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  1. Gents, Where can I find the register to place my VIN? The state of the suspension corrosion surprised me also - for such a 'new' car it really was pretty bad (see pic). I also had the exact same feeling it must have been 'sat' somewhere damp for a while. Replacement was with all brand new Lotus parts - every nut, bolt, bush, the lot. Surface finish is as they came from the factory. They appear zinc plated. After reassembly I took it to the local Lotus dealer to have all the geometry set up as it was miles out! As for the model choice - I specifically wanted chrome orange with orange backed buckets - I'd seen a review of one in 'Autocar' magazine years ago when I was at Uni. I'd always liked the Esprit but when I saw the colour and that interior I thought it was amazing. Over the following years I'd kept a casual eye out for one. Last year I saw one pop up on pistionheads. Right colour - right spec. I was on the plane that weekend. It had a fair few problems - cracked manifold, knackered suspension, blowing exhaust, overdue C service...... So I bought it on the spot - much to the disillusion of my better half - "I'm only going to look" etc.etc. :-) Now it's pretty much sorted....needless to say, I don't regret it for a minute. I've only driven it about 50 miles so far (on temporary plates that are available here) as it's still not road legal - fingers crossed for the end of the month (MOT). cheers, Andy
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