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    Hope I can get her out for a drive this weekend
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    That muse had been very satisfying to see that what you have spent £££ actually is returning the results you were promised. Nice, like a bit of beading!
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    You need a heron scarer connected to a garden hose. Only problem is if you forget to turn it off it doesn't know if its human or feline so you get soaked as well!!!
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    Marge, I hope you mean Sunday as that is the day of the Breakfast meet!
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    It's bit tricky getting under the car right now, (suffering a bad back) perhaps next week. If it helps though, The total length of the 3" x 2" silencer and jetex Y piece that I installed was about 780mm. I had a stainless hanger bracket welded to the silencer and had to use reduction pieces to fit the 1 1/2" link pipes into the 1 3/4 Y piece outlets. Sound wise, Just last weekend I was followed to the next lights by a local car aficionado who wanted to know what engine I had in the car. He couldn't quite believe it was only a 2 litre and asked me what turbo I was running. 'Sounds sweet' were his final words. So, sound wise, I think that can be chalked down as a qualified approval. Re, video and sound, I may be able to do this. I'll look into it.
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    Happens to the best of us, Frank.
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    Finally got a weekend off with the new job. See you there :-) 1: bingoking+1 2: Mike C +1 3: Saj 4: Asad 5: Ian C + 1 possibly 6: Margery & John Cherry 7: Alan 8: Andrew and Alister 9: Jason 10: Arnold 11: Duggie & Susan 12: Ozzie + 1
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    Couple of photos I took this evening, after a spirited drive And one of favourite angles of the car
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    More pics not seen before (at least by me), Roger Moore practising on the wetbike; And a great one, Derek Meddings filming the S1 Esprit entering the water (no wonder it looked so deep at the end of that short pier.....)
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    Malcoms shot of my esprit from the day. Rather stunning I think you will agree.
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