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  1. Hi Justin, I have ...070 pump, which is from Fiat, Lancia, Jaguar and Austin. Cost was 130€ from a local part store. It looks like original one and works well Here's my old topic, there are some discussion about fuel pumps: Here are the missing photos from that topic:
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  2. She was holding her LEFT ear - no one uses a phone in their left ear, surely - that would be far too sinister.
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  3. Hi Richard, Very nice set of wheels you have got there, Love the old quattros especially the wide body versions.. The wheel specs for the G shaped esprit with the five stud patterns are fronts 15 X 7 with a PCD of 5 x 120mm and an offset of + 23, and the rears are 15 x 8 with an offset of -20mm. Also the s1 and s2 and some very early s3 turbos where four stud dont know the wheel specs though. The rears would be fine if the bolt pattern is the same but the fronts would be way to wide and the wrong offset unless you where building a wide arch esprit! Hope this helps regards danny
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