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  1. No idea what he's saying but there are a lot of great shots and a really good look around the car. I'm pretty sure he likes it!
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  2. Sorry to reopen an ancient thread but I'm getting a small amount of flat spot under acceleration at pretty much any speed. I very rarely get stumble upon takeoff, maybe occasionally when the car is cold or hasn't been used for awhile. The more I use the car that stumble goes away actually... Anyway under acceleration if you accelerate lightly I get no flat spot but if I'm accelerating like a normal but then plant the accelerator the car will hesitate half a second and then accelerate like it was new out of the factory yesterday. After that i find doing the exact same thing results in no flat spot just instant acceleration but 2 or 3 minutes of normal driving will result in a flat spot again when flooring it.....hope that made sense....very odd.....any ideas.
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