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    From our race last weekend (it should be noted that we won our class after 8 years of trying ) : Lotus Elite by Brian Knudson, on Flickr Lotus Elite by Brian Knudson, on Flickr
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    Mine is themed for Le Mans trip these year, had to be 75th Anniversary of D-Day landings . 3 cars, mine is the UK element.
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    I was sitting on the grass eating my sandwiches and enjoying the sunshine, I wasn't getting up to move the car! Couple more taken on the day -
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    Nice night in South Queensferry
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    Really chaps? This isn't in the spirit of TLF, it's nice to be nice so let's just be nice please. Thank you.
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    Last corner of Lola fitted, you may think I've been slacking but this corner had been left off purposely for easy access to the engine bay and underneath through the wheelarch. You may notice a bit of a theme going on...  Just awaiting engine bay surrounds and trim now, then the fun can begin with mechanicals.
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    First time I've ever had a car professionally photographed... i'm looking forward to receiving the hi-rez images over the next week (I'll post them in due course...).
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    Collected my first Esprit today. Anyone know this car? The guy a bought it from claims it is the only GT3 in Nautilus Blue. Anyone know differently? And another couple.
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    Bolted a few bits back on this afternoon. Its squeezed in the garage, but I couldn't resist a few pictures of the finish.
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    Here is a picture I acquired recently in this year of the Elite's 45th birthday. It shows the Elite in JPS livery as the course car at the 1974 British Grand Prix at Brands Hatch:
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    Lost a little something in changing it to a GIF but 10MB JPEG can't be uploaded!
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    Today, 15 May 2019, is the 45th birthday of the Elite, launched on 15 May 1974 - also a Wednesday. Happy birthday Elite!
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    So it's been 2 years since I took my S2 off the road for a quick engine out job to replace the manifold, timing belt and clutch.......... I've since discovered the phenomenon of 'scope creep'...... So this is where I'm up to: Chassis completely stripped...... Meanwhile, engine has been to Pete at PNM for a complete rebuild: full top end, bearings, liners etc Bought myself a blast cabinet and I've been amazed with the results So I've kept myself busy cleaning up the tub and the chassis; which was in excellent shape for a pre-galvanised unit. I opted for a product called Rust Encapsulator from a company called Buzzwelding, which will be finished with a product called Chassis in One which can be applied as a textured finish. It's a bit shiny so that will be gone over with a matt finish. Still need to come up with an idea to tidy up that hatchet job done by someone by cutting a hole in the bottom plate....... ideas welcomed. Refurbished radiator is ready for collection and I've treated it to a new grille, so having cleaned the tub, I've given it a quick blast to get rid of the stone chips and I'll re-do this area in body colour. Due to aforementioned scope creep, I missed having it ready for its 40th Birthday, having rolled off the production line on the 4th May 1979....... Wife kindly obliged with cake and party food So...... slow progress indeed and I really can't wait to have it back on the road but I'm enjoying doing it.
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    Some Esprit related pictures from my childhood. 'The spy who loved me' Series 1, taken at Belle Vue, Manchester, in about 1979-1982. I remember that there was a hole in the body work, under the rear bumper, I always liked to think it was a result of the pyrotechnics used during filming. Whether this was the original car used, I don't know, it does have the correct registration and there was a board with a write up on it, but I can't remember. I believe two complete cars were supplied by Lotus, although I thought it was Colin Chapman's own personal car that was used for filming. May be someone reading this knows what happened to the originals, I believe Elon Musk owns the original submarine car. Mark Thatcher's Essex Esprit Turbo Taken in Downing Street in 1982. The 'For Your Eyes Only' Bond Esprit turbo, taken at Brands Hatch during the 1983 Grand Prix of Europe, weekend.
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    And a couple more that I took...
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    From Friday, May 17th till May 19th, 2019 Club Lotus Austria celebrated their 30th anniversary with a nice event at the Austrian Lotus museum in Bad Aussee. There were over 30 Lotus related cars of all eras present on display in the museum. A few more arrived at the parking space outside. The weather was also very nice. All in all very impressive ! I´ve attached a few pics:
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    A couple of hours later and I received some great news from the dealer.... I'm lucky as the dealer is only 3km's from where I live so I'll go check it out in the morning. Very happy with the spec. Color looks great with the black wheels and all the carbon bits. Can't wait to start modifying this little puppy!
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    It is all very corrupt. The people voted, the politicians voted, a law was passed, all to leave the EU.. ... All along a self serving group who did not agree with the democratic vote , who also happen to hold positions of influence , have done everything short of a treasonable act to overturn , discredit or sabotage the referendum result with lies , scare stories , false news and innuendo.. .. And so it goes on... The real truth about the whole situation is , we must leave .... that is what the vote said... Whether you voted for or against is irrelevant ... We as a people have always excepted a parliamentary election result , even when its a minority... You could always argue in these results more individual votes were cast for the party that technically lost the election , which has happened on many occasions.. In this referendum no such argument can be had, it could not have been more straight forward than one person one vote ... IN or OUT.. So why is it be disputed and why so difficult....? Well the EU along with the influential few don't want us to leave... So the deal they have put on the table is unreasonable ... In fact it is worse than staying in.. They have said this deal if non negotiable .... The only way out of that is no deal exit... But the influential few managed to take the NO Deal option off the table ... STALEMATE.... But we still have to satisfy the electorate or we will loose democracy... Notice I wrote SATISFY , not CON the electorate.. That is what it is coming to ... The EU and Remoaners are slowly being exposed for the evil, selfish, self serving manipulators they are . All they have and will achieve is disruption and distrust in the oldest democratic system.. Maybe that is their plan , I say this as the EU does not have publicly elected leaders , therefore dictates policy and law, whilst pretending to be democratic.. The UK was and always has been an independent force in the EU . Not that it has done us much good or given us the benefits other nation states have received.. It has seemed for a long time , especially since members from the Eastern block have swelled the numbers, even though they did not meet the strict criteria of EU membership, that the focus was on a federal socialist EU with free movement. ... I believe the UK voters were far more aware of this than the politicians realised and it played a far bigger part in the OUT vote than the other areas being hotly disputed.. .. I don't think anyone in the UK is anti Europe , we just don't want to be told by the EU what we can and can't do etc. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors about any deal .. The truth is the EU will only put a deal out that is good for them ... So the argument and discussion should be about the EU being awkward and blocking any reasonable deal we put on the table.. Net result is we leave without one big deal.. A no deal Brexit.. We can go on WTO , get a great trade deal with the USA , set no tariffs with the EU, then watch the EU come to us for deals to keep their trading relations alive with the UK before the rest of the world starts to supply what they have cheaper.... Or with the lifting of EU restriction , heaven forbid we start manufacturing and growing produce instead of buying it from the EU. Problem with all that is , it will cause lower unemployment, greater prosperity and a more versatile economy .... Not sure some people would be happy with that, !!!!! Rant over....
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    Hi all - rest assured the Panther is alive and well and being thoroughly enjoyed and pampered by me, the new owner! I've owned many exotic cars in my time and a dozen or so Loti (including five Esprit) but it never ceases to amaze me the wonderful reaction this fabulous old Lotus gets wherever it goes! Testament to the original concept and all the hard work Charlie put in! cheers jim
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    What better way for Lotus to demonstrate that they are embracing the latest technology and looking forward to the future than by infusing their ethos with an all-electric hypercar? In some ways the ultimate show of engineering and design prowess. A statement car to put Lotus back in the limelight to help launch the next generation of the 'affordable' sports cars. I must admit I'm not as up to speed on the details as you guys are but needless to say looking forward to seeing it later this month.
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    Or... ...they will be recognised as the last generation of ‘pure Lotus’ analogue, manual, ICE cars and the limited supply will mean that values head the other way.
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    Thought it was about time I posted up here.
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    Yeah, I've put my name down for one. But if they don't throw in some free matts and a tank of electricity, then I'm walking.
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    Never short of surprises... I dug a small wasp nest out of my rear hub carrier just now. They must have come for a few rides with me lately. Well, I can’t blame them they clearly took her for the Queen!
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    Well looks like I failed to pay my forum fees .... anyway all fixed now... so continuing on with some pics..
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    Well Cup is now coming up to 1 yr old and first main service and and has performed pretty much impeccably so thought I’d post an up date on it overall There were the new Car teething problems which have ironed themselves out now. The Cup though is not an everyday car even with the sound deadening material fitted as cabin noise can drone on a long motorway stint. I know weight plays a part but I would swap 15kgs for a bit more noise insulation to be honest. The 3 way Nitrons are excellent for track and can be dialled in to give almost as supple a ride as a family saloon. Recently new tyres all round were fitted but actually fronts were only 50% used and although the cup 2’s are real track tools they do perform well on the road and the wear rate is excellent. It has been an incredibly cheap car to run and maintain, particularly in light of the performance. One issue is the wonderful Titanium Exhaust, a fantastic noise for the road but does restrict track use. In light of this have only tracked it a couple of times and then had to short shift ( not so bad for the engine though I imagine ) Silverstone seem more lenient but there are always the loud days I guess. All in all a fantastic car out of the box, with all the extras as standard , recently weighed it with almost a full tank and came in at 1081 Kgs so seems to have got a bit lighter since last year !!!
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    Stripped all ancillaries, turbos and exhaust manifolds - nice that all nuts/studs came away without any breakages or damage. Makes a very nice change. Turbos off for rebuilding
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    A few months ago Bibs contacted me to ask if Mrs Bazza's Elise could be used for some filming to represent Lotus. The car was picked up and used for filming in Hertfordshire and then used on another day down in Beaulieu. It was pitted against a Porsche Boxter and the aim was to show how each car rescued its car company from bankruptcy. The programme will be aired at 8pm on Tuesday 21st May on ITV4. I've no idea how good it will be but it's probably worth watch.
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    Hello. Greatings to England. Here some pics of my GT 430 . At last my one of one 1/60 plate original lotus who finds the error
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    I was speaking about the Tories. Corbyn is a threat to this country is every aspect.
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    Nice drive out tonight - met a guy from Argentina visiting Scotland.........boy did he love the Esprit - was drooling over it! Always nice to see other people reactions to a Lotus
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    Passed MOT no advisories, you lovely brilliant little thing
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    So, back in April when I came up to the UK for the MOT, I took the car to Hofmanns ( Excellent service, nice people ) and had them fit the TVS1900 supercharger kit to the car. I collected the car from them on the first of May and had a trouble free, and rapid drive, back to Italy. Interestingly, the car uses less fuel than before, unless you are really pushing on, presumably as it runs a bit cooler and doesn’t need to overfuel to keep the temperatures down. I’m very happy with the conversion, the increase in performance is very noticeable as is the increase in drivability. The engine cover still fits, so visually there’s no change. So, S1 Sports Racer people, If you want to keep your Sports Racer but have 410 + performance, this is the way to go . Simply Sportscars in Australia, who make the kit, dyno printout reads about 415 /420 Bhp and 420 Ft/Lbs torque ( Which is about 90 /100Ft/Lbs more than the 430.). It also doesn’t seem to suffer from heat sink as much as the OEM setup as the charge is quite a lot cooler ( This after high speed Autobahn running for several hours). So it’s a bit like driving an Alpina B5 rather than an M5. I’m really happy with it.
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    Well it's been a bit of a while since the last update. The 410 went in for its first service but despite having a look I've still got one last rattle to get sorted. Oakmeres thought they had it but looks like we need another go. Im struggling to find time to get over. Other than that everything has been fine we are up to just under 5000 miles now which is a lot for me to cover in my own car as im usually tooling about in the van. It continues to impress. As previously detailed it genuinely outclassed the GT4 I was quite surprised. The next car was always going to be a 991 gt3 but I don't think that for me the steering will be good enough assuming it's the same as the GT4. Its epas and I just don't think it works. Recently I had chance to have a go in a surprising contender for the Evora in the shape of a McLaren 570. A chance call into the Manchester branch for a quick drool and it's amazing the deals they are offering on these things. You can be in a new one for about the retail on a 430. They seem very keen to shift stock which is no surprise in the current climate. I went over to the Leeds dealership. I really like these guys. Nick is ex Lotus some may well have bought from him. The 570 is quite a thing. Brutally quick. Super chassis and ride. Again for me that old thing of the steering comes back in and for all its other attributes I would still maintain that for a drivers car our humble Evora has it by a point. May be one to revisit but the stronger Lotus residuals are appealing plus the Mac running costs are truly next level. No Lotus have the best car on the market for it's price that's for sure.
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    Fusch an der Großglocknerstraße - Salzburg
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    Went to the Stonor House Supercar Sunday, near Henley on Thames for the first time this morning and generally very impressed with it. All manner of cars, old and new, including quite a few Loti. Think a smaller, more cosy Goodwood House with far fewer people and no oiks!
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    The TR is that little bit closer to being race ready once more. Last rallied 39 years ago progress on the engine is now heading in the right direction .

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