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    Hi All, this last week I have upgraded or I should probably say modernised my front side lights and side indicators. I bought the clear lenses and indicator bulbs for both the side indicators and front side lights from David Walters Esprit Performance site. and The standard sidelight bulb is a 501 W5W bulb and not the brightest of things so I searched the internet for an LED replacement and found what I was looking for at Autobulbs Direct. I purchased two types of LED bulb, one with 6 LEDs facing forwards and one type that hase 19 LEDs in a cluster. With the purchase you get two free "extreme white" standard 501W5W bulbs. I have tried them all and found the 19 LED cluster bulb to be best as it cascades light sideways to the reflector and forwards. The two free bulbs weren't good enough to warrant any pictures of those fitted. But I think they will be useful in the dash where i have a couple of dim bulbs. Here is the old front side lights: LED cluster bulb without lense fitted: Compare to old bulb: Now with both new bulbs fitted: Below is a picture with one of the forward facing 6 LED bulbs fitted and compared next to old one. Definitely not quite as bright as the 19 LED cluster type. I am really pleased with how it looks, and later i will try and take a night picture to see what they are like. Dave if you want to use these pictures on your site feel free to do so. I must not forget ot add this, it shows the clear lense side indicators fitted aswell as the clear fron lenses. Cheers Alex
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    I totally understand, I just very much disagree with the view, as do quite a few others judging by previous posts. What I'm starting to find remarkable at this point is the ability of some people to on the one hand bang on about the right to one's own view, and then on the other hand repeatedly castigate people for expressing that view. You can't have it both ways. From your words you appear to confuse expression of a differing view as a lack of understanding of your own views. This may not be what you intended, but is certainly how your comments read to me. In my case I can assure you that is definitely not the case. I do not like being called a blinkered fool, and have no doubt you wouldn't like being called one either. Please accept my right to my own views as I do yours.
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    new plates are now fitted to the car and all paperwork done.... The sub script is a bit cheesy, but a close freind is very active in the RS owners club, so it's a bit of a personal dig.... I've been using it more recently, due to faults with my other cars, and it hasn't missed a beat.
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    I used to have a smell of petrol inside my cockpit (and outside too). All the breather hoses were replaced, and i thought the engine mixture was too rich, or that the choke was getting stuck.Then about 3 months ago i opened the engine cover after going for a half-hour drive and found petrol dripping from the cover (above the carburettor)! So i immediately had it towed to my mechanic and he replaced all the fibre washers in the carburettor connections... PROBLEM SOLVED and no more petrol fumes too. Lesson for the day: a. Don't ignore petrol fumes. b. Carry a fire-extinguisher. Regards Paul

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