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    If it stops raining I'll go outside and carry on rebuilding my collection of Lotus' tucked up behind the garage (which is mainly too full of bits to fit in any cars). :-)
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    Same day MBNA Pi**ed me off, I have specifically selected how I wish to be contacted and they keep sending "service " message emails, now they've decided they can send Terms & Conditions updates by email. If I have to I'll take the f***ers to the FSO just to cost them the £50 each case costs them. As I have an Amazon card and a MBNA branded card that will be two separate FSO cases, so £100.
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    Ok. Last minute I know. But I've just had the CEL light up on the way home. My reader is in deepest South Wales. Is there any chance someone could bring one tomorrow so I can pull the code?? Fingers crossed, Stu.
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    Jan cant make it, work commitments SO spare seat & ticket any body want lift +ticket
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    Here's an old one (with Lotus content)

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