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  1. I removed mine, and I looked inside the body sections, and there is more material there than the thickness. Also, remember, it's easy to remove the door piece, as it's just a FAKE piece to link the front and rear seam-line-hiding-trim pieces. It just took a long time and bodywork skills to sand, blend, repaint...etc Here is a picture of my car to show what the removed seams look like, and it definitely modernizes the car. Just ignore the extra NACA duct for my extra chargecooler radiators Paul 94S4 85TE
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  2. Hi Wayne, The cooling on the car has been fine, but the ears have only just been done, the car on the move the temprature is spot on, a few months ago when static in traffic for long periods the temp would rise slightly but not into the red, once moving it would soon shoot down again, the car if off the road at the moment as the cambelts and tensioners get changed, I have also also took the car been of the road to extend the radiator and make it triple core and add a third slimline spal fan. The ears to aid removal of engine bay tempratures and will ho
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