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    Spa in September for me! Agree that the run off, wide sweeping corners and straights will really suit pushing on with the Cup.
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    Swapping the head unit is really can even get an adaptor from maplins and keep the original mic. Biggest job was removing the alpine DSP without hacking any wires about or damaging the unit itself. IMO the biggest improvement is dab tho. I would really reccomend adding it as reception is a million times better
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    I didn`t know that? Ok then when the neighbours have warmed to the V8 thunder then I may take out the extra baffles!
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    You're doing a great job there, but I have to take issue with your assessment of the original engine!! I don't think Buddsy was being sarcastic, the 900 series is a corking piece of engineering.... as is the Rover V8 (I've built dozens of em). But I think most Esprit fans would agree the revvy 4 cyl engine is more suited to the car than the lazy RV8..... nonetheless, opinions are like bellybuttons: we've all got one. Try not to take the comments too personally, you're clearly doing an ace job...... even if it's wrong
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    Thanks Mark That last picture looks suspiciously like Trevor 'sorting out' the concours competition. Really disappointed to have missed it.
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    A big day yesterday. The aircon was gassed and checked over fully; the only issue that needs attention now is the grub screw on the fan control knob came loose, always two forward one back with the esprit! I'm really happy with the result so far, the vintage air unit is good providing plenty of cold air and good hot air too. I'll take a load of pics on the weekend of the finished project.
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    I drove my car the other day and eventually it ran out of petrol, so I stopped and put some more in.
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    After my research I have ordered the following brand new parts : LAD5GL Valeo Ballast Unit £66.00 new posted inc vat Osram Xenarc 66144 burner unit £20.00 posted inc vat (although my burner unit is fine this seemed to good to miss) I'll let you all know how I get on, I might take a few pics to if it will help anyone else.
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    Can people stop posting photos of great condition S3/Essex Turbos please!! I'm starting to want one and I've only recently bought the S4! My bank account can't take another sensible car.
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    anybody would think you are the first
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    It's Friday Esprit fans and you're worth it.

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