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    Here's Phils gorgeous car, nice to see 10 years worth of subliminal messages by everyone have taken effect!
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    Be interesting to see how early he checks in here today. Any time before 12pm would be heroic. No sign of him before 5pm and it's 'man down'. Time to call in the military. Only Colonel Sanders can help him now I fear!
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    Yes officer it is a Lotus..
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    No need, old chap. I'm going to fill all the spare bits and gaps and wot not with helium. Genius.
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    True it was horribly wet until 2pm, and true it was the poorest attended that I can recall in 23 years. But amazingly the rain did stop, the track dried out and the last couple of hours or so was brilliant. So instead of sitting in a soggy heap of self pity like I was at lunchtime, the bits I remember best are the last couple of sessions of the day when I was able to go properly fast with the tyres working and a grin from ear to ear. Good to catch up with the few .... where were the rest of you??
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    Makes sense I guess. Alas I live fairly remotely so if I park on the nearest public road near a house that's not obviously where the keys are, I'll be walking 3 miles home That said, the spare's with a friend and the main key is always on me, even if the car is at home. At night I sleep with the keys not too far from the bedroom; and almost as close as my chainsaw and an antique sword. So they're welcome to play the game. Muwahaha.
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    Jaws - was that down hill with a following wind, half an inch behind the HGV in front whilst wearing your most light weight pants?
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    I was in the chippy on friday night and a lad (early 20s ish) came from out the back to fill up the curry sauce. When he noticed the evora sat outside he said to his mate who was serving me my chips "Wow, look at that car. It looks really expensive" Guy next to me in the queue: "Its not as expensive as a Ferrari" "What is it, a Koenigsegg?" Now these guys probably weren't petrolheads, but it just goes to show that to the average person off the street these cars look a lot more expensive than they are. Which goes against the standard comments that they are overpriced for what they are.

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