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    Hi guys, I'm trying to sort out my interior bits whilst the car is at the mechanic. Has anyone managed to replicate the inner glove box. I've seen them for sale at sjsportscars but it looks different to mine. My glove box seems to be made of some strengthened cardboard, would anyone know what material this is? As you can see mine has seen better days
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    I've turned them off for now - Most devices that get sent to that are smart enough to process a proper page anyway and there's an iPhone app if anyone is desperate for a better iPhone native view.
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    Excellent, you've got to get that framed!
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    Hi Steffen, Great to finally see some real figures behind all of that hard work. I would question the drivetrain loss that has been assumed - 25% would be really on the high side. Of course, without engine dyno figures it is always an approximation to establish the crank HP, but I would have thought something between 10-15% would have been more appropriate. Enjoy all of those extra ponies ! Cheers, Mike S
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    Hello. You have a nice car I see you have made a custom plate on your chargecooler. Do you have the old one? I have lost mine
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    Stefan I see your crankcase breather just terminates in a K&N air filter. Do have any probs will oil peeing out all over the inside of your engine bay/drive below? I would worry about oil getting to your rear brakes? Buddsy
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    Stefan, it wasn't meant -as for 'posing' power competitions ! those guys just understand more if you talking 'fuel talks' as your wife or neighbours... . So it is allways good to compare experience and various plans/concepts. ...what do you want to do instead ? -dyno/roller -driving (on street calculation, with OBD/ALD-port & GPS accceleration reference in gear ..and so on)

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