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  1. Bibs, that seems an unnecessarily dismissive comment. May I remind you that when I first posted about that alarm behaviour (at least a year ago), you queried whether it was just a fault on my car. Whereupon someone in Scotland (Al I think, apologies to you if not) then posted that he knew of it and referred I think to it happening consistently on more than one car. I made what I thought a worthwhile suggestion; I still think so.
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  2. How about a register, fixed under Evora? Not for chat or discussion of unknowns but just car details, symptoms and cause discovered of "difficult" faults. Not for ordinary ones. E.g m1lum's above: Evora (NA ? 20??) Engine running lumpy and almost stalls, then revs itself back up again. Sometimes it does stall. Engine light on and sometimes the spanner light too. Basic code reader tells me that it's 'too rich on both banks'. At higher revs it's absolutely fine, although it does seem a little heavier on fuel now. CAUSE: Fuse R8 "Engine Solenoids" blown. I'll add two. Evora NA 2010 Engine refuses to start despite spinning easily on starter and dash lights appearing normal: CAUSE: Inertia switch triggered off by light incidental tap by spanner. Press top to reset. Evora NA 2010 Alarm triggers a few minutes after empty car locked. CAUSE: Alarm logic assumes locking will occur after sequence: Engine running, engine off, door open, door close, lock. If, say to retrieve something, car is unlocked, door opened, door closed, relocked, the alarm will trigger. Cure: if retrieving something, when door open turn ignition on and off before closing door and relocking. If thought a reasonable idea, perhaps a moderator would reposition, re title this starter?
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  3. Ok well noted re Silverstone Classic, I'd forgotten about that. I'll get back later with a preference once I've had a look. Trevor.
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  4. Speedo's? Hope the 'S' didn't fall off...
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