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    If I had the funds,, I'd have it Guy... I went to look at it a couple of years back, it was being sold by a garage in Oxfordshire, it had 3" of water slopping around in the foot wells but it ran well, it had all new front and rear suspension and the guy was in the process of fitting a new wiper motor, he wanted more than I had at the time so we couldn't do a deal..,. he sold it for less on Ebay after listing it with daft reserves a couple of times... It has been resprayed.. very well from what I saw . Nice car in my opinion. If it had been on the market earlier in the year, I would definately go for it. The sunroof is hardly an issue, both of mine have them, bonding a panel into the roof it a relatively straight forward repair for a competent body shop, I've fixed worse myself in the past. I'm sure Mike Taylor would donate a suitable roof panel from a dead car for a nominal sum.
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    Hey! Anyone remember that cretin Toua? He posted about fifty times a day about nothing of any interest until he was obviously and quite rightly banned. If he was around he'd win for sure!
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    Hey Arch, As you know, I'll be there with my pop-up tent - looking forward to it (especially the bacon sandwiches)! BBC weather is currently saying Saturday is going to be sunny - let's hope it stays that way! Scott

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