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    Not at all. If you were prepared to pay that money you were dead right expecting a spot on car. Have you seen the white HC on LEW? http://www.esprit4sa...dCarCentre.html Alternatively check this thread out. The White S3 Turbo (red leather) is owned by Stagowner on here and he has occasionally advertised it for similiar money. Now that's a truly exceptional car, restored with all the correct period bits such as NCT Goodyears etc. It's a long shot but drop him a PM
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    I spoke with Roger on Friday and told him that I was sad that he had taken the action that he did and retire from Lotus. He is out of the country at the moment trying to get over it all at the moment. I have been lucky enough to have worked with Roger at Lotus Engineering R&D division for about 10 years or so before I left Lotus to start up my own trim business, and still had the pleasure in working with him on the Delorean project and other projects right up to the Evora. The passion and enthusiasm and technical know how that Roger has will be sorely missed big time at Lotus. I think the CEO has a lot to learn about Lotus and Norfolk folk and sadly it will all be to late, hope I am wrong but that's a feeling held by many. Roger was so passionate about the Esprit that he would even take time out from the factory and come and visit Esprit owners at our workshops and tell them all about their cars and how it was born and then even to my surprise bring a signed book of the Esprit and present it to the owners, who else would have done that. Then of course there was the James Bond project but I guess you all know about that. He has told me that he will come in and see us when the dust has settled and will post any comments that he wishes to pass on. Nick Fulcher.

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