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    Thats next year! I know but with the interest shown from the group PM Im hoping we can have a good turn out for some meets. Obviously in these dark months they may be a few less Lotus car parked up but we can still have a good old chin wag. Those who can make it or even may be a possible sign up below. Oh and happy Xmas & great new year. Stay safe chaps. 1. Buddsy
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    I'm sad to inform everyone Harry Appelby of Viking Motor Sports passed away on December 14th 2013 after a valiant battle against cancer. Harry was a true gentlemen and a close friend, and while he maybe gone, he won't be forgotten. Harry Appleby 12/23/37 Northumberland England - 12/14/13 Costa Mesa USA RIP my friend and as he used to say " keep it on the blacktop" Paul
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    We've had three of these in the brother took one down through France and Italy and thence to Lindos on the Greek Islands, came back via Turkey and Germany. Two more after that...the last one was a whole lot of welding; stood for a while as an empty shell in the garden before the final putsch to a finish. I never drove them much; but my experience is that the VW Campervan is the vehicle around which all these "advisory" speeds for bends were based. If you saw notice saying "40" before a bend, you'd better believe it!! I remember turning up in one for a business meeting; being early.... we cooked breakfast first!! Can't do that in an Esprit....
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    Give the council a ring then Mike, let me know how you get on
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    Hi Dave, I used to race the Éclat but the engine went bang! I have rebuilt it and had it running, but have yet to get it tuned on the rolling road as it was updated during the rebuild. I have also moved house taking on more debt so the car has been put back in its box for now so to speak. There is on board footage of track days and testing on YouTube and qualifying but no race footage due to legal reasons. If you search lotus éclat Mallory park you should find it. Regards Dan
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    Bonnet strut and various parts from around the boot latch zinc plated:
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    The banked tracks have always fascinated me. The "Circuits of the Past" site revealed one of which I hadn't heard... Sitges Terramar, in Spain. Then I found that Audi and Carlos Sainz had broken the track record at this disused and abandoned track in 2012.....!! Prior to the Sainz/ Red Bull/ Audi effort, the lap record had still been held by Count Louis Zborowski... the man resposible for the REAL Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang racing car (not the thing in the film) and also one of the originators of the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch narrow gauge railway. The link above is in Spanish with decent English's quite a ride.
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    Yup - Ben (his son) was driving it, fortunately low speed. The photos are really interesting. Doesn't look like bearing seizure. The carrier is fractured all the way around the bearing casing. Wheel departed with driveshaft attached! I hope to speak with Alan again later to get more detail.
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    You are too old to sit on his knee, he will not mind.
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    That garage is just utterly epic... I said when i was at school that iw oudl have a Lotus Esprit... mission accomplished. My next ambition to fulfil is to build my own house... with a garage just like Dragi's! for your viewing pleasure:

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