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    Or Me! I wondered why your pic in the Esprit Pic thread had gone. I hope thats what you mean as Ive changed it. Let me know if that wasnt what you meant. Great pic BTW! Buddsy
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    Nice and shiny last Wednesday when i went to pick Calum up
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    By the way.... A week has passed... A whole 7 days.... It's now April 12th.... 18 days to go?
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    Yes - I know about the saddlebag tanks - I have them in my mini too (although 'somewhat' smaller!!) I should have said - by spare tank I meant one of those green 1 gallon containers. I need to get out and drive it a bit more (and try not to worry!) and test it out over and over. It's an awful thing to say - but I need *it* to happen again to see if there is a fault still there. When *it* happened it took almost an hour to get to the point when the car started again (ager many failed startup attempts). That extreme hasn't happened again (apart from on a low tank on the sloped drive when it started after using the spare tank). The fear that there may be something lurking behind the scenes obv worries me but maybe the fact that the car hasn't been used for years before I bought it could have something to do with it (crap petrol / muck in the 'arteries' being blown through with a 5k rev burst). So - without further ado - time to jump into the 'spree'
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    Not many of us original cloth interiors left.

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