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  1. Oil Pressure Sender feed pipe has split on my S1 due to leaning on it replacing my V belt after that snapped (I hate Mondays), are there any nacks to removing this? is it a conventional thread as it seems to be welded together to the pressure sender and I don't want to apply too much pressure yet!
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  2. Don't rotate the crank with the head off, or, use liner clamps and the 50% chance disappears. In real;ity, it takes a heck of a lot to move them but you can remove any uncertainly either way.
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  3. thanks for the replys folks sorry for taking so long to get back on the forum but i've put 3k on the car since i posted this hello post! only just got permission to put my private reg on the car so if you see my forum name on an orange exige that's me! i'm about to post in the "why's my lotus not working forum" lol help required!! have to say tho even though it's been broken for the past few days i've still enjoyed trying to fix it, i know that's probably messed up but, at least i can SEE the engine in this car and there's obviously mechanical bits to it!! chris
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  4. Sorry - just saw post! Soo out of date - 190,000 now and still going strong... (Did have her first ever head gasket replaced at 186,000 miles though...) Iain
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