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    Welcome back doctor!
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    My son played a blinder today when he gave me a wonderful present for Father's Day! He spent some time looking for something suitable and different, and I think he succeeded in delivering what for me, is a greath, thoughtful, present!
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    Thought the car looked good in the evening light today...
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    Now fitted. Just need to retrim the rest of the car in yellow thread! Goes well with the gold wheels though First impressions are that they are firm compared to the Recaros, but at approx. 1/3 of the considerable weight of the Recaros then its worth it. Being the original 6 stone (all right 11 stone) weakling I wouldn't want to carry one Recaros mre than around 50metres. The cf on theother hand, both can be stacked and picked up one hand and hardly notice them.
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    Changed color, added GTE front and Evora 400 rear on my MY11 Evora S. Courtesy : Winace
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    @Bibs if it is any consolation my grass looks f&£king amazing
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    I completed a 3,200 mile tour to and around Norway in 8 days without significant issues. Here a couple of photo's. I'll put some on the Exige photo thread as well.
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    So what exactly is a wife? I’ve said numerous times after the battle scars of 24 years of marriage - the wife will go before the dog goes. After reading the entire thread, and an analysis of your secret inner feeling, in my professional opinion - Only one thing for it! - Buy a Dog. Borrow a dog. House sit/dog sit. Call it education. Therapy even. Mans best friend. Loyal. No answering back. Always pleased to see you. A welcome like they haven’t seen you for a month after a trip out just to refuel. The best burglar alarm money can buy. Go on, go on, goooooo on. I can see right through you. Oodles of mut love just oozing to escape. A simple sniff of the crotch or a full on leg mount mount, there is no denying it, you can’t fool us - A dog lover in the making if ever I saw one!
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    A couple of hours later and I received some great news from the dealer.... I'm lucky as the dealer is only 3km's from where I live so I'll go check it out in the morning. Very happy with the spec. Color looks great with the black wheels and all the carbon bits. Can't wait to start modifying this little puppy!
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    Ant, If my dad can fit in an Evora then so can you. There are modifications you can make to drop the seat lower. I know my dad has resorted to removing the seat runners and dropping it down onto its frame. If you are the only driver then who cares that its set in your driving position? There must be things an Engineer can do. Have a chat with the old man, he will tell you how to sort it. In terms of the SUV, I have been avoiding commenting too much. My opinion may not be the popular one but really? Would anyone want a money making model to not bring in the profit to fund new Sports models? You can't fund new cars with air. You need to make money elsewhere to invest in the high profile but ultimately loss making models. Dad would tell you that this has been true at Lotus for many years. When Dad took over at Lotus in 2006 every Elise made lost a lot of money. The company hadn't made a profit in 12 years. By 2008 they put in their first profit in that time. How? By doing things you wouldn't expect to make money to bring out their Sports cars which were high profile and brought in the profit making business! In that time I used to see Mitsubishi cars parked there, Protons, Toyota's all for ride and handling Engineering. I remember back to the late 80's they had Tanks (Yes Tanks with big guns) in there for a similar thing. When Lotus tied in with Talbot to do the Sunbeam everyone said Lotus were mad. They were a Sports car manufacturer. Similarly with the Carlton. These are 2 of the now most sought after cars around. Lastly, look at other brands. Porsche make 2, Maserati make one. Why not Lotus? Lastly. Enjoy it while you can. Things that go Brrrrrmmmmmm will soon be a thing of the past. In our Lifetimes the minority that shout the loudest will get their way and cars that run on engines will cease being made. This is now being accepted as fact by those o us in the industry. Despite cars being less than 20% of the input into greenhouse gasses. We are an easy target and one the Greens have long wanted to stop. And if you actually read the Green Agenda/Manifestos you will see that Buddsy's comment isn't so far off the mark. Extreme left wing policies mixed with disbanding "Large business" and armed forces, replaced with Local Agri-cottage businesses and "Local" defense forces. They see it as Utopia, I see it as the end.
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    'No' to your PS.. I brought my copy along to show you in case you wanted to buy one, which you obviously did. I also have Nigel Bennet and Keith Duckworth in that series, which I'd recommend. PPS .. December .. not sure when I'll get up there but here's a photo I took with a Nikon and some Speedlights ... a proper camera !
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    Was at a petrol station today. Man came up to look at the car and then this exchange happened: Man: "Wow, that is nice!....Lotus?!?!?!.....What is that, some kind of Porsche?" Me: "Uhhhh, no.....It's a LOTUS!"
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    Saw this tonight. Just lovely no pics - just snaps.
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    Be careful with the SAAB sensors as discussed elsewhere on the forum I bought a set of these and they didn't work at all with my car. I ended up buying Autel sensors and the machine to program them. If you want to buy a set of Autel sensors I'm willing to program them for you and post them back. They cost about £22 each and they fit the wheels better than the OEM sensors. I've done this for a few users now.
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    I’m going to stand next to one and shout in the microphone every time a car goes by I don’t like.
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    In final prep, I'm really happy with my unique wheel colour choice and apparently the garage like them too I think they complement the blue nicely.
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    The blue one is mine, only picked it up yesterday, just unbelievable so far even on a soaking M40 journey back to the Midlands
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    Fusch an der Großglocknerstraße - Salzburg
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    This thread seems to have turned into a blatant excuse for posting pictures of great looking cars. Excellent
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    Here is me looking very youthful in those days with mine!
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    People like SUV's because they are practical. you can put the kids in the back and all there associated crap such as prams etc.. the high position makes it easy to get them in and out. They are comfortable. The truth is most of the time you sit in traffic, so a 600BHP supercar in the real world is pointless, a two seater sportscar doesn't allow you to get stuff to the dump, pick things up from the hardware store etc... Porsche didn't get lucky with the SUV, they could see what the market was doing and going. People slag Porsche off, but they are successful for a reason, they build products that people want. (I don't have an SUV)
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    Just back from a run (sort of a stagger actually). So had joggers nipple anyway, but cutting through the lounge to get to the office I caught my left Nipple on the French Door edge as I passed. Holy shit on a stick that hurt like buggery............not that I know what Buggery feels like but something like that I imagine!
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    Hello friends. I went to pick up the car this morning and she is really superb. This is my second v6. So Lotus Exige's V6 cup Isotop Green model of 2015 (23/12/2014) 18500 kms No. 96
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    So as you prob know I gave up my Evora 400 last year to release some much needed cash. I swapped to an Elise 220 Cup and have been thoroughly enjoying it both with hard top on and off. The supercharged Elise is a surprisingly fast car and always fees like it’s pulling right up to and way in excess of where I would comfortably go. That said I’ve missed the Evora terribly, not just because of the compliant ride and flexibility it affords but most of all because of the sounds it makes. Jamie at B&C was kind enough to indulge me and let me take an Evora 400 and 410 out back to back today. Not a straight comparison really as the 410 was a manual and the 400 an auto. My old Evora was an auto too, however having bought my old 400 without having driven a manual, I was keen to remind myself how it felt and compare and contrast. I was honestly expecting to fall madly in love with the 410 but I didn’t. Obviously I’m used to the manual from my Elise and was looking forward to something similar in the Evora but the clutch in the 410 goes ‘very long’ and I found myself feeling like I was sat too far back to fully depress the pedal. When I pulled the seat forward to compensate I was too near to the wheel and no amount of wheel adjustment corrected that. I stopped a number of times to adjust my seating position and as I got used to the high biting point it got a bit easier but in the end I just couldn’t get on with the seating position. This wasn’t entirely unexpected as I’ve heard it mentioned in reviews of the 410 and while you would assume that you’re also sitting lower I measured the distance between my head and the ceiling in both cars and I’m convinced you actually sit lower on the Sparcos in the 400. I jumped into the 400 auto and immediately everything just felt right. I’d forgotten just quite how enjoyable the paddle shift is and how flexible that car is... you can go from laid back cruising to full on insanity with the click of a button. It’s like Jekyll and Hyde in the best way possible. So in summary I think today confirmed that the Evora I really enjoy is the comfortable grand tourer and I really would like to get back into one some time soon. As much as I enjoyed the 400 auto that I drove today, I’m just not sure that black is the colour for me (photo attached). My old green Evora 400 was still on the forecourt today at B&C, albeit now sold. If it wasn’t I’d take it back in a heartbeat! Hopefully the new owner is here and will enjoy it as much as I did.
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    Never really left but thanks all the same. Been very busy these past few months. Hoping to get the cars out soon, they are sat in the garage looking very neglected! Back on topic I'm sure some would argue that Lotus have form with performance through brute force, especially with the Lotus Carlton. I don't remember any attempt to make it any lighter than a regular Vauxhall Carlton. It was fully loaded with every possible electric option. I was fortunate to own one and absolutely fell for its sinister presence and outrageous performance - Testarossa go for half the price. It was at least an ultimate of its kind, so brought pride to the Lotus badge in that way, a modern equivalent might perhaps be what Lamborghini have done with their SUV. It was an incredible, world-beating saloon car, it really was hilariously fast, but a great Lotus? I'm really glad they made it and would love to see more collaborations with major manufacturers, but my first 100 yards up the road in the Elise S1 was more of a revelation. The fun started way before you got to the end of the throttle travel. As with all fast saloons and SUVs until you're using the giant performance you're just in another big saloon or SUV. I can remember being driven around Goodwood in the Lotus Carlton by former F1 driver Peter Gethin. He got it round in about 1.40, matching the sort of times set by the, then new, Ferrari F355. Pretty remarkable considering it was never meant to be a track car. I managed 1.27.1 two-up in the Exige V6 Cup with less power than either. Let that sink in for a moment. That's 13 seconds a lap over 2.3 miles and I'm no Peter Gethin! Of course road legal tyres have improved massively since the late 90's but there's definitely something to this 'adding lightness' business.
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    Just because Geely are in charge Andy, doesn't mean you have to go all-out fanboy and adopt the Far Eastern penchant for dining on our canine buddies, .
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    Car is finally on the road. Picked it up at around 5pm and put 325km's on it straight away. Time to get out of run-in ASAP
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    You just have to image the motorsport plenums and you can start to see how it's going to work out.
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    First off - apologies for the dire photos - my cheapskate phone isn't great at dusk! @clivef38 Lovely Elite @paulho Lovely Éclat (with a dodgy 4.0lt V8 Mk2 Rangie photo-bombing the shot!) Neil's Lovely Elise Great to meet ex-Lotus Roger and his Son Neil (owner of the above). Sadly Roger's beautifully restored Europa wasn't present but maybe one day! We did get to see a nice magazine article all about it though.
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    Yes the Cup is raw, compliant and such fun although missing the Evora brakes and V6 grunt oh and the exhaust sound but like you say could easily have both in the garage. I guess the Exige could tick both boxes, calling @Stubox
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    Yes. Just like making an error of taking one to many steps after a 5 mile walk to a cliff edge. How bad could it be?
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    It's still June in the UK, didn't realise you were so far ahead in Oz
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    Wow that's a wet day. I need to learn to enjoy wet days but currently they always leave me disappointed I couldn't really push like you can in the dry. Maybe I need to use it as a chance to explore oversteer and controlling that.... Finally got my GoPro/mic set up - need to move the mic to a better location but overall very happy. Bought an Olympus ME51S. This clip shows the burbles with the new tips - much more than stock and a slightly deeper tone without much increase in DB which is good. So far still very happy with losing the pig snout.....
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    Will put up some better pics tomorrow when it’s forecast to be sunny. new bc forged wheels went on today at backontrack - jez explained lotus set the cars up to understeer from factory as they believe that’s easier to deal with than oversteer. He did a geo for me giving 1 degree of negative camber and also realigning the front wheels from pointing in to pointing out. first drive home, the car felt much better on turn in and the wheels feel so light. Whatever your taste of design get rid of the cast wheels ASAP. Night and day difference.
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    Did someone say "dog" and "performance SUV"? I will say it is nice having a dog that loves everyone and everything. And everybody loves him! We do get mobbed, everybody wants to pet him! I never have to worry about him starting things with other dogs, we meet tons of neighborhood dogs per day, on every walk! Some other people's dogs are "reactive" and will lunge or snap or bark at Enzo. He really doesn't care. He just wants to be friends with everything. We let him out on the porch at times, and he'll watch people and dogs walk by, often on our lawn, and not a peep from Enzo! We were able to heavily socialize him as a puppy, he's met hundreds of people and dogs, at big events like "Doggiepalooza" at the Belgian brewery behind our house. We've also taught him to not be sensitive about loud noises like cars, fireworks, thunder... He's always fine! I do think most of it is training, but I know there are definitely some breed tendencies, and even behaviors passed on by the dogs parents. He's also really good riding in the back of the car, you'd have trouble telling if he's back there at all.
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    So, first: also an Evora is "just" a car....that should be used.....second: sorry to hear about bad stories with dogs, but and this is a real "big" but: I know a lot more bad people than bad dogs, I know a very "general" point of view but you get the message I think. If you criticize dog owners that does not care for a proper education or that leave their waste, fine I am with you - but I hope you act accordingly when people throw away their coffee cups, cigarettes etc. (much bigger problem for the environment by the way ....) .....just my 2p
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    Glad you're such an expert
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    Sorry to hear that. I’m a firm believer there is no such thing as a bad dog, only bad owners. Just like children and parents. And colleagues and managers.
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    And the side decals the wrong size. And no stripes. This not a later car, its 0929. It was the actual car used by Lotus for promo purposes for FYEO. Both the cars used in the movie, 0930 and 0858 ended up copper bronze. No idea why this car was resprayed but whoever did it evidently didnt do any checking of the badging! Guess it must have been front ended as if it was only resprayed the original badge holes would have been there.
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    Heres a pic of mine from my suspension rebuild last year, i got new link pipes from sj and they didnt fit and had to roll them around a socket till they lined up.
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    Bending is an action where a colour coat is carried across into an adjacent panel and faded out without giving a hard edge.. You then apply clear coat over the repaired and blended panel . Now this is where it gets interesting... There are two main ways of doing this. 1.... Is to prep the whole of the blending panel with fine WD papers , fade the colour as far as needed to get best blend then clear coat whole panel to fully seal to an edge... 2.... Is to part prep the blending panel , fade the colour coat as short as possible , then apply clear coat just past the faded edge of the colour coat , then apply a blending clear coat across the edge of the clear coat into the blending panel fading out again.. Process 1... Requires full prep and removal of parts from the blended panel, to the same extent as the panel that was repaired next to it.. This involves a lot more time and cost. Because of this a lot of body shops do not use this method. Process 2 ... This only requires partial prep of the panel and usually involves masking out area's and parts. Only part of this panel will be painted leaving initially a virtually invisible soft edge somewhere in the middle of the panel.. This process is similar to that used by the smart repairers who fade out adjacent to the repair regardless of an edge ... The blending clear coat has high adhesive properties that allow it to stick to paint work that has no more preparation than spirit/panel wipe to remove wax's / silicons. Any polishing of this finish after application is very light, preferably none. This is because the soft edge will start to expose itself and then the more you polish it the more obvious it becomes. The down side of process 2... is it will eventually expose the soft edge, especially on cars polished a lot like our Esprit's .It is a process initially used by the trade to do a cheap repair to sell a car .. It was never mean't to last.. As processes and materials improved so did the quality. The insurance companies started to adopt it to reduce costs and it became more widely used with the birth of the smart repairers .. With the introduction of water based paints it became more widely used as the water based lacquer coats were not totally clear.. As a result a very slight yellow ting could give a slight colour discrepancy between panels , even on a process 1 application ... On the course i attended with the introduction of water based paints, we were told the only way around that was to used a blending clear and fade out.. So It has a market place , but should always be seen as a partial paint , not a proper paint. The only down side of process 1... is cost.. It is by far the best and in my opinion only way to repair paintwork properly. To get around the lacquer yellow ting in water based clear coat , we use blending clear coat up to an edge., or we use 2k clear coat instead. It should also be noted that the slight mismatches i refer to are only slight.. As a result general retail customers never really notice .. As i do my main work for the trade and classic customers , I have to be very aware because they will see anything that is not spot on.. It should also be noted that slight mismatches always seem to get worse with time . . So if you don't want to pay for the job twice , have it done right.. ££££..
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    Just came back from the dealership and had my first actual look at the car. I'm very pleased I went with the full carbon spec. It really looks amazing combined with the grey color. The dealer was so kind to use dealership plates so we could drive it to the car wrap specialist a few km's away while awaiting final delivery of the license plate. The wrap company was fully booked this week and they could finish on saturday if they started today so the Lotus dealer helped me out. Very kind of them! I drove behind it in my C63 as I'm not insured to drive the dealership plates and was really pleased the way it looked. First time on the road and obviously giving her the first sweet taste of petrol! After the PPF looking into modifying the interior all at once because I don't want to disassemble and reassemble the car more than necessairy.
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    I have heard it all now. Comment read on FB. Shall remain nameless: "It is so hard to be a good vegan. I can't drive a car, buy normal clothes and shoes, even use some money. My life revolves around ensuring I am being true to myself not society and it's vile needs. What is wrong with people that they openly flout sitting on the remains of a cow in their car or showing a BBQ which makes me throw up. My life is ruined. I can't work due to the anxiety and stress it causes me and I am constantly exhausted from ensuring I am animal product free. My health is awful. Depression, Mental health issues, exhausted all the time. Yet now they are trying to remove my Social saying I am not disabled. Help!" My reply. Just before I remove you as a "Friend". You aren't disabled you are exhausted because of your diet being poor. You never had these issues before, you were a normal lovely person, working, letting people live their own lives without judgement or abuse. Veganism needs to be supported with supplements to replace those the human body needs. You see we were never designed to be Vegan. Stop blaming others for your issues which are all caused by your life choices! Oh yes, get a job. Being Vegan is not a reason to claim benefits. Oh yes. Bye for now. Can't believe my opinion was "Not welcome" and my post deleted!

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