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    Hi Christopher, It was nice to meet you lat Caistor Hall last weekend. Very interesting to hear about your Lotus memorabilia and your memories of the Hethel site. Kind regards, Nick & Karen Bassett.
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    Welcome to LEGS. Hopefully meet up with you at one of our meets.
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    Hi Bud, just to let you know my Valet Pro arrived today. Thanks once again for a great service. John.
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    Hi Ant, Thanks for the attention. I'll give you further information about my Lotus Elite. It was built in 1977, registered in Italy in 1981; model 501, all the interiors (not just the seats) trimmed in Connolly leather ; colour gray, driver seat on the left, kilometers traveled 30.000, original chassis not galvanized, not rusty, chassis number 79/070226C; kept always in box, perfect conditions, equal to a new,no race. Cheers.Vito
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    I liked a @YouTube video SOUP - Classic Car Restoration E.04
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    Finally got the car back after a two year rebuild, now poor and penniless, But very happy. New turbos, Rebuild engine using forged pistons, Last Bell gearbox, Last Lotus uprated springs/dampers, New enlarged AP disks and calipers all round, Sandblasted/ powder-coated all removable bits (It's no longer a shed underneath!) All new radiators, New twin plate clutch, new hosing throughout, new AC pump. New sports cats and exhaust. new windshield. Had the car remapped.... OMG
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    Your Excel Purchase? (looks great BTW) anything to do with turning 50? lol Just done the same (17th Feb) and bought myself (or Son if talking to the Mrs!) an Éclat restoration project. Happy Birthday
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    lurking and looking to get back into a Lotus....
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    Merry Christmas to all my friends on TLF. Also have a happy and peaceful new year. Wayne ( top-plumber)
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    Hi Mike, I see you are posting again on the forum. The forum has not forgotten you! Hope all is well, Wayne
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    Just to let all TLF members who may be in the Oxford area that I managed (somehow!) to get an entry to the Salon Privee event at Blenheim Palace next Sunday 3rd July from 9am with my Gold S2 if anyone wants to pop along
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    Meeting at Mickey's Rock Café, top of Detling Hill, on Sunday morning, 29th May. On the A249, on the left, just past the Kent County Showground, ME14 3HT 08.00 - midday, or whenever you get there. Cafe is open from 07.00. All TLF/Lotus welcome! This could become a regular meet if enough people support it, so please make an effort! 2 people like this Like t
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    Thanks for your comments Moxie. If you go to my facebook page there are some cracking photographgs taken by the local press a couple of week ago. She is due out in the papers in about 3 wees timeas amotoring feature. Barn fin last year in Sussex, been in the shed for 9 years bt still looked after by her PO. 48 k miles and only 2 owners, now at 54k and having fun.
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    Thanks Bibs for a truly fantastic evening and day. It was absolute magic. (Just don't mention the *&^%$ safety brief £""!$). I'll message Bazza and suggest perhaps "Remember: Safety Brief" be written somewhere on a form, or alternatively, instruct the stewards, as we enter the enclosure in the morning, to remind each of us, for the benefit of first-timers. Was so looking forwards to that. Can't wait till next year now. I think the date is a perfect time of the year. With a turnout like that it obviously suits hundreds of people without getting in the way of summertime clashes. And two (or three?) years of brilliant weather! Met a lot of great people too, which is one thing I really loved ie chatting to people. I wanted to ask if there's a way to search for members on the forum. There doesn't seem to be. I've found a few people, but others (like your Navy guy in the Evora on the banking) are elusive. Thanks so much for having Mike Kimberley there. Dream come true. Overall, a million Thanks! (from Karen as well).
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    Thanks Andy and thanks to all the team was a really enjoyable day, if a tad exhausting because as a newbie I foolishly signed up for everything and was sprinting from mbw to brooklands + vice versa but all worth it!!
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    Well done today. See you next year perhaps.
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    Please add me to the forum Debbie Evans Elise 135R Portsoy
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    Hi John, just wanted to let you know I am now the owner of your Evora IPS. Purchased it last July from the chap you sold the car to. I wanted to purchase it from you when you first advertised it for sale but was waiting for a Liver Transplant at that time. Anyway that's water under the bridge and I now own it and I'm very happy with it. ive included a photo, you probably don't approve of the addition of the stripes but I just wanted something a bit different. Regards, Michael
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    Hi Bibs, here I am. best regards PA.
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    Morning Bibs caps arrived yesterday cheers Andrew
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    @Buddsy @Buddsy @Buddsy @Buddsy @Buddsy @Buddsy @Buddsy @Buddsy @Buddsy @Buddsy @Buddsy @Buddsy @Buddsy @Buddsy @Buddsy @Buddsy @Buddsy @Buddsy @Buddsy @Buddsy @Buddsy @Buddsy @Buddsy @Buddsy @Buddsy @Buddsy @Buddsy @Buddsy @Buddsy @Buddsy Really nasty if it works here to! /Kim
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    Hi Bibs. Martin here (royal). I have binned your reminder to renew my membership and would like to renew please. My best, Martin.

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