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    Hate to say it, but it does not seem that Lotus are paying much attention to the people that have bought into the Evora principle. I like many others was so dissapointed that there was not a natural replacement (price wise) for the Evora (but that's another thread). I know that Lotus have been informed that customers of "standard" Evora's want a pack that will increase the bhp but looks like its not happening at the moment. Dissapointing that they do not want to generate more revenue from existing customers and keep them happy. George
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    Mais bien sur: 7 inches this morning. Just popped outside, and now I only have 5.
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    We've about 150 paid up members out of the 9,250 registered members. Those monies go towards our hosting costs and don't cover those any more and I think another £5 would put even more people off being paid up members. A long time ago it was £25 but that was reduced to encourage more sign ups, I've even introduced a £12 international membership recently and not a single person has taken that up. Trouble is, most people expect stuff for free nowadays and only contribute if they have to, if they are forced to. It's the ones who aren't 'most people' who have the kindness to contribute to an appeal like this and support the forum that we have to rely on. Most other car clubs have a mandatory charge, most of them are much more expensive than us and most offer less too, perhaps the only thing that sets them apart is a magazine but I've no intention of becoming a publisher. Rather than go down the route of mandatory charges, for now I'll stick to appeals like this and hope that there are enough people who feel that the club is worth the investment.

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