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  2. Been working on the car today (engine in) and got some unexpected help from my grandson. Returning from the toolbox found him working under the car.
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  3. Hi is this topic still going- as owner of WNG56X I'd be pleased to be involved. I can't work out how to insert pictures in here but if anyone wants to see mine its on FlickR at Like many I suspect in this topic I share the surprise that such a beautiful car isn't more popular. I fell in love with a gold one at the Kent Motorshow in Canterbury back in the 70s. Had to wait years before I was in a position to get my own! Having said that the upside is that at least I'm in love with an affordable classic- what if I'd had lifelong devotion to an E type?? Is anyone planning any Elite/Eclat/Excel get togethers? Mike
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  4. Leather is ok heat wise (in the UK), but I much prefer alcantara... my little bum slides around on leather seats! E.
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  5. I had the above mocked up but didn't go with the union flag on the diffuser because, from the rear 3/4 I thought it might look too much but now I've had it done....
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  6. ? Opinions not allowed? Lotus do need a halo car. The Esprit has been it for a long time and should be again and it does need to be as revolutionary as the Kiwi was back in Turin all those years ago. As for Caterham taking on the old Esprit, TLF has the VARI moulds
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