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    Thanks Barry, getting there with the car, very slowly. Ski racks are progressing at a snails pace despite hours and hours of work. The lower ones are done and just need smoothing, primer and paint. The upper ones are causing big problems.I had to abandon my design and start again from scratch. Thankfully James on here is an engineer and came over to have a look. My design wasn’t strong enough. Thanks to his idea of using mild steel U channel I now have a new design. It will fit into the original fibreglass shape with some modification, but be far stronger than the film prop design.It should allow me to reach reasonable speeds with no issues. I just have to make them, but I have been enjoying driving the car and perfecting it - so I took a short break from the racks.
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    I took the car on its longest run yet. 280 miles covered so far.I tuned it a second time but already it has started to drift off. I am slowly working through a snag list. Speedo is now working again after using a cable tie to hold the Angle drive down. I discovered after feeling quite hot on my long drive the vacuum powered Mode and fresh air flaps weren’t working. The demist was stuck on fulI hot which was a bit uncomfortable, so I spent today fixing it! Gear surround out and drivers seat. The main vacuum line had disconnected. I glued it back in with superglue. There then appeared to be a vacuum leak from the upper flap valve. I was going to replace it, but thankfully Andy on here told me they have to be connected only one way. I swapped the leads over and job done, all fixed. I noted a slight squeak when selecting first gear. This was being caused by my upgraded bearing in the middle of the selector rods. I adjusted it and the rod is no longer rubbing where it exits the chassis. Whilst I was adjusting this I noticed some gear oil coming from the selector on both sides.I have an early gearbox. I upgraded the selector to C35 spec and the selector cover. The selector has too much play because I hadn’t noticed the C35 top cover has also been modified, That is what was causing the seepage. Easy fix just swap the cover or change the spec back until I have more time. Theres the odd rattle which I will have to identify and fix. I took the isolators out from the front springs to lower It slightly. This was a bad move. Any dip or road hump and the car contacts at the front. You really have to go very slowly over bumps. This isn’t practical so I am replacing the isolators. I still need to align the wheels. The tracking is off at the front and the wheels need balancing. I will spend a lot of time getting the geometry correct, like I did with my S1. You have to expect some jobs when you have completely rebuilt a car that hasn’t been on the road for many many years. I didn’t have hardly any issues with the S1, but thats probably because the Turbo is so much more complicated and has many many more parts. Its taking a while, but soon I hope to have no snags! Its all starting to bed in as I rack up the miles. I was very pleased with the engine temperature it stayed at 75 degrees during the cruise. When I stopped in heavy traffic it got up to 85 degrees, but then we started to moved before the fans kicked in. Temperature control is perfect now. Should hit 500 miles soon and then I will have a thorough check over.
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    think the header to this topic is a bit harsh.
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    Sadly - it’s probably a very loved car - but it goes completely against the Dna of the brand. best thing he could do is rip off the wellies, remove the stripes and take off the fake v8 badge. There’s a nice car under there.
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    @RichardC & @Miguel I have a pair of those brackets still in their bags ready to be fitted to my car along with the Mansory cf diffuser. You're welcome to use the brackets for patterns before they go on my car if you wish?
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    Soon vacation and time to enjoy this Esprit
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    Yeah, its good to be out again. Every time I get back in the Evora I just get reminded of why I love it so much. Smooth , fast, good looking, and the car isn't bad either.
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    Bgger Covid. Took it out , so happy. Outside the CT (MOT) station. Bonus was that it passed.
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    Well I’ve been a very happy owner since October 2014 #27, oh and the other one is #66 (61 years apart)
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    The latest on the Lotus Evija
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    I keep going through this conundrum and honestly the NA is all one really needs. But I will keep lusting for the more-powerful models (esp. GT430)
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    For what's its worth, I'm with you Fabian. Its your car and your dream. I'm sure you haven't spent all this time, money and effort to look to sometime in the future where you might want to sell it and make a profit. (highly unlikely!) You have done it because that is what YOU want to do. So GO DO IT! I didn't purchase my S1 with a view to how much it might make me in the future, I purchased it because I have always loved the S1 shape and just wanted one (even over my treasured Eclat of 30 years ownership). I'm 67 next week. You cant take it with you , so if you can enjoy it, then ENJOY IT. It doesn't matter what anybody else thinks. I have followed both your restorations and have always admired your attention to detail. Far more than what I could do. But I'm happy with what I have done and love driving my car, which is what its all about.
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    I think this is a blow-by-Blofeld account of the progress. That gag works, but any Bond fan worth his Harry Saltzman knows the baddie in FYEO was Kristatos. I must try harder.
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    @Mightymetro thanks so much for the speedy return of the tool, with postage reimbursement, and the extras! Much appreciated.
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    Not sure if there's already a post about this. Unpleasant viewing. This is the S2 that featured recently on the photo thread

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