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    Lots of progress to report! I spent the weekend putting the car back together after receiving the trim back from Nightingale coachtrimming. Starting point: One side back in: Other side and one of the rear seats: Both rear seats: Drivers door card: Front carpets: I also had to replace a sheared rear seat bolt, but luckily I found a spare bolt of exactly the correct type: What I started with: Old stud removed: New bolt installed and held in place with bearing lock:
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    Could that secret be patriotism? A trait spoken about often in Britain but not backed up much when sourcing cheap goods. Perhaps the comment above about a lack of distinctiveness is ringing true? IMHO they have caught the same bug as many others (including Lotus before Bahar) where they have found a winning style/look/formula and are shit-scared to break away from it.
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    Dale - free to a good home , hopefully they will get you off to a good start. There's an interior set on ebay too, not in great condition though For other spares check out ebay seller lotuselan17 (David), he's in Enfeild (north London) he has lots of spares and is breaking cars all the time. Steve
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    part of my car collection and friends who also like cars
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    Thanks for replies all - great info. I've definitely got 521 spec (5 gears, 3-pot brakes etc), so Duncan I'll likely get around to emailing the register as you propose. The change of ID seems quite likely as the car has been off the road since 1991 and was owned for a period by a college - which explains an interior that looked as if it was re-trimmed by a schoolkids. (Just swapped for a very tired red leather interior from a dead Elite instead.) The chassis appears sound, as does the engine, but the wiring has required a fair bit of attention. Other new parts include cambelt, new front discs, replacement brake servo and a coolant header tank replacement from a scrappy. So not much spent, but a lot of time invested from my mate Andy who is chief 'fettler'. (That's putting it mildly!) Result? The car has a brand new MoT just awarded with no advisories. WooHoo!
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    Cleaning a washing machine??? Don't know about that.....I have recently changed the bearings on a front loader, though! Doing the laundry no longer sounds like an attack from a Panzer regiment....
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    Ive been getting really anxious thinking about which I would have Elise S, Exige roadster, coupe or cup...which is all irrelevant as I don't have enough cash right now to pay for a new pair of jeans let alone a new Lotus! If I did have the money right now it would be a nightmare and that's even before looking at spec and colour combos all I can say is thank God Im skint! Buddsy

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