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  1. Lookin' good Brian. Nice and subtle business colour! You kept that number quiet! I thought B1 NGO was going on it. Hopefully I will see it in the flesh very soon. You must bring it up to the house on your way home from work one night if not going to Club Lotus on 9th. Can't wait until the 13th! I'm back late on Thursday volcano's allowing. I'll give you a call sometime to chat.
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  2. 2nd delivered car was a chrome orange.
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  3. Well until you bite the bullet and buy a guage you ain't never going to know................ I have two similiar speed related rattles on mine at the mo. One is down to the grill in my Riviera bonnet being loose. I suspect the other one is the radiator mounting, as the radiator assembly isn't completely fixed, i.e. it has play in it at the top. Haven't got round to confirming it yet.
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