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    Esprit se turbo.1989.Silver .mushroom full leather .Glass sun roof.taxed and moted.Recent cambelt and tentioner bearing.Good toyo tyres.just moved house.lots of work to do .Hence the sale. p riced to sell.Pictures to follow View the full article
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    Found some time to put all the bits together .. So for future reference here is what the boot boards looks like on my s2
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    These are the ones I got.... They've gone up by 1p though!! They were very easy to fit, although I was drunk when I fitted them and blew fuse 12. Once sober I fitted the bulbs properly then refitted the fuse. Unlike normal bulbs LED bulbs have a +ve & -ve, so make sure they are the right way round. I also found I had to bend the fixings a bit to make sure the bulbs didn't rotate. For reference you need 38mm bulbs for the number plate fixings.
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    Hi. I own JPS #22. I went to buy an Elan+2 last summer and came home with the Esprit as well! I wanted a +2 so I can get the kids in the car but had to buy #22 as I figured I would not get that many more chances to get one. It's in great condition but requires a little TLC in a few places. I have only done 20 miles in it (carbs need rebalancing) but really love its nature and balance. For me, every car I buy now other than the family jalopy is a keeper, so I will be keeping them until my kids sell my estate!! I love Lotus', have had an Elise since 2001, now have the Elan+2 and the Esprit and am looking to expand further. I am planning on a schedule of work for the car over the next year or so and the aim is to get it as perfect as it can be without losing the "patina of age". Have not done any real shots of the car but when I do, am happy to send you some. All the best, Stu
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    Hello Trevor I was going to post this up as a separate thread. It's an old episode of Top Gear from back in the day it was about cars. About 5 mins in there's a large group of JPS cars and I noticed your FILs car no.22 in amongst it. Enjoy.
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    Up early this morning after a quiet night last night. So, with a new toy in the garage, and empty roads calling, there was only one thing to do! DSC_5595 by christopherjgrant, on Flickr
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    You could try one of my earlier efforts....(!) Club Lotus News 2 1992 St Tropez John Douglas Timing Belt Change.pdf Also this from LEW.. Have fun(!)

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