domestic carpet supplier/fitter with a wife who's a wizard with leather, I thought, we can do that, offered my help, and armed with a roll of paper and some carpet samples headed off to Worcestershire. The rest is history. Things have come a long way...Barry no longer has his S3, or any hair, and tomorrow morning our 50th set of carpets will be shipped off to the USA. So a huge thanks to all those people who have recommended, supported, and helped us get our little cottage industry off the ground.
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    900 miles at the weekend, mainly based around the NC500 route in Scotland. Excellently organised by the team at Rev. Limits. Some pictures of my car from the event.
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    Car is now cleaned again and tucked away safely under the TLF cover. I also received my new helmet (Bell GP3) which I got painted by KSD Custom Paint. He managed to turn it around in less than a week and it's absolutely stunning. I'm really happy with the design I did, nice and simple, and the black is Lotus Motorsport Black, so has a bit of flake in it.
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    Finally!! And the S1 started first time and didn’t miss a beat after 4 months hibernating. The Essex on the other hand......paging GST - incoming!
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    Collected my first Esprit today. Anyone know this car? The guy a bought it from claims it is the only GT3 in Nautilus Blue. Anyone know differently? And another couple.
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    Today, 15 May 2019, is the 45th birthday of the Elite, launched on 15 May 1974 - also a Wednesday. Happy birthday Elite!
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    Some I took this morning. I had some black vinyl added under the doors from the scoops. I think it really finishes off the car
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    Today I woke up super early and drove to North Wales. Loving the stance on the car now!
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    First time I've ever had a car professionally photographed... i'm looking forward to receiving the hi-rez images over the next week (I'll post them in due course...).
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    The Stormtrooper has finally graduated to become Vader...… 400 Hethel Edition in motorsport black...collected it !
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    TA DAAA! My super duper supercharged Elise S! I worked on the theory that, supposedly, if you buy something like a 134bhp CR, then in a year or so you'll want a few more bhp, and we all know that selling/buying a car loses a few £grand, so I talked myself into spending a bit(!) extra and going for something that already has ~220bhp*! Tragically the rain today meant I couldn't really unleash all those horses (I'm new to this "amusing" power/weight ratio world, remember!) but I am certainly looking forward to having some fun in this soon! (How many exclamation marks have I used in today's posts?!!!!!!!!!! Anyone would've thought I'm kinda excited!!!!) *Yes, yes, I're going to say that this time next year I'll be sniffing around some crazy-bhp Exiges.......!
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    First trans-pennine run on 2019. Westerdale area of North Yorkshire
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    New owner and member as of this weekend
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    Pulled the S4 out of the garage and cleaned off the layer of winter dirt and grime.
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    The TR is that little bit closer to being race ready once more. Last rallied 39 years ago progress on the engine is now heading in the right direction .
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    Brenner Pass (Austria - Italy), returning from Hockenheim Historic 2019 Jim Clark Revival with Club Lotus Italia (+40 Lotus cars from Italy)
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    I think you get a compulsory 2 day ban, and sit in a corner to consider your actions, for mentioning the b word.
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    A few months ago Bibs contacted me to ask if Mrs Bazza's Elise could be used for some filming to represent Lotus. The car was picked up and used for filming in Hertfordshire and then used on another day down in Beaulieu. It was pitted against a Porsche Boxter and the aim was to show how each car rescued its car company from bankruptcy. The programme will be aired at 8pm on Tuesday 21st May on ITV4. I've no idea how good it will be but it's probably worth watch.
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    Well it's been a bit of a while since the last update. The 410 went in for its first service but despite having a look I've still got one last rattle to get sorted. Oakmeres thought they had it but looks like we need another go. Im struggling to find time to get over. Other than that everything has been fine we are up to just under 5000 miles now which is a lot for me to cover in my own car as im usually tooling about in the van. It continues to impress. As previously detailed it genuinely outclassed the GT4 I was quite surprised. The next car was always going to be a 991 gt3 but I don't think that for me the steering will be good enough assuming it's the same as the GT4. Its epas and I just don't think it works. Recently I had chance to have a go in a surprising contender for the Evora in the shape of a McLaren 570. A chance call into the Manchester branch for a quick drool and it's amazing the deals they are offering on these things. You can be in a new one for about the retail on a 430. They seem very keen to shift stock which is no surprise in the current climate. I went over to the Leeds dealership. I really like these guys. Nick is ex Lotus some may well have bought from him. The 570 is quite a thing. Brutally quick. Super chassis and ride. Again for me that old thing of the steering comes back in and for all its other attributes I would still maintain that for a drivers car our humble Evora has it by a point. May be one to revisit but the stronger Lotus residuals are appealing plus the Mac running costs are truly next level. No Lotus have the best car on the market for it's price that's for sure.
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    Well I have nearly got the second tank in on the real one. I want this finished fir the summer so will be going fir it after the next two weeks. Second tank is nearly in, so I'm back to where I was before. Gearbox figured out how to remove the reverse gear and spindal, just undo the bolt on the outside of the case that pins it in and slide it out! Very easy, I wish I. Knew that before the aquablasting! Now need to get this case aquablasted and then the gearbox can be reassembled. I have a spring balance for shim calibration and a new half shaft with new bearing from PNM. Should take too long to put back together, maybe a day of two if there are problems. The new gear wheel is waiting to go in with new synchro. O have just purchased a 12 volt blue tooth FM transmitter for £10. What is that you say? Well you plug it into the cigarette lighter. It links via blue tooth with your iPhone and converts the audio signals into an FM signal you can tune in in your cockpit stereo. Hands free telephone and iPhone music with no Wires! Sounds to good to be true, maybe the sound quality will be awful, but worth a try for £10. Downside I now have to wire in both cigarette lighters! My seats are finished, so just have to pick them up from Mr Fulcher in Norfolk and install them. The fun part of this project! All new Hyde from Andrew Muirhead and the original James Bond Colour, Lotus Gold. An incredible effort of months of work, but worth it - 1981 were back good as new!
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    At a multi-club breakfast meet yesterday, I give you "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" - with the latter closest to the camera of course, . In the 'My rear wing is bigger than yours' contest, the winner is.................. OK, OK - the Supra has it, but mine is much prettier! For 8½ years old, and 70k miles (112k km) on the clock, she (oops, am I allowed to say that?) still scrubs-up quite well I think.
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    Both of the children back at home after winter hibernation!
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    I can confirm that the Sparkletives package is very good value for money,. In fact I swear by it. The complete kit covers a range of jobs, including wiper motor replacement (always a favourite, that), and rear hub lower link replacement.
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    Little bit of a noise from the front left. Decided to have a look. The anti roll bar bolt had undone! I can't blame anyone as I built it! Still torqued back up, both front wheel bearings adjusted and I made it to Newlands corner. Engine needs tuning constantly, else the shutdown backfire comes back! Running real,well with a small leak from the cam shaft cover! A young lad was telling his dad how he had that car at home. I laughed to myself, I remember being in that situation in July 1977 - but no longer!
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    Upgrade to gold membership - and get a provenance cert from the factory as part of the deal. That’ll show you
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    .........removing the rust from, then repainting, the mesh grilles. Talk about losing the will to live, . Worth it in the end though, as they now look a million times better than they did this morning and with the show season just about to kick off, I wouldn't want to give the Porker fan-boys anything to slag. By saturating a cloth in plastic trim restorer solution and attaching it to the end of a long flexible rod which was inserted from the engine bay, I even managed to get the ducts behind the 'shoulder' scoops restored back to pretty much as-new condition. I've now rewarded myself with a nice cold bottle of American hard cider which is going down a treat as I contemplate tomorrow's plan of action to deal with the literally hundreds of stone chips on the front bumper - don't know why that's the only bit of the car that didn't have protective film applied to it. What a great way to spend a couple of days off work but at least the weather makes it very pleasant to spend hours outdoors.
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    Time to discuss thoughts about my car and things I’d like to do in the future... As I’ve said previously, I have no intention of ever selling the car, so the more I can get it to “perfection” for me, the happier I’ll be. With that in mind, there are a few things I’d like to eventually do. First of all, the gear linkage. While it’s accurate with the SSC cables, and I don’t ever mis shift, the exposed shifter from the Sport 350 onwards both looks a lot better, but also feels better. The 430 Cup press car I drove was very tight though, so I have my concerns that it might not actually be an improvement in some ways. My original thoughts were to try and get the factory parts, but unfortunately it seems like there are underlying differences which mean it might not work on an Exige S. The gearbox cables come out on different sides of the gearbox on the newer cars, well as they both come out on the same side on my car. I would have liked to change the linkage mechanism on the transmission side too, but it seems that’s not possible. I will try to measure the distance of throw on the cables on an exposed linkage Exige, then on mine and see how they compare. If the distance is close enough, the conversion may be possible. The problem still remains that it’s expensive to do at over £2500 in parts, without labour... The other option is to go with the Inokinetic ShiftR111. It’s a nice looking thing, but I’m not aware of any V6 Exige which have fitted it. I also don’t know how it compares to the factory linkage in feel. I’m hoping to visit their facility next week to try to have a proper look at it. My thinking is that if they have a version which works for Evoras, the Elise/Exige version should work fine, but it remains to be seen when I visit and work it out. The other option involves a bit of waiting, but is to install a DSG gearbox when someone develops it and makes it work. Several people tell me they’re working on it, but it’s not simple by the sound of it. It requires new ECUs to make it work, so also not going to be cheap. To me, the idea of a DSG gearbox appeals massively, with bonuses in how easy it is to drive in traffic, and also with performance benefits. Stick in a lightweight battery and you’ve negated most of the weight difference too. So moving on from the linkage, there are some visual changes I’d like to do. These are all things I’d like to do, it’s just a question of exactly how, and what order. I want to do: - Big Wing - 380 front service hatch - 430 Cup rear diffuser - Finish trimming interior Big wing - I was thinking that I’d like to eventually do a Cup R kit. Thinking about it, I think that compromises the car as a road car too much as I can no longer easily use the boot. Of all the aftermarket wings, Komo-tec have had the best looking one for quite a while, then IMO the 380 Cup wing is the best looking of all the OEM wings. Of course, the 380 Cup wing from Lotus is silly money so not a viable option for me to justify. The good news thought is that SSC in Australia have now started making a 380 Cup replica wing, which looks identical, maybe even better quality than OEM. It even has carbon end plates instead of plastic ones from Lotus. So I think I’ll go for this 380 Cup replica wing, it works out as about £1200 plus £200 in postage. It will likely have duty also when it comes into the UK. If anyone else in the UK is interested, then postage cost will reduce per person I’m sure (dm me). 380 front service hatch - I think this will freshen up the look of my car quite a lot, but I’m not a fan of the look in carbon as it breaks up the yellow a lot. I’ve been trying to decide how I’d like it for the last 6 months and still can’t make up my mind. Either paint the 380 hatch (may as well go for GRP if painting) in Liquid Yellow, or I go for carbon. There was a yellow 380 with a painted front access panel, and to be honest I don’t think it looked great, but it was solar yellow, which doesn’t really show the shape as much as Liquid Yellow. 430 Cup diffuser - not much debate on this one, I want to do it, it’s just getting round to it. Cost is about £600. Finish Trimming interior - this will be done next month with D:Class. I dropped in a few weeks ago to discuss it all with them and we decided to keep things fairly simple with design as I think too much can ruin a car. So we decided to do: - Dash top in Alcantara with black diamond stitch. We will also hope to trim in the race logic lap timer so it’s nicely integrated. I also want to get a clear section put in for my parking permit to slide into (annoying, but better than having it in the windscreen) - Steering cowling - Black Alcantara over full area. They’ll also make my carbon dash binnacle fit for me - Roof lining - Black Alcantara with black stitching - Door trims - Black leather and black Alcantara - yellow diamond stitching. - Trinket tray - annoying as the one bit which can’t be removed as it’s part of the chassis - will be trimmed in Alcantara with a yellow stitch along the leading edge. I'm not in a rush to do any of this stuff really, it all costs quite a bit of money, and my aim for this year is to spend more time on track, so I don't want to waste all of my money making the car look pretty when I could be using it for track time & tuition.
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    Met up with two fellow Evora owners earlier today. First some inspired driving on the back roads south of Stockholm. Then lunch at a nice café outside Nynäshamn. The blue and the black one are built almost at the same time, only 8 numbers separate the VIN. They were both bought as demonstrators by the former Lotus dealer in Gothenburg.
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    Good day, just joined the forum. I’ve had a lot of different cars over the years, particularly British marques. I’m really enjoying the Evora, my first Lotus. cheers, Darryl
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    Sun? Who needs sun? Nikon Speedlights into a home-made softbox and a bit of Photoshop...
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    Hi Guys, Sol Bell & Colvill delivered my new toy on Saturday, thanks guys, great service have to say it just looks epic, I normally wouldn't choose this colour as I normally go more lary but it really does suit it. Hopefully after the stitch up that was the 380 Cup(that really did leave a bad taste and nearly moved me away from Lotus) that this will be a keeper, I'm hoping it's title as the fastest Lotus Production car will stand as the last of this analogue era before the Hybrid models kick in next, as I would guess this is the way Lotus will head with any new models. Now I just need to give it a spin Cheers, Paul.
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    Couple of pictures from a nice run out after meeting the lovely LEGS folks for brekkie at the Anglers Inn in Guildtown, Perthshire. I needed to leave early to support my wife who was doing a cycling event but managed to get parked up in some nice spots
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    @ricvx Here are a few of you 'in action' at Knockhill
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    I spent all day Sunday sitting around at the 14th annual St. George's Day British car show, put on by a car club I'm involved with over here . Being Scottish-born, albeit raised in Canada from a young age, I had to find some way to deal with the rampant English chauvinism inherent in a St. George's Day event . So I made sure that my car was properly displayed:
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    After 5 weeks, I finally got my car back yesterday! So as mentioned above, whilst it's been away it's had: - New track rod ends due to wear - 3 way Nitron Dampers Rebuilt as one of them had seized adjustors - Front springs changed from 550lbs to 750lbs - Front uprights machined to allow for 2 degrees of camber - New Cup 2 tyres - 215/45/17 & 285/30/18 I got the car back and at first thought "what the hell have I done". The car was all over the place over bumps, tram lining badly, and just not pleasant on the brilliant Surrey roads... This morning I went for a drive and stopped a few times to adjust the dampers and got things to be really nice. To give reference, it was set as 10 clicks of rebound all round, and 8 clicks each for both high speed and low speed compression. I have only adjusted the compression as I need to jack the car up to do rebound, but I changed the high speed compression to 16 all round (so softened a lot, which gives more compliance over bumps in the road), then on low speed compression I did 5 clicks on the front and 8 clicks on the rear(so stiffer on the front for compression in cornering). My reason for stiffening up the front was in an attempt to change the balance of the car to get more grip on the rear. With 2 degrees of camber the turn in is absolutely insane, so the back comes round quite readily. I feel like softening up the rebound (more so on the rear) will make the car feel even better still on the road. Being honest, the stiffer front springs, plus more front camber, do make the car worse on the road, meaning it follows bumps in the road more and has less ability to absorb bumps. I knew this was likely to be the case, and on track I believe the car is going to feel a lot better now. Of course, I can't make a judgement on this until I've done a trackday. For track (depending on track and conditions), I will stiffen the dampers up a load and learn what settings work best. Overall, I'm really happy with the changes, the car feels more "alive" and sharper, so I have no doubt that on smooth roads, and on track, it's an improvement and I think it will make me faster on track. Still got an annoying rattle coming from the front of the car which will be investigated next week. One of the joys of having a higher milage car I guess. I try to replace bits when needed and over service it to sort problems before the occur. I'm a regular at Back on Track!
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    After rainy Easter, things are looking brighter! . My Esprit still needs lots of small details to be completed, but im still enjoying the process after almost 7 years!
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    I think what Chris was trying to say was the previous owner had the car painted and he was not sure of paint code... so finding a match was a lottery.. Chris , When I get Classics in like this we need to asses so many factors .. Finding a colour that matches as you have with the Masserati 496 is very hit and miss.. Expecting an edge to edge match in those circumstances is very optimistic.. It may be that it is the Azure blue or the original as per code that has bee previously applied , but the process used or the undercoat applied has influenced the shading... This is very common which is why we blend out even when the colour is close.. The flop you refer to will not apply on two stage metallic its just an excuse .. What will apply is the paint process and whether or not the base is drop coated or wet coated and ratio thinned. All of these can effect shading.. Another influence can be paint manufacturer , the same colour from say, Pro Spray will be different to Octoral or Sickens. etc.. If they are a pro body shop I would of expected them to get closer than that ... I would of test sprayed and tinted till it was as close as possible.. Point of note, these shade of blues are normally painted over Black otherwise they are too bright.. I could go on and on , saying how it should and could be done , but your body shop should have done that before starting the job.. It is not difficult to do this correctly you just need the right people .. when paying good money out you should expect good work back....... If I can be of any further help PM me..
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    Excellent progress today - sunning and drinking in the garden in glorious weather. Sod the GT3.

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