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    Hi all, newbie here. Bought this car last year from Leven Edinburgh. Believe this was the Lotus demonstrator at Goodwood. Absolutely love the drive. Also have a Turbo which is very fast but clinical in comparison. When you get back in the Lotus, it is a sensory overload - fantastic! Can’t wait until we can get back out for some epic road trips!!!
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    Yes nice trio. Mine is No 52, nearly finished after a 3 year resto. Will post some more pics of its restoration soon. (Rear hatch not closed)
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    It won't be easy but we've got to try
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    Snap! I too, partly inspired by Harry' Garage video, but mainly for testing purposes, took the S1 for a 50 mile round trip yesterday evening.
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    Finally picked up my new car today at the Lotus dealer who helped me with the import. One previous owner in Germany since new. 1994 S2 in Empire green with only 49,000 km on the meter(!). Drove it back home,, some 263 km. Seems to be a great car, although I noticed that the power steering is making some noice. Probably need an overhaul during the winter.
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    Update... oil pump housing and gears fully packed with vaseline jelly, oil cooler sandwich plate removed and voilà! After 15 seconds of cranking a smile appear on my face, I have pressure! Gauge are reading 50 just with the cranking speed so everything goes well this time, now I need to sort out a little leaking from fuel pump connector and than I will try to start it after 10 years of sleeping.
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    Have to say the full carpet set even though its extra weight is definitely worth its weight in improving the aesthetics and feel of the overall interior coming together with the alcantara and carbon fibre elements
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    This weekend down here in Devon. Farmer gets some quality trespassing revenge
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    The cam timing is as good as I can get it after several restless nights waking up at some ungodly hour wondering whether I’ve got it right. I ended up going through the whole process maybe 6 times to be absolutely sure I got as as close as I could. If anyone is considering changing to Vernier sprockets and adjusting the cam timing, I recommend you do yourself a favour and have a good read of Dave Lisle’s posts on the subject, because it’s not a particularly easy job to do. I would eventually have got there (probably in about another week or so!) however his assistance was invaluable in me staying sane. The cam timing is now locked off at 104/104.. I’ve marked up the sprockets to make it easier when the next cam belt change comes up. This means I can start the easier bit of bolting on what I took off, and watching the pile of bits in the garage get smaller. I used the Clavis meter to check the belt tension, a very nice piece of kit that is, and deadly accurate, too. I’ll recheck the tension again before the engine is replaced in the car.
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    Today has frankly been crap. Not only has it been blowing a gale pretty much all day long - almost everything I have touched has broken. theres been several basil fawlty episodes and a couple of extreme Tourette’s outbreaks in the garage. Long and short of today’s achievements. side panel made, catch can and header tank located - but broke the shitty plastic tee under it, brake pipes dressed and terminated, sheared seat bolts cut out and new welded in. So all in all - not a fat lot achieved - but a huge amount of frustration built up. oh and some feckin bellend on eBay has shipped a 1m long 60mm hose to me instead of a reducer fitting.... now having a protracted argument over the fact this obvious 1m long bright red hose isn’t a small reducer !! oh well - tomorrow I’m gonna try and fit the seats - maybe I won’t break anything then.
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    I think that my failure was to choose POR-15 in the first place. My chassis was really not bad and in many areas the zinc surface was perfect. The surface was basically smooth with very few rough areas. The adhesion is reasonable to good on those areas that were rough. Anyway, painting of any kind in now off the table and the chassis will be re-galvanised.
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    Finally I’m on to the cylinder head. A bankrupting build but the best possible head refurb engineered by Lotusbits. I’m really looking forward to installing the Inconel exhaust valves and new stainless inlet valves. No stone unturned all springs measured for free length and replaced, all valve guide replaced and seats machined, all oil ways cleaned with grub screws removed, all surfaces machined flat and helicoils all round. Its a work of art. A very poor financial investment, but if your trying to build a better than new Turbo then its the way ahead! Pictures to follow......
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    Thank you everybody for your really kind words and all your help in "reuniting" me with my beautiful yellow S1. Anthony Bentley and I have exchanged many emails and photos in just a very short is as if I have known him for years.......lovely bloke........A HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU ALL !!! Yes LOTUSMAN 33.......I lived in Norwich, and Lotus was just up the road at Hethel. I joined in the late 60's and spent many happy years there. There was a constant buzz of optimism and everybody shared in the fantastic success that Lotus achieved, and, being open plan offices with the factory floor next door in full view, EVERYONE was involved. It wasn't work at was paradise. Colin's wife Hazel often popped in with the young Clive Chapman as well....One big happy family !! EVERYBODY, from "Chunky" ( Colin Chapman ) downwards , and ALL the drivers were totally approachable and friendly. I was lucky enough to meet Elio de Angelis,Emerson Fittipaldi,Graham Hill, Ronnie Peterson,Reine Wisell, and the GREAT GREAT Jochen Rindt, both at "work" AND socially.They certainly were the Swinging Sixties..............Fabulous firm to work for, success galore, girls in miniskirts, what more could a young bloke ask for ?................. I will treasure those days for the rest of my life. The highlight of TEAM LOTUS was the Lotus 49..........It changed formula 1 forever in my many new ideas from Chunky and Maurice Philippe. Running a VERY close second was the Lotus 72 with it's beautiful black and gold livery. John Players certainly started something when they sponsored these two cars. Once again, thanks to everybody for making an old man VERY VERY Happy........I have been married for over 30 years with 2 beautiful daughters and they all say that they have never seen me smile so much......that's thanks to you guys......The Lotus spirit lives on. Nigel
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    hello lotus fans. here 2 photos from my little tour today. I took the photos on a street that was still closed of course with the permission of the local police and community
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    Afternoon folks! I made this little film on the Esprit S1 for a virtual Facebook car show this weekend and thought some of you might be interested in seeing it too. I sent it to MJK before posting and he gave it his blessing, which was quite the honour! Hope you enjoy
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    Hi guys, been very quiet of late, but still here. So, after the long ongoing saga of the Esprit I was restoring has at last gone, I can now concentrate on my own cars which presently is. Lotus Excel x 4. Esprit x 1. Lotus Elite 504 x 2. and of course the Ekup. The donor is already home so I can now start the strip down and prepare the Ekup for a nice paint job and a rebuild. The plan was to start it at the beginning of the year but something called a virus kind of put paid to that by having me stuck overseas for 12 bloody weeks. So, job one is clean up the engine bay and have it painted in the chosen colour prior to fitting out. Strip all the suspension and brakes so they can be rebuilt. Have a fuel tank designed and built to sit in the back.. Once that lots done she will go back to the paint shop for the shell to be painted prior to fitting out the interior. I recon a years worth of work (virus dependant) and she should be ready. The finished item is going to be a bit strange for a Lotus and will certainly be a Marmite car, but hey ho, it's saving two from certain death at a breakers, so I think it's justifiable. I am sure a few people will be a bit surprised when they see the final finish as it will not only be a one off Lotus, if it will all works out properly, it will have something on it that would be least expected for sure. Time allowing I will see if I can do a video update of works as it commences. That is with the exemption of the last bit as that's being kept out of site until her public unveiling. :). An of course we are still working away on the LotusRescue concept in helping out with other projects etc. Prior to this bloody virus, we managed to have a car sold to Australia, One to Germany and one off the Durham. So 6 happy people. And of course, always more projects on the go in the background.
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    Some really good photos of IDGG01, no suspension but still a super thing to own.
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    It mean that people with very wide bottoms should find it much easier to get into the cars.
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    Just posted on the Lotus cars FB page - new one to me -
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    Article by Autocar on the Evija
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    and The Donald -10 to 0
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    Latest podcast is with the legend that is Martin Donnelly
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    That’s it - I’m broken and giving up for today. The steering knuckle was a bastard. But it’s bolted up. body is just sat resting - not bolted on yet. Simply can’t face anymore. Dannys 16 today - so BBQ time cider and beer is now the prioRory
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    Engine bay treated to some black raptor liner after much fettling this morning in the garage - the body is ready to drop back on. food and a small job in town beckons
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    Good photoshoot last night with my friend Jay...
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    Update on my turned AIM dash... I received a phone call from AIM this morning and we talked at length about this issues that had developed with my dash and future on going development and support. I won't go into too many details, however I was assured that there are only a very very small number of units with issues. Further, AIM stated they would be willing to offer a replacement unit in lieu of repairing the old one. To be fair to AIM they did not have to do this, and the fact that they made this very generous offer shows to me that they are very much customer and product focused. I'll wrap up by saying I am delighted with this outcome, and would like to thank AIM for their outstanding customer service offered to me. cheers Mark
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    NA has that key Lotus ingredient; performance through lightweight. Which means you really have to rag it to get the best from it. Hearing the engine squeal in 4th gear approaching 130mph is one of life's great pleasures. Roll on return to the 'bahns. Justin
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    Wasn't thinking of going for a drive until my eyesight took a turn for the worse. Might need to go for an hour test drive to a local beauty spot just to check its ok.
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    Got out with a group of awesome guys for a long drive this weekend.
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    Just peachy. Tell that to this property owner who has now lost thousands and now needs to pay thousands to keep what is left Private property is just that, private. It was somebody's home FFS, even if for whatever reason they could not be there now, and still had a lot of private belongings in there. No justification for anyone, even middle class twits, to be there. How would you feel for instance if say it was your parents house that had been "explored" after they had to go into care? Would you be so understanding and invite the explorer around for tea to discuss his adventure and what he found? Would you understand it was not his fault that after his exploration was publicised the house was trashed and ripped apart as vandals and thieves were alerted to the opportunity? A bit if a lame defence to be honest.
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    Busy with other stuff, but added some further supports for the radiator stack. The main coolant rad is mounted with anti-vibration rubber buffers 2x each side. The are additional rubber supports between it and the chargecooler rad to fix the width between them. The chargecooler rad is on anti-vibration bobbins and there is a further rubber bobbin at the top fixing the width between the rads.
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    The owner needs to pursue the "urban explorer" and people who published the article for trespass, breaking in and violation of privacy. Terms like Urban Explorer are made up by fuckwit middle class dweebs to justify their snooping and acts of invasion. Better still, publish the address of the Urban Explorer and let's all go around to his house, trespass all over it and take pictures of his belongings then post it all on the web. Brainless Fcukwits. The lot of them.
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    Anyone else think lockdown actually has some things going for it? I haven’t seen the Mother-in-Law for 2 months for example.
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    @pbharcourt STOP COPYING ME!
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    I think you meant a range of broader people? (i.e. the US market!)
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    Stainless exhaust studs in. All cleaned just the two oil way grub screws to fit and the new valves can go in. Nitrided intake valves and Inconel exhaust valves as supplied by Lotus bits. I couldn’t ask for better quality engineering, this is the ultimate in Esprit heads! Just ask for Mike at Lotus bits If you want this done. I am very pleased with the result.
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    Mods are almost done and CF seats are in, more pics in the forum and will upload higher quality. Doing something nice on A Panels this group will hopefully appreciate!
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    Hello, Just my 2cts: I have an A4 V6 diesel; kind of normal car with "big" engine, but nothing fun about it. Ok, on the motorway, when you want to pass, it's easy. But it's a pretty boring car... And if it was more powerful, it will just be more fast, and still boring... I wanted badly an Elise since I first saw one 22 years ago. But not enough money at this time! so, in 2018, I went for my first *brand new* !! Elise 250 cup. Wow, what a marvellous piece of car... Light, fun, agile, ultra fast in the corners : HAPPY I was ! Then we -me and my wife, sorry, no kids - put 10 000miles in about 1 year, driving and having fun as much as possible. But as time goes by, and you are more at home in your Elise, you think you would like a bit more power. So back to my favorite retailer: "go on, try the Exige; but not the 350, you won't see enough difference compared to your Elise cup, take the 410!". As a result, I have one more car in my garage (the Elise is my first lotus ever, so, as I'm stupidly romantic, I won't sell it). The 410 is really an incredible car, but I'm sure you read it everywhere. And if you can find a second hand one, why not with the color you want, and a low mileage, go for it, you will NEVER regret it... But the Komotec way can be an option, for sure!
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    It has arrived. Had to arrange boxes to make rear end pic..OCD for detail. Thanks.

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