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    Where's the one that says 'For the Esprit S4 Drivers'? Discrimination. That's what it is.............
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    Turned out it was an 11 hour round trip. Really impressed so far .....especially above 4500 rpm
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    125 new jobs at Lotus in Norwich
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    After a long time, I'm pleased to be able to give a positive update on Oliver's progress. He is still in hospital, most recently having had to overcome some infections acquired post-operatively, and it looks like they will keep him in for another week or so to make sure he is 100% clear. The poor chap went into hospital at the start of lockdown (yes - that long ago!) and of course hasn't been able to have visitors! He can talk to his daughters and sister by phone, but apart from that I think he must be climbing the walls. So if anybody would like to send a card or drop him a line, he'd be delighted to hear from you. He sends his thanks to everyone who has already been in touch, and I think is quite touched! His hospital address is: Kilverston Ward Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital Colney Lane Norwich NR4 7UY Cheers Richard

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