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    I've been a member of this forum for over 5 years now, a relative "newbie" by some standards, but sufficiently long enough to have had occasional suspicions about the actual existence of the site's proclaimed owner. I mean the man never sleeps. Am I the only one who has noticed this? Isn't it at least possible that the operative known as "Bibs" is, in fact, in actuality no more than a very well put together piece of A.I. software? Only some form of machine intelligence could possibly keep up with the vast number of threads ongoing at any moment at TLF. No biological entity could possibly read, follow, and reply with such vigor and timeliness to each and every one of these myriad topics. I'll bet "he'll" be one of the first to respond to this very thread! And I'm purposely posting it at a time when most of the citizenry of the U.K. ought by all rights to be sound asleep. As further evidence for my postulate I offer the fact that no matter how arcane the subject posted, the "individual" known as Bibs seems to possess inordinate amounts of knowledge about whatever is being discussed. I am hard pressed to not think that the creature known as Bibs is none other than another "Watson" thinly disguised as a British gearhead. I know, I know, some of you will say, "But I've met the man! I know he exists!" We are constantly regaled by tales of epic pub crawls with this posited life form. To which I say, the very members claiming such personal acquaintance with the so called "Bibs" are themselves clever creations of the same software program! They are only "here" to make the entire fabrication more believable. Grant me, for the moment, a modicum of belief in my thesis. Accept the conjecture as truth. Then who, or what, is "behind" this charade? It is my view that the "being" known as Bibs is actually a Lotus Motor Cars website server, programmed specifically to engage the motoring public in online discussions dealing with the company's products...a way to monitor the pulse of its potential customers. It is not coincidence that the computer generated "essence" known as Bibs has such strong connections with the mother load data base. We are constantly thrown crumbs, bones, and other tidbits of information that could only have come from an "inside source." I maintain that source is the Company itself, and that the algorithmic concoction known as "Bibs" is not a real person, and that we are being duped on a daily basis. Thoughts?
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    The prime directive, outed: Beer Imbibition and Brewing System
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    I think there are six of us IRL, I'm pretty sure I was the third and I've been working here since 2007. It's good fun and a decent team but I've not meet any of the others. For the nightime posts, it's either one of the guys in the States or they use BIBS (Binary Interforum Bullshit System) developed by NASA in the late nineties, it's hard to tell it from the real thing but you can catch it out sometimes!
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    Thanks I'm liking this one lately as well.
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    I recently (two weeks ago) had two of mine cleaned up. Previous owner had scuffed one and I then slightly grazed a rear on the Eurostar (don't ever be persuaded to go on normal carriage, always go on the wide body as the clearance on the narrow body carriages due to the runners on the rears is v tight). I fortunately only scuffed one wheel, just lost the black paint on about 1/5th of the rim.. Would recommend "revive" - smart repair specialist in Surrey. Phil (07710 447903) is a top block who did a fantastic job (comes with a warranty). Cost obviously depends on depth of damage. Mine was very light so only £30. He did spend a long time and properly rubbed down the area and then painted and re lacquered the repair! Takes his time, years of experience. Revive is a franchise smart repairer, there will be one in Kent. Cheers, A ;-)
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    As mentioned a great idea from Bibs.... and something I would like to be involved in no doubt. I am keen to get folks actually driving their cars too though. They do look good standing still.... but even better on the road. The Esprit is such a fun car to drive and especially together. I appreciate concerns regarding MSA membership, approval, insurance and licences for treasure hunts mentioned above but this is no different to the Aberdovey run really. A bunch of cars driving a route..... Staggered so that cars are not in huge groups. To that end It should be fine. By Drive I mean a couple of hours to complete the Route... so non of this wiping out a valuable weekend business as I know we are all busy people!
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    Unfortunately, I can't continue posting to this thread tonight because I need to reboot. I mean go to sleep. Speaking of which, for those who don't know this joke, three guys who all work for an automobile manufacturer car pool together--an electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and software engineer. On their way to work one morning the car stalls. The mechanical engineer says, "I think it's a clogged fuel filter." The electrical engineer says, "Pshaw! It's obviously the alternator!" The software engineer says, "Why don't we all just get out and get back in again?"
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    Nah, it ain't like that. I have been shooting for quite a few years, and doing Photoshop since 2001, so have a little background here. It's not that hard, keep at it, keep practicing, keep learning, and you'll be fantastic in no time. And if you ever have any questions, feel free to PM me, and I'd be happy to point you in the right direction. Another shot from my fog shoot last month, hope you guys like it.

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