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    So around 8 years ago, I changed a tacho on a mates Eclat. I asked what he wanted to do with the old one and as it was going to go in the bin I asked to keep it . seemed a shame to bin it as it had the lotus logo On the face fast forward now and I came across it in my old toolbox, and , used a scrap piston from a compressor at work to upcycle piston was machined with a flat to stop it rolling and turned out to accommodate the clock. new bezel made to fit Clock assembly and now on the mantelpiece Clock assembly and now on the mantelpiece
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    After an eight week COVID-19 shut down, imagine my surprise when it started first time. What was supposed to be a quick round the block ended up a two hour drive in the countryside Photo to mark the occasion. Good car!
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    After 5 years of hard work and graft my Downton mini fired to life this morning and sounded absolutely amazing, everything has been rebuilt so big smiles. Just lots of loose ends to finish off now like air in brake system, new smiths dual oil/water gauge was defective and leaking from temp bulb preventing running for more than a few seconds. Fit windscreen washer pipes and await a couple bits of trim to be manufactured by newton commercial. A little electrical work to finish like horn and spots then off for a suspension set up and the running it in before rolling road tune Lost track of the places this cars been moved and stored, been to two paint shops before Thompson’s who painted both Fabians cars got the finish and shut lines right. Happy day Dave
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    Hi all, newbie here. Bought this car last year from Leven Edinburgh. Believe this was the Lotus demonstrator at Goodwood. Absolutely love the drive. Also have a Turbo which is very fast but clinical in comparison. When you get back in the Lotus, it is a sensory overload - fantastic! Can’t wait until we can get back out for some epic road trips!!!
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    hello lotus fans. here 2 photos from my little tour today. I took the photos on a street that was still closed of course with the permission of the local police and community
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    A little 410 inspiration for my 400 Love the Carbon work from prodrive, that is lovely. Ohh and 11.5 kg saved just with the lid.
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    An Obituary printed in the London Times.... Says it all. Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as: - Knowing when to come in out of the rain; - Why the early bird gets the worm; - Life isn't always fair; - And maybe it was my fault. Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge). His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition. Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children. It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer sun lotion or an aspirin to a student; but could not inform parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion. Common Sense lost the will to live as the churches became businesses; and criminals received better treatment than their victims. Common Sense took a beating when you couldn't defend yourself from a burglar in your own home and the burglar could sue you for assault. Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap, and was promptly awarded a huge settlement. Common Sense was preceded in death, -by his parents, Truth and Trust, -by his wife, Discretion, -by his daughter, Responsibility, -and by his son, Reason. He is survived by his 5 stepbrothers; - I Know My Rights - I Want It Now - Someone Else Is To Blame - I'm A Victim - Pay me for Doing Nothing Not many attended his funeral because so few realized he was gone. If you still remember him, pass this on. If not, join the majority and do nothing.
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    Picture for no other reason other than started it. Drove out the garage. Went for a spin (at least 2 maybe even 3 metres) cleaned and polished to within an inch of its life, back to garage, cover on, sleeping again.
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    Glad everyone enjoyed episode 1 and we appreciate all the positive comments. We have done a more in depth video on the new Evora GT410.
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    It won't be easy but we've got to try
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    Yes nice trio. Mine is No 52, nearly finished after a 3 year resto. Will post some more pics of its restoration soon. (Rear hatch not closed)
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    Afternoon folks! I made this little film on the Esprit S1 for a virtual Facebook car show this weekend and thought some of you might be interested in seeing it too. I sent it to MJK before posting and he gave it his blessing, which was quite the honour! Hope you enjoy
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    All dressed up with no particular place to go
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    You can see two traces on the dyno chart. The black lines are from the full power run, which will be available in "Sport" and "Race" modes. The red lines are the reduce power setting in "Touring"/"Road" setting. This limits power to around 400hp and torque to around 450NM, which I figure is ample for most normal street driving and should hopefully improve fuel economy slightly. Switching to "Sport" mode gives me access to full power but still with full traction control. Going into "Race" mode retains full power but slackens off the traction control, which can be adjusted via the rotary dial and switched off entirely if required. Here are a few pictures of the installation. While it has taken an incredibly long time, Komotec has been brilliant and Daniel has kept me fully updated on progress. He is still working on ironing out the last few "bucks" (as he calls the "bugs") in the mapping but assures me that the car will be fully ready for collection by the bank holiday weekend. I really couldn't be more excited. The wait has been long, the process has not been without difficulty, but I hope ultimately it will all be worth it!
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    As we’re having a Bank Holiday Lotus love-in:
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    Having spoken to a few of the long time Lotus guys still at Hethal i can confirm my LOVE for Lotus is back on the straight and narrow, Jaguars/McLarens are not for me! I just need to have more patience like my good woman!
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    I don't think people are saying at all that we don't want seat belts, or "good infotainment systems" (for the record I have never had an issue with the infotainment systems in my Evoras and am still at a loss as to why people complain about them or pay extra as you will never get "quality" sound in a car! You will get better, but never real quality so why pay thousands more for it?). I also don't think people want exactly what we have now or are anti-change or stuck in the 50's/60's. That's just a stupid argument to be honest. I do think people want different, BUT, they don't want the baby thrown out with the bath water. So that means new models, new packaging BUT with the same focus on drivers, driving dynamics, handling and NOT on trying to out Bentley Bentley or out Range Rover Range Rover. The emphasis from the people on that Q&A video did not, for some on here, radiate the enthusiasm or passion "for the drivers" and I don't see anything wrong in that being called out. By all means, celebrate the fact that cars have seat belts and ipads and great infotainment systems, but that is not, I would argue, why the majority on here follow Lotus or buy Lotus. The elephant in the room is that people keep coming back to well the current models are not selling in enough volume, or the current approach is not delivering the sales. I would strongly suggest and argue that it doesn't bloody well take a rocket scientist to work out that if no one knows about your products, if no one knows they exist, if no one knows how great they drive, then why are you surprised that no one drives them or buys them? How many times on the "People's reaction to your Elise/Exige/Evora" threads do we hear, time and time again, how people are stopped at the shops and garages and the most common comments are: 1. Wow, a Lotus, I did not know they were still around / making cars 2. An Evora? Never heard of it, never knew Lotus made a car like that I always thought they just made those skateboards with engines (e.g. Elise) 3. Wow, Lotus does a four seater, I can get kids in the back of that? 4. Wow, they use Toyota engines and gearboxes, they'll be really reliable then? (or from Coxster owners, "How's your Camry?") I would strongly suggest that the reason the Evora has not sold is because Lotus, and the Evora, does not and has not resonated with the general public as they know bugger all about it, that it even exists. So, there's the issue. The engineers create wonderful cars but let's be frank here now, for 10 years or more, Lotus marketing has been complete and utter shite. Practically non existent. Poorly targeted and executed. Totally under funded and under appreciated by the "management". So given this, how surprised are we that more people do not buy a Lotus? What's the biggest complaint from the States? Lack of dealers. Poor dealers. No marketing. Little or poor factory backup or owners and models that are not sold in the US. The owners of there love their Lotus cars, The Evora owners on places like LotusTalk are hugely enthusiastic about their cars. The tuning scene in the US is huge compared to anywhere else. Some of the best aftermarket products are coming out of the US. Just imagine with a decent dealer network, good factory backup, and reasonable marketing and ask yourself WHY Lotus could not sell 5k cars a year in a market of almost 300m people! My own case. 6 years ago I never even knew the Evora existed and I considered myself a petrolhead and had mates and colleagues who had Elise's, but no one, even then, ever spoke about the Evora. By chance I went past the Edinburgh Lotus dealers forecourt on a tram and saw a red Evora NA and my eyes dropped off their stalks. 24 hours later that car was mine! I'd always lusted after an Esprit Turbo, but this new, modern Lotus was just wow. 6 years later, I fire up a presentation at work/clients and the current Evora jumps on to the screen as it is my background. EVERY TIME it gets a response. The number of "petrolheads" who are just wowed by it. never knew it existed, never knew what it was. And the ladies. Blimey, never had ladies comment on a car before the way they do on the Evora. SO, what's the issue? It ain't the engineering. It ain't the driving dynamics. It ain't the lack of cupholders or a decent stereo etc. First and foremost it is because too few people just know anything above modern Lotus or its cars - aside of course from the aficionado's on here which probably represents at least 60% of UK&I Lotus owners! Well, that's my humble opinion anyway.
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    Posted this little clip already at the restoration room. I was testing some new equipment and how to record Esprit engine sounds. Not there yet, but I have a plan...
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    Near 40 years of Lotus evolution.
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    GT430 on the Nordschleife
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    Phew! That’s a relief, just got my test result back
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    I've sent an email suggestion that I head over to the factory and carry out some interviews on a more one-to-one basis with some of the excellent AV equipment I have access to, the idea being to get more of a feel of the people who are now steering the company - their backgrounds, thoughts and ideas of the current and future. Fingers crossed they'll like the idea and we can get it done.
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    Fitting the liners , People have different ways of fitting liners, but this is the method I have used for years without issue . Once all the liners have the nip heights set / adjusted to required spec and are in correct orientation dry, mark them up so they can be removed and placed back in exactly the same position when sealant applied.. I do this by simply applying masking tape up the center line of the decks.. see Pics's Next jobs is to remove all liners and prep all parts ready for next stage, this is done so you are not looking for any part in the middle of a procedure ... Wipe all mating surfaces on liners and block with a spirit wipe to remove any oils etc. Prior to fitting liners it is time to refit all the block/head studs and locating dowels .. important to note these are torqued in with oiled threads , i also apply a small amount of blue thread lock. When all fitted prep area where liner # 1 is installed by first wiping with tack cloth , then smear the surface with your chosen sealant. Then prep the # 1 liner with tack cloth and apply sealant to the contact area. Carefully slide the liner into place . When fully down give slight twisting action side to side to ensure fully bedded . You will find this will be quite stiff to do compared to when dry.. Whilst doing this ,using a long straight edge align the datum marks on the decks to ensure fully straight in position .. Failure to do this now may cause alignment issues with the flats on the liners not being square to each other or even touching on the points. By the time you have prepped and fitted liner # 2 it will be awkward to re orientate # 1 , as the sealant will have already grabbed .. Repeat the same procedure on all 4 liners . You should get a nice bead of sealant at the base and all around the liner if fitted correct. Next job is to remove the masking tape markers and fit an old compressed but very clean head gasket, followed by the cylinder head. Torque the head down to 40 ft lbs in the recognised sequence, ( remembering to oil the threads) . This will compress the liners into their final position. Leave like this for circa 12 to 24 hours .. Before leave to fully cure, invert the engine . You will see another bead of sealant on the base of the liner. Remove this with a cloth and spirit wipe . Because the sealants used here are mostly anaerobic they will not fully cure in that environment. To prevent the sealant polluting the oil it is removed from that area, it is not an issue in the water jacket where it will dissolve and disperse . This conclude the fitting of the liners. Next job will be to match the pistons to the bores and gap the rings ..
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    A little video Lotus' to kill 10 minutes of your time. One thing is for sure - I'm a better at racing car than Vlogging (or whatever you call it) but here goes: View on YouTube website Planning on doing a couple of features on particular cars after this one. Hopefully my presenting skills will improve with practice.
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    It's changed my life more than getting the car did. I can honestly say that. But truly, the Lotus was integral to the promise I made myself to get a bit fitter and more comfy in my own skin. I started on a proper dietary program the day I drove it off the lot and that was announced to my wife when I bought the thing. I reckoned her help and approval would be useful on both scores As for getting the carbon, I've been doing that to the extent possible! Rewards are justified with the money saved by not eating like an American.
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    Picture envy here, so lockdown special
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    How time fly’s I can’t believe it’s over a month since I posted progress on the car and a lot has happened… both on the car front, on the garage/workshop refurb, oh and I guess lock down! With finishing off on the interior, with the recent retrim and carbon internal sills, a few bits stuck out namely the passenger airbag cover. So, I decided to replace it with a carbon one. I couldn’t quite get the fitment right with tape as it seemed to add a gap due to the thickness of the tape. In the end I purchased the original clips from Lotus and it fits perfectly! It may be somewhat OCD but I’ve never been keen on the silver bolts that are dotted around the car, so gradually started the process of replacing them with anodised black ones from ProBolt. I first started with the petrol cap, then the internal door sills, before finishing with the door cards. I do love this shot, it really shows off the lines of the Exige V6 especially with the extended sills and mirrors I may have become somewhat impatient as some bolts weren’t available due to the pandemic so upgraded to titanium in some cases lol The last part of the interior work for 2019/2020 winter was the gear shift surround, as you know both @GFWilliams and I managed to get the Lotus OEM 350 Sport Shifter retro fitted into our cars via Dan at HPE Auto. To say the upgrade is one of the top five upgrades to the car is an understatement! However, the original V6S warning signal switch isn’t a straight fit as the later models have a different switch setup, so I have my warning switch in close proximity but tucked nicely to the side and out the way. However, it leaves this hole in the shifter surround. I think it was @2GOOD who made me aware that the 311 Lotus has the same shifter design but doesn't have a hazard switch and Lotus cover it with a bung. So a quick look up on Deroure and I was able to find it and order. It seems a small part but it actually sits in quite nicely and helped ease the process of my next plan of attack. With the surround smoothed out nicely the surround was lovingly covered in carbon fibre for final skinning. Im a very very happy chappy with the final results and I cant thank enough the guys did an awesome job and sent me updates all the way through the process. I'll try and post some pics of the whole interior now and some of the shifter fitted. I think the interior winter upgrade program is now finished. Phew!
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    Well well well. I'm sorry I havnt read all 1768 posts but I'm sure you are all correct!! Working in a specialist hospital in the northwest has given us challenges. I came back from leave mid march to all of this and then promptly caught the virus (no test but for gods sake, what else could it have been?) Off for a week but took a month to be anywhere normal. And thats a mild case. I have colleagues who were really sick. All of our elective work has stopped and we are doing the trauma for the local hospitals to give them some breathing space. learning how to fix hips, femurs and forearms after 5 years of not doing so a small challenge but fun actually. Hoping we might return to some sense of normality soon but how remains a problem. We are trying to modify our theatre breathing apparatus to include a 99.9% filter atm. Even if we succeed, it wont be CE marked etc etc so... whats the point? Satisfying ourselves I guess. I love the thursday clapping thing but I feel the thanks should go to the traditionally un-thanked - those who actually keep the country going yet aren't in obviously key-jobs. They have to continue to work yet seem forgotten. Farmers, shop workers, cleaners, transport, etc etc. My claps are for you. I'm hoping all of our friends on here remain well and I look forward to better times. Si
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    You know reading these comments just makes me smile. I think that this is one of the key areas of Lotus cars that the journalists, the driving public and probably the current Lotus leaders in the Boardroom just do not really get. Whether you buy an Elise, an Exige or an Evora, you are genuinely getting what I would, with huge respect, call old school mechanics - in other words a solidly engineered, well built (I'm talking about the important bits not the plastic - does not matter what quality it is, it is still plastic) and thought out "performance car". One that has been built to be tracked and enjoyed. One that has reliability built in these days. That can take punishment on the open road and track. That will, if not abused, out live most things that are built today (I reckon a V6 Exige at 10 years old will look, drive and feel better than an Alpine at 10 years old). The chassis of all three cars is exceptionally strong. The suspension is sublime and in all variants the engines are pushing our reasonable stats BUT NOT, or nowhere near, their mechanical limits. The solidness of todays Lotus cars is really under appreciated. You won't see Lotus engines, from the past 15 years eating themselves like Porsche did. You won't see suspension turrets cracking and popping the shock through the bonnet like a GT4 does. Yet the benchmark is always Porsche as they have slightly easier ingress, better quality "plastics", and a better "image". Go figure what the smart, thinking people buy.... @DrBru - worry about the stereo in a Lotus. The absence of cupholders. The plasticy bits here and there. But rest assured you don't need to worry about anything that is really important! All the best with your search. Happy hunting. Shoot to kill and nail that deal. High mileage = absolute fooking performance bargain = more smiles per miles than you are entitled too. Right, on to the next bottle of wine in this lockdown heaven after a day building drystone walls in the garden with not a cloud in the sky. Heaven - well, as close to I 'll get to it whilst I can't drive the Lotus.... :)
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    Okay guys, here's the moment you've been waiting for! It's all fitted... First of all I wanted to change a couple of aesthetics inline with my car's colour scheme and also to make it a little more individual. To that end I've sprayed the upright brackets gunmetal and also sprayed the mount bases matt black as it matches in better with the plastics on my car. Other than that, it's standard for now Fitting was straightforward, the SSC instruction booklet is pretty comprehensive, the only things it omits is what washers to use where. It's pretty obvious in the end but there you go. As advised I removed the original fin and placing them side by side as you can see in the pic demonstrates the considerable size difference! While they were both off and in the spirit of all things Lotus I had a little weigh in. Old wing, including all hardwear was 4.23 kg, new wing is 4.75kg so an increase of 500g which isn't bad considering the surface area is probably double! Everything went together without issue really, there were one or two sticky threads where I had to be careful not to retap them but most importantly everything lined up first time. As recommended I left all bolts loose until everything was in place, had a visual inspection and as mentioned, I was quite surprised that everything was nice and symmetrical! As recommended I left the attitude adjustment in the central position, I may fiddle with it more later. Basically having the wing canted more downward at the front produces more downforce. TBH I just wanted the angle that looked best Very happy with the look, makes the car far more aggressive, front canards next I think Only thing I think I'll change to begin with is the finish of the end plates as I'm not sold on the polished carbon but I need to think on it... So, in summary, very happy! I think I'd have to say it's the best value carbon fibre wing available for the V6! It's not completely perfect but it's really not far off! Also, as shown earlier neither is my genuine standard fin. I would bet that if someone had a chance to get a real close look at one of the 60 Cups out there that there'd be a few gaps too... On with the pictures!
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    Not sure which side of the fence I am on in this thread Constantly criticising the groups future products and the direction they are heading is not helping anyone, especially as it looks like we are all reading between the lines and coming to a conclusion that things are in dire straits or as in the other camp things are looking rosy and the Group needs time. To be honest we do not have a clue what’s coming because the company as not released enough information to make a fair judgment and yes they take some blame for that lack of information. Do you have a bigger say in the future products if you only buy new cars from the factory as opposed buying from the used market that’s up for debate, for me having purchased two of my five car Lotus history from new I would say no because there is a very likely chance that if you are buying a used Lotus the previous owner could well be buying a new lotus product. Lotus have always been at the forefront of cutting design and technology until the last two decades when they have not had two pennies to rub together and yet still managed to make great cars. So let’s hope the big investment in the brand keeps the present owners happy, but even more so brings new customers for the first time and like US LOT the present enthusiasts it will be the first of many Lotus that they buy. Challenging times for the automotive industry and for the whole world. Let’s hope a some good comes out of these dark times and we carry on with this lively debate for years to come.
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    Finally picked up my new car today at the Lotus dealer who helped me with the import. One previous owner in Germany since new. 1994 S2 in Empire green with only 49,000 km on the meter(!). Drove it back home,, some 263 km. Seems to be a great car, although I noticed that the power steering is making some noice. Probably need an overhaul during the winter.
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    Update... oil pump housing and gears fully packed with vaseline jelly, oil cooler sandwich plate removed and voilà! After 15 seconds of cranking a smile appear on my face, I have pressure! Gauge are reading 50 just with the cranking speed so everything goes well this time, now I need to sort out a little leaking from fuel pump connector and than I will try to start it after 10 years of sleeping.
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    Have to say the full carpet set even though its extra weight is definitely worth its weight in improving the aesthetics and feel of the overall interior coming together with the alcantara and carbon fibre elements
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    21. The Missile Bay Progress was waylaid over the winter whilst filming in Spain for Kawasaki, and on return the UK coronavirus lockdown took its toll in many ways, leaving the rear luggage area half re-trimmed for a few months. Apart from the rear bulkhead carpet behind the engine cover having rotted the original rear luggage boards and carpet were in very good condition, with only a little wear. Though the nearside inner wheel arch cover and the rear quarterlight window ‘shelves’ were missing. Three years earlier the carpet covering the bulkhead was removed in clumps using a paint scraper with only the upper portions around the window being intact. Having considered buying a carpet set, I decided to see if I could obtain something more in keeping with what mine had. Over a couple of weeks I acquired 10 samples of corded and box weave carpet from various suppliers, with a couple of them extremely similar to that to the original. I settled on an anthracite cord with a grey fleck which was about the right thickness to offer both soundproofing, resilience to wear and also be malleable enough to cope with the tight corners around the boot boards. Paul Clapham allowed me to examine and photograph the rear quarterlight ‘shelves’ from his original S1, and a template made from which the plywood could be cut. New marine grade plywood was bought from my local builders merchant and the old boot boards used as templates. The carpet from the old boot boards was carefully peeled from underneath to expose the wooden edge, and used to draw a template on the plywood with a sharp pencil, then overwritten in dark ink, ready to be cut using a jigsaw. My local trimmer made the inner wheel arch covers, using the inner rear wheelarch cover on the offside was missing as a pattern to remake the opposite side. Also edging the window ‘shelf’ carpets and bulkhead window to the original style and specification, Whilst that was being done I test fitted the boards before spraying them in primer and given a coating of satin black to replicate the originals. Then cut the new carpet to fit, using strong trimmers glue and clamped in place using lengths of wood I’d used to make the storage box for the rear hatch glass a few years earlier. The trimmer delivered the edged carpet after making a supreme effort to measure the rear bulkhead and window aperture. The seat belt reels had to be removed to fit the bulkhead carpet, which took a few hours, but its addition has been welcome, after been driving the car around the previous 6 months without it my ears are certainly thankful! The rear quarterlight shelves were also completed with correctly shaped and edge carpet and glued down. Deciding to add a smear at the seat belt end to make sure it all remained flat. Originally the glue wasn’t applied to the wood around the seat belt retainer cut-out. The rear upright boards were fitted to cover the backs of the rear lights, and fixed in place to the refurbished angle brackets taken from the original boards. With the car being tucked away in the garage the whole job spanned the winter months, but the results matching the original boards perfectly. Finished off with the battery box top and stainless steel fixings completed the rear luggage compartment and the S1 was another stage further to completion.
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    Very cool looking tyre. Might be enough to keep me away from Pirelli a while longer I'm sure Cup2 R would be very popular with the GT3 trackday drivers too and there are many more of them. Also many more GT3 owners than GT2 and Pista owners! Just to get us back on topic:
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    My M100 Elan has got 281k miles on it. Just about run in.
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    I like both for different reasons. Can’t decide! I have been considering an Elise for years now and keep looking around... maybe it is decision time.
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    Police have been informed and now identified the bloke
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    Hmmm...have to feel sorry for Lotus, they seem to be able to do nothing right - apparently. Firstly, how good anything is - is comparative. Perhaps I've missed it; but I've never heard anyone say that an Elise, or even the more heavy Evora, isn't 'fun - but if we were in the 1960's no-doubt people would be horrified if it were proposed Lotus would produce a 'stripped out' little sports car weighing 930kg - that's 40% more than an Elan Sprint. No doubt people would be sending their letter in - complaining it was a right porker and would handle like a Elephant on a roller skate. No doubt those people would bemoan that a 'real' sports car should't have seat belts, any kind of side impact protection or crumple zones - because they, unnecessary and it takes the 'fun' out of driving. Sure, if you have an accident you might end up dead - but hey ho - you've had more fun driving your car then that 'future' chap who's managed to walk away with no more than a few bruises and will get to drive again. It seem to me ridiculous that people are complaining that Lotus are planning to offer a 'good' infotainment system - especially when I recall other owners complaining you can't get DAB Radios to work in an Evora - and since when was having bit of storage space so you could enjoy your car on a long drive, and heaven forbid actually go away on holiday in it, ever count as a bad thing? Frankly, I wouldn't want to buy a Lotus - but then every time I went on a long-weekend away I''d have to take the 'other' cat - because I couldn't fit a couple of overnight bags in it. Its as though some people would like to buy a Lotus and just have it sitting on their drive to look at - rather than maximise the time that you could enjoy driving it. I can recall when it wasn't uncommon for cars not to have powered assisted steering - and when they first came out road testers complained about a lack of steering feel. However, systems get better - and needs change. I can't help but feel that people are complaining about wanting a 'New Lotus' model - but at the end of the day - want them to be exactly the same as they already are - or even were 70 years ago. Since when did having a bit of space, and a better infotainment system, become mutually exclusive to having a great looking, great handing - and above all 'fun' car? The hard facts are that Lotus aren't selling enough cars - and that's on the bass of what that are currently offering. So they're going to have to offer a range of cars that broaden their appeal. Yes, I do hope they are comparatively light, yes I do hope that are comparatively compact and nimble, yes I do hope they are comparatively fast and dynamic - but I also hope they incorporate the cutting edge of technology and are not archaic and outdated even before they've come out.
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    Great shot over looking Switzerland! Still living in hope that our Alps trip this year can still go ahead! Desperate for a driving fix with alpine/mountain roads, especially after having to cancel last weekend's trip!

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