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  1. So, back at the swimming pool, which is normally hidden by grandstands and swept past by cars and tv cameras alike…. This is what you would expect to see if you peered over the fencing. This is the entrance to the swimming pool. Looking back, the yellow awnings are the Tabac corner, Sainte-Devote is through the elevated road bridge and the RAC Club is the shorter white building with the turquoise awnings over the windows. Here’s the exit to the swimming pool complex with the Grimaldi Palace on the hilltop in the distance with its commanding view over the harbour. The
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  2. advised my comment not applicable. but it wasnt rude or meaning to be otherwise. i give up.DC.
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  3. oh dear here we go again... DC.
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  4. Bibs. nothing i have ever posted here has been or was intended to be offensive. however you have shot down in flames a number of my postings unfairly with your short comments. it has not been very welcoming from you at all and you have responded in an unappropriate and authoritive way that i have never experienced before. please delete my account immediately as i am clearly not welcome on YOUR site. good luck with what YOU want from YOUR site. DC.
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