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  1. Does anybody have any advice removing the exterior side body panel? I've followed the service notes but I suspect there is more to it. Specifically I've removed: - 3 bolts (manual say 2!) holding the body to the rear panel. - 4 bolts from under the sill near the undertray - 4 bolts from the inside top edge (where the aero screen connects) - 1 upward bolt from within the engine bay near the battery cut off - 4 bolts holding the front A panel/side repeater in place - 1 upward bolt inside the cabin (manual says 2 here but I can't find the other?) - 2 bolts from the front of the rear wheel arch. Can you remove the panel on it's own or do you need to take more off (like the front clam?) The panel feels like it's moving and I think it's ready - any knack to removing the panel? (does it slide out?) Thanks! Ads
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