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    Merry Christmas from me to all Evora owners. Love to all my friends too.
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    I've lowered the golf 30mm it looks cool as fech, Touran next, couldn't give a rats ass what VW think.
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    Brilliant!!! Surely burning engine and gearbox oil is saving the planet anyway as it saves it going into landfill and kill dolphins etc. Trees are good though especially when they are close to the fire...
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    Well put. But i think it's crap.
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    Deliriously happy to have just got a Defender 110 once again. Had to sell my last one in 2005 and I have been pining ever since. Even the heater is effective on this one! Couldn't have picked it up at a better time given the weather!
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    Although it rides high and I certainly wouldn't recommend Strattons personally - I am satisfied with the suspension, so will be offering it as is.
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    Ok so I did have to use the spessor to get the sring under the top bit of the chassis. Once on I was able to use the jack as you said to get the nut on the damper top. Here are a couple of pics of the first side. I think it looks correct? Parranoid I got something ask about face!! Buddsy

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