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  1. Yes or no answers only, with an explanation if you really feel you have to justify your answer.
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  2. Bibs - you seem to have a problem recognising the difference between a vendetta and good natured rivalry - I suggest you read my posts again with that in mind. You also need to look into the history of & - particularly the problems that were created when disappeared for over 6 months and what happened when it did reappear and the owner's attitude to copyright amongst other things. Considerable harm was done to the community at that time - but its probably best not to air the dirty laundry yet again. And for the record I DO NOT RUN LOTUSEXCEL.NET - I am a moderator there and voluntarily acts as a point of contact for many things because others allow me to. When anyone wants to take over that role, they're welcome to - that has always been the approach.
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  3. PS Nothing extreme about my postings, please visit this thread for clarification of my views. http://www.lotusexce...php?f=13&t=3219 I discussed this with Alan Morgan as I was shocked to be fair as we would have been very happy to join 'forces' to make for a more impressive Lotus display. We're here to help promote our cars and the marque to the public, not to engage in some nonsensical in-fighting. Angus should run his site for this reason, not to 'get one over' on LEF from time to time for personal satisfaction.
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