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    Purchase a new GT 410 sport. Collection day next Saturday, sorry to see the Evora NA go it’s been a fantastic car, but time to move on. Can not wait so excited.
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    Went out for a bit of blast this morning.
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    Thanks to @woodyrvf750, who is a top gent, I am now the very proud owner of a 2013 white Sports Racer. I've literally just arrived home and took a picture on the way at the services so apologies for the poor quality! It's a wonderful thing and I'm so happy. Off out to explore some familiar roads!
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    Size isn't everything... I'm told. Admission is free, as long as you quite like talking about my car.
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    Well, it was over 6 months wait but finally picked up My new car. Collected this evening. Will get some decent pics up soon but in the meantime here’s a few I took at the dealers and grabbing some fuel on The way home. ride feels very different and much more compliant than my 380 but only done 40 miles so will assess after a bit more driving Very happy.
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    New set of Pirelli’s and the sun’s out - the perfect vehicle for some essential shopping - I may be some time
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    I appreciate it's not to everyone's tastes but I've done a bit of titivation to the Evora during the lockdown period, carbon bits and wheels/tyres (410 Sport GP edition)... About 5.5kgs total weight saving over the standard Cast 18"/19" wheels and tyre combo, which is less than I was expecting but can't complain as there's a lot more rubber. Can't praise the PS4S tyres enough, really impressed so far. Hoping to get some miles under the belt later in the year. Have had to cancel 3 big road trips so far which is gutting but expected under the current circumstances.
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    Been a while, time for some updates! I've had the car almost exactly ten months and 12,504 miles as of last night. Lets just say I took the advice that we were able to drive as far as we wanted to heart, and have been out around Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire a lot. Some thoughts on the last few thousand miles. Firstly, while I am very aware that I have a large amount of free time compared to most, I understand people that don't drive their sports cars much even less than I did when I first bought the car. The car has come alive since about seven or eight thousand miles, and I have considered it properly broken in since about ten thousand. The car hasn't put a foot wrong in my ownership, and I don't expect it to given that it's late in the model cycle and the Toyota bits. The interior quality has been good in my car, no squeaks or rattles to speak of. I don't think the interior is very well thought out for a car that, to me, is more of a GT than anything else, the lack of armrests is very irritating when on the way to more interesting roads and the position of the cupholder is similarly annoying, as well as there being only one of them. I realise that this position is often dismissed as the concerns of someone that doesn't drive their car properly, but I disagree. You can't be on it all the time, and for very very little weight penalty it would be nice to have a decent cupholder and elbow rest. I've spanked my car around the NC500 and loved it, but there was still a boring, 8 hour, 400 mile schlep up there to get out the way first which would have been greatly improved by having these small things. I believe I have complained about this before but I haven't checked previous posts, ahem. I'm considering adding them myself, the 400 door cards fit (although they're expensive) and maybe paying a visit to d:class auto to investigate a custom central armrest. In addidion to this, I'd really like a round, smooth steering wheel and to move the cruise control buttons off the wheel and onto a stalk. Thsi will need a bit of investigation and I'm in no rush at all, they're very minor things. Talking of modifications, I have done my first two! The 2bular exhaust was sourced courtesy of Nick at PJS Sports Cars who did an excellent job of fitting it as well as the carbon panel I bought myself. I've gone for a twin exit exhaust that should be a little quiter then standard for the track noise limits, enabling me to do my first ever track day soon! Most likely Donnington, for friendliness and run off purposes, ahem. I'm waiting for it to bed in and settle down before giving my final thoughts on it, but I'm pretty happy so far. The second bit was a carbon panel to replace the black plastic panel between the roof and the rear deck. This was from Elise Parts in Holland, and I'm satisfied. It's not a perfect match either weave or colour wise, and the line in the middle doesn't quite match up, but it's miles better than it was before. I'm really not very fussy about stuff like this when it's an aftermarket part, and how long do I spend looking down from above at that line anyway? No bother. Should it have been this way from the factory, or at very least been offered as an option? Of course. Lotus were proper, proper broke when they developed this car though, so I guess I'll given them a pass on that. Pics! Carbon roof by Alex D, on Flickr Dat ass tho... by Alex D, on Flickr Now, while I was at PJS, they weighed it for me... Lotus. Oh Lotus. You are supposed to make light cars, you know. The spec I have is probably the heaviest spec possible with extra weight options ticked and it had a full tank at the time, but still. 1 lardy boi by Alex D, on Flickr Other than all that, everything is going smoothly and I'm pretty happy with it. It would be nice if it was faster, but as it's kinda lardy, I accept it. If the decision is made to keep it then it'll be getting bumped to 500bhp as a minimum, however. Here are some more pics, although please excuse the condition. I'm much more interested in driving it than cleaning it, and so it's pretty much perpetually filthy. I've had a fetish for driving through fords recently, and here's a couple of snaps from the ford in Shilton, in the Burford area. This is long enough to get some good splash going, I might have to come back with a photographer friend for some action shots. Fresh out of the ford at Shilton by Alex D, on Flickr Fresh out of the ford at Shilton by Alex D, on Flickr I'd like to try and keep it looking like this: IMG_20200521_121836 by Alex D, on Flickr But really, it spends most of it's time looking like this: At rest in Burford by Alex D, on Flickr Here's some assorted random photos. I've got a long way to go before being able to get a decent shot of the car, but I'm trying. Brothers by Alex D, on Flickr Taking in the sunrise by Alex D, on Flickr Still working on the angles, ahem by Alex D, on Flickr Sunrise Silhouette by Alex D, on Flickr
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    My luck has really turned. Just got the speedo drive working! I jacked the car up, put it in gear and ran it whilst I messed around. I discovered even with the nylon and brass drive held in by a 9 mm bolt the drive can move upwards. Only about 2 mm, but enough to disengage the gear from the shaft. I wire locked the whole thing down and all is working correctly. One of my last jobs is to refix the rear view mirror which I managed to knock off whilst messing around installing the fire extinguisher I have the fire nozzels in the engine bay just awaiting parts for the final fix. Hats off to Lotusbits engineering the engine sounds superb and is so responsive. There was nothing different in the assembly this time around apart from much more thorough oil pump checking. I am running in so trying not to boost. Very very tempting to put the foot down! Theres two things I would replace immediately on the Turbo. They are the oil cooler and the three way thermostat. These two items have made a massive difference to this car.. It runs just below 90 degrees and the fans come on much much sooner. Nothing gets too hot like before. Filling the coolant the first time easy! Well I’m not counting my chickens but the car feels right. So I hope thats it for the car bits...Just skis and racks. I don’t want to temp fait but here goes, thank you to all those who have help me get this far. PNM engineering Lotusbits S and J sportcars Dave Changes who pushed me on to a better build. Roo who helped with the skis The retired American who gave me a pair of Olins and of course everyone on the Lotusforums that has contributed and encouraged me. Don’t worry Sparky, not many more pages left to write. On to finishing the ski racks.
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    First refuel and outing! Engine is running perfectly as is the gearbox. Only annoyance speedo is not working. It appears to be the angle drive which I tested!! Its not the speedo or cable. Still if thats all I can fault I’m happy! So far I have covered about 12 miles.
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    A drive into the peaks today, putting some miles on the car before a peaks run on Sunday with MLOC.
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    Collection day. Early days but first impression the car feels amazing.
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    Was worth looking back after I parked today
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    Turned out it was an 11 hour round trip. Really impressed so far .....especially above 4500 rpm
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    Time for a new project now the mini is complete and building a few miles, with the Evora now gone I had some space so started looking for my next acquisition. I wanted a S1 or S2 but ideally a JPS, whatever choice I really hoped to find a running project car with sound chassis. I had a plentiful choice of restored S1’s and plenty of very good JPS offered to me but big thanks to Roo (V8vantage) settled on something I didn’t really anticipate buying but now can’t wait for her to grace our shores as it ticks all the boxes with lots to do keeping me busy. Meet JPS 008 It’s done little over 12000 miles and been stored for very many years, the seller has sent me a video of it running with a separate fuel supply and it sounds good. Hopefully in the next 6 weeks it should be in my garage having a good survey done to see what’s needed. Big bonus which to me makes it really special is it’s got Air Con which wasn’t available here and from my previous JPS experience in the summer being black it’s going to be a welcome addition, SJ sell all the parts to maintain or repair the system as I’m pretty sure the gas will be long gone to depleting the ozone.. Other excellent things are original door speakers and stereo along with tonneau covers, spare wheel and even the NCT’s (Will need changing although I know where a spare wheel set is). Not decided if I’m going to convert to RHD as fancy doing it but kind of like to keep it as built and quite happy driving LHD cars doing it on all holidays and with work trips, guess if the body needs removing which is unlikely coming from a dry state then I will make the choice then. I am expecting to paint it and replace the decals at some point and will definitely be fitting UK bumpers, losing the marker lights and carrying out the fibreglass work to fit a U.K. rear plate plinth. Dave
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    Great run out this morning in the Peak District, thanks to MLOC.
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    For any of you that like 430s.
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    First proper shake down drive of 60 miles on the newly rebuilt v8 engine
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    Great experience on the race track Anneau du Rhin where Mario Ketterer a former race driver teached me on an Evora GT430 how to treat this beast properly - still a lot to learn for me. Huge thanks to Mario for this incredible tutorial and fun!
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    I took the car on its longest run yet. 280 miles covered so far.I tuned it a second time but already it has started to drift off. I am slowly working through a snag list. Speedo is now working again after using a cable tie to hold the Angle drive down. I discovered after feeling quite hot on my long drive the vacuum powered Mode and fresh air flaps weren’t working. The demist was stuck on fulI hot which was a bit uncomfortable, so I spent today fixing it! Gear surround out and drivers seat. The main vacuum line had disconnected. I glued it back in with superglue. There then appeared to be a vacuum leak from the upper flap valve. I was going to replace it, but thankfully Andy on here told me they have to be connected only one way. I swapped the leads over and job done, all fixed. I noted a slight squeak when selecting first gear. This was being caused by my upgraded bearing in the middle of the selector rods. I adjusted it and the rod is no longer rubbing where it exits the chassis. Whilst I was adjusting this I noticed some gear oil coming from the selector on both sides.I have an early gearbox. I upgraded the selector to C35 spec and the selector cover. The selector has too much play because I hadn’t noticed the C35 top cover has also been modified, That is what was causing the seepage. Easy fix just swap the cover or change the spec back until I have more time. Theres the odd rattle which I will have to identify and fix. I took the isolators out from the front springs to lower It slightly. This was a bad move. Any dip or road hump and the car contacts at the front. You really have to go very slowly over bumps. This isn’t practical so I am replacing the isolators. I still need to align the wheels. The tracking is off at the front and the wheels need balancing. I will spend a lot of time getting the geometry correct, like I did with my S1. You have to expect some jobs when you have completely rebuilt a car that hasn’t been on the road for many many years. I didn’t have hardly any issues with the S1, but thats probably because the Turbo is so much more complicated and has many many more parts. Its taking a while, but soon I hope to have no snags! Its all starting to bed in as I rack up the miles. I was very pleased with the engine temperature it stayed at 75 degrees during the cruise. When I stopped in heavy traffic it got up to 85 degrees, but then we started to moved before the fans kicked in. Temperature control is perfect now. Should hit 500 miles soon and then I will have a thorough check over.
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    Soon vacation and time to enjoy this Esprit
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    Just had contact and It’s hitting our shores on the 20/07 Hopefully home for beginning of August so happy days! Dave
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    Just one more sleep before I pick the 410 up tomorrow. Feel so lucky and excited for what is for me a post-lockdown present.
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    So recently decided to get the car all cleaned up and detailed. Might be slightly pic heavy but some OCD-friendly pics
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    With the rebuilt engine and gearbox now back in, and only the tidying up jobs left to do, I won’t be posting on this thread again unless there’s something interesting that develops, and even then I’ll probably post elsewhere on TLF. Hopefully, it’s been useful to TLF members, that was my sole intention anyway. It certainly wasn’t a vanity project, as I wanted to share the pitfalls, successes, the processes, and how I coped with what turned out to be a totally unexpected bloody marathon, when I’d only expected a sprint. All the work I’ve done has been in an attempt to improve and maintain reliability. And reliability is the key word. Roll the credits - A well-deserved special mention and thanks goes to Dave Lisle @CHANGES, for his sage advice and the loan of his engine building tools. Also, Connaught Competiton Engines for their precision work and knowledge of machining processes, and Paul Matthews of Forge Engineering for the UN1 gearbox rebuild and Quaife ATB install. Pretty sure I’d have been a lot worse off without them.
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    Hello all, some may have met me with my Evora GT430 Sport at 70 years Hethel (I have fond memories of the time when it was okay to travel...especially for joy!). While I have not been very active on TLF, I did not stop thinking about the cars. Today I signed a deal to buy a restored 1977 S1 Esprit (sorry - LHD, I am still in Germany ). My goal is to make it a drivers car and not garage / showroom / collectors queen. As you will notice, the wheels are not "correct" (as well as a couple of other parts) but the overall condition is excellent (from what I know so far). Frame has been fully restored, car has been repainted (was red originally) and a lot of the important mechanical components have been swapped. Interior re-bolstered (the green-ish/yellow-brown combo had to go for black /black). Engine runs well, the pace was a surprise for a 160bhp car. But the biggest grin was caused by the sound of it! Such a naughty growl from the open K&Ns right behind your head! My GT430 sounds amazing, but I am tempted to prefer the voice of this little 2.0! The car is still with the old owner but will be picked up next week and brought back to its new home. One photo as a teaser, I hope that I wont have to ask for too much help (and therapy?) around here
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    I’m actually bored of this whole subject now. Personally I don’t care if you’re black. I also don’t care if you’re white. I don’t care if you are straight. I don’t care if you are gay. I don’t care if you are religious. I don’t care if you are an atheist. If you are a law abiding nice person, then that’s enough for me to make my assumption on.
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    Thought you would like to see the finished article installed in the car.........
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    Chassis collected from cathodic dip coating. Full inspection tomorrow, but I'm really very impressed with the finish. I can now commence with the rebuild of the rolling chassis.
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    Just recieved back my modified Binnacle from Carbonwurks in Bournemouth as I was very disappointed with the quality of the binnacle that was shipped from Aim. I understand I was buying a dashboard really and not a quality binnacle but I was keen to replicate the standard of finish Lotus have achieved in the cabin. I had Carbonwurks remove the four Aim switches from the binnacle and make good. (I replaced the four Aim switches in the binnacle with two rocker switches either side of forward part of the rear steering column shroud which gives me the same functionality but are effectively out of sight). Daniel and his team at Carbonwurks carbon skinned the top of the binnacle matching the OEM carbon pattern I have on the rest of the car, whilst leaving the dash surround as is. A finish that wasn't possible if I had it dipped. Finally they covered the 'wings' in black perforated synthetic leather.... be honest i am absolutely delighted with the result...not the cheapest option, I must admit ,but it has delivered a quality look whichI am more than happy with.
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    Sorted. Thanks so much for everyone’s input on this. I don’t know if it’s a bit embarrassing but after taking the back cover off and then seeing Steve’s picture and also reading a similar problem for SwindonAlan I realised that the washer was not fitted on the detent spring plug so therefore the spring was forcing the ball bearing too hard which was the cause of the stiffness. cant believe how good it feels now
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    Hi all, I have just joined the “owning a Lotus” club by purchasing Mike Sekinger’s slightly bent MY02. The project was advertised on facebook with a recent price drop making it too good to refuse. I got up early on Friday, drove to Germany, meeting Mike and his wonderful family, squeezed a 186cms car in to a 186cms door (no angle grinder required) and then came back home. There were always two cars I loved growing up, a Lancia Delta and a Lotus Esprit. In 2016 I bought a bent yellow banana of a hatchback from a reputable dealer filled with hopes and dreams! John and I spent about 2 years and more money I care to mention turning it in to a very competitive and ultimately winning race car, both in the dry as well as the wet. I have documented the Lancia race car, plus other racing activities build on my youtube channel here: and here are some pictures. More can also be found here: Before you all jump on me for it not being a real 350, there is no way you would want to take a working 350 and ruin it by racing it. Race cars get a hard life and generally always break and get tatty over time. I wanted to replicate a sport 350 to allow the fitment of an adjustable high rear wing and it still comply to “silhouette” rules. Clearly building a car such as Mike’s GT1 replica with sequential box and a wider track will ultimately be a faster car. The problem is it puts you in with classes where v8’s are shoved in to Ford Escorts, Honda turbos in to Elises and other nutter conversions and it raises the game quite considerably... and gets very expensive. The other great thing about the car Mike had is it is LHD. This is actually an advantage as most circuits race clockwise and a LHD car gives a better view of a right turn apex than it being obscured through the a-pillar. On the flip side, I am sure “sided” parts for a LHD will be harder to find but hey ho. As we are just at the start of this project there are some things we are sure of, and some not. Here is what we know or want to do: - Sport 350 silhouette, but with the MY02 round lights - Uprated crank, pistons and head bolts - Motec & Bosche motorsport electronics throughout, including ECU, power distribution, dash, TC & ABS - Owen Development m-spec turbos, nice and small with very little lag - External wastegates - Standard gearbox casing with dog ring gears - Gripper or other plated LSD - Target 450bhp & 900kg I am planning to race it in the Classic Sports Car Club Modern Classics series. I know several Elises and Nick Olson’s very quick Esprit S3 races in from time to time. Also want to do the odd 750 Motor Club’s Club Enduro championship if I can get an hours worth of racing out of the fuel tanks (they look very small...). Here are a couple of videos racing Nick if you are interested. Any advice at this early stage, particularly those who track/race, would be appreciated.
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    Flying the Elite flag amongst the moderns! ... other than the lovely Esprit of course.
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    I've waited a while before posting as wanted to be sure everything was sorted. In April 2019 when my car was being serviced I purchased the Leven Car Service scheme to cover me for the next three services at £1130. Seemed like a good deal from a budgeting point of view and the scheme was transferable to the new owner (a good selling point) or to a different car. In April this year my car was due it's first of the three services but of course Leven had gone bust. The Administrator really didn't want to know and the company who ran the service plans just wanted to wash their hands of it - although they are I suspect quite culpable for compensation I could not bothered with the fight. So, as I had paid for the Service Plan on my Credit Card I raised a Section 75 claim (note this is not a charge-back claim, that is different) against the Credit Card company sighting that the services that I paid for had not and now could not be delivered/received so the service contract was in breach and I was entitled to my money back. At first the Credit Card company tried to take me down the Charge Back route (they claim from the vendors bank account but the vendors bank can fight this) but I stuck to my guns and made clear this was a Section 75 claim and if they wanted to go after the Vendors Bank then that was their call and good luck, as it did not affect whether I got a refund or not from the CC company. Soon after the £1130 was credited back to my credit card and after 45 days I received an automatic text to confirm the case was closed and done. So, reason for the post is two fold: 1. If you were caught out and lost out, and paid by Credit Card, get a claim in 2. Make sure in the future for any purchases like this you ALWAYS use a Credit Card. You can, like I do, pay off your card every month so no interest/fees get charged but boy do you get a huge heap of consumer protection "for free". The even better bit is that I was able to then use the money to buy £1200 worth of Lotus carbon loveliness and seals from the TLF shop and the wife has no idea lol.... Best regards
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    @Bazza 907 Never one to step away from a challenge ......see below for more accurate detail - cars were in fact off to Munich in Germany That would have had BMW quaking!......4.17pm, Bobby & cloudy!
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    I decided to do away with the crappy lights behind the heater panel and bought an EL sheet on Ebay. Cut with scissors and punched the holes and fitted behind the panel, only took a few minutes. A small inverter powers it. The brightness is perfect but the pot on the dash has to be turned fully up. It would have been nice to have some headroom but the overall result is so much better than the bulbs.
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    An Essex Blue one from Stratton Motor Company - 9 hour round trip then face the wife and give her the good news
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    Bgger Covid. Took it out , so happy. Outside the CT (MOT) station. Bonus was that it passed.
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    So Charlie has picked this up twice,I think, he knows what he is doing and a thoroughly nice chap. So now to Sparkles and his surcharges, I will leave him to explain them but they’re mounting up. I never realised that brake fluid was a prerequisite of the delivery so I sent it with none, anywhere, well certainly not any in the brake system. them cam covers are a disgrace, but then I was surprised to find the engine was in the boot. Lotus should have known they’re meant to be in the front surely. Luckily we (well “I”) have the technical support of @JNW3 who pointed out this could all to be to do with the glovebox not closing. looks good though doesn’t it, just needs some skis
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    Update: Lotus Cars and my dealership have agreed to fix the car as a goodwill gesture under warranty! It goes without saying that I'm very pleased and a big thanks to everyone in the Lotus community involved in helping me out. It's things like this that make me glad to be a Lotus driver, rather than the owner of less friendly make of car.
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    Right spot right moment earlier today.
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    I also have a huge issue with "taking the knee". Historically you "took the knee" to show your fealty to a superior, a ruler. So essentially, you were acknowledging that you were subservient to a "better" or "higher" being. Maybe we should have a discussion about irony? The decade that is the 2020's will be remembered in history as the decade when history in the UK was "whitewashed", it will not be a proud moment in history just like our involvement in the slave trade was not a proud moment in history. I struggle with the anger. How many of these "offended" people in the UK are actually here BECAUSE of slavery? They are here largely through economic migration and they have benefited, along with everyone who is here regardless of race, religion etc, from our free access to health, education etc for all. A multi racial, multi cultural UK is a wonderful place, rich in history (good and bad) and influenced by the history and practices etc of all who are here. I just wish we stopped obsessing about what we cannot change, the past, and focus on ensuring we have an open, co-operative society for all to succeed, grow and be happy.
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    Its now on its way collected from the seller, next stop Savannah in Georgia. It took three collection attempts as the transporters were too steep to load such a low car. Dave
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    Matching dash bulbs now

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