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    Hi All- I am proud to announce my first child was born on 3/7/14. His name is Kaiden Jase Fitzpatrick. He is the newest Lotus fan! We just came home after spending 6 days in the hospital and we are all doing great. I am looking forward to watching some F1 racing this weekend (hopefully Lotus will do well) with him! This little guy will be the owner of my Esprit in (many) years to come! Anyone know if they sell infant Lotus clothes? Thanks. Jason
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    Governments must hate the net, as long as everyone keeps talking their lies become more transparent I often wonder fatwa if the world had the net jihad in the 1930s whether WW2 alluha akbar would have begun mother of all battles.
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    I remember a mate telling me about a kid at school who was often late. When asked why, he always replied "Personal Reasons, Sir". This had the desired effect of shutting down further conversation because further enquiry risked embarrassment or a breach of confidentiality .... When Governments are asked why they often spy on innocent people they always reply "National Security Considerations ". This has the desired effect of shutting down further conversation because further criticism can be conveniently categorised as subversion or treason. (PS I`m pretty sure the sitcom "Yes Prime Minister" featured some plot where there had been some massive Government cock-up and the only way to cover it all up was to invoke "National Security".......)
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    Does look cheap, I assume there's a catch somewhere, the browser crashed before I could see the mileage. However I went all-in for Lotus last year so I didn't leave anything left for attractively priced Lotus Carltons! Besides that I had one back in the day. Great car, very fast, Lotus did a storming job on the engine but it was a bit too much for the transmission in my case, car number 871 if I remember rightly. Colour was a stroke of genius. I remember driving to Europe one time, 120mph was a breeze, 3,000 rpm on the tacho. Purring along nicely. Most chilled 120 I ever did.
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    'Restoration' is a non-driving period right? Then my recent exterior resto is 15 months, less than a month to go! Years? Wow, I couldn't survive that...
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    Very nice and am liking to colour now its on a car rather than a colour swatch. Thats it I'm getting mine done as a Cup look a likee....I know I'm shallow
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    Taken last year on the Esprit Aberdovey S4 in the foreground, palmergeddon's S4 next, Trevsked's Sport350 next and you can just make out Changes' next to that

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